How Food Bloggers In India Make Money; News From Influencer Marketplace

Sep 01, 2020

Have you ever think about how your food blogger friends earn their bread and butter from their passion? How they managed to bag hundreds of collaboration? Why do restaurants want to invite them? Why food brands want them to showcase their product? If yes, then give this full article a read to find surprising answers inside.

Before we discover the answer let us start from -

What is food blogging, after all?

Food blogging is a combined process of showing interest in different kinds of food and gourmet and research about them that includes both photography and writing descriptions about it. Here description means one’s perspective, which matters a lot for influencer marketing. Food bloggers have their own social media profile, or YouTube channel, or blogs were they share their thoughts and point of view about different kinds of food.

Food bloggers are a great source of building an audience which is why brands want to leverage their power in order to get close to their target audience. Over time food bloggers have some sort of audience who cares about his/her opinion. For their unique storytelling approach, they can shift the audience's mind towards their preferences.

Types of Food Blogging

There are basically four types of food blogging that includes:

  • Sharing recipes and health benefits
  • Reviewing food and restaurants
  • Travel and discover different cuisines
  • Food photography and representation

However, all the food bloggers do all or a combination of the above to explain things to their audience.

Different Ways Food Bloggers Make Money

1. From Blogs

In the era of influencer, marketing blogging is one of the key brand development and marketing tools. For restaurants, catering companies, meal delivery services, and food brands it has become a common practice to work closely with food bloggers, the sole purpose of which is to use their audience in order to generate more awareness for their brand. For that, it is important for the businesses to work with the most influential bloggers in the market who will help them their reputation by consistently creating quality brand-centric content. So food bloggers having their own blogs can produce content about different businesses, own website means own audience so brands can get quality backlinks which in turn will help them improve their site ranking.

When it comes to blogging the DA value matters a lot, so brands hire food bloggers with their own website and high-quality backlink to generate their own content. The more the DA value, the higher the cost, generally brands prefer a DA value above 20 to post their sponsored content. So, if you are a food blogger, it would be great if you establish your own blog.

2. From Advertising (Sponsorships)

As we mentioned earlier, most of the food bloggers have their own social media channel either on YouTube or on Instagram, Twitter, etc. So when brands think about enhancing their brand awareness on a particular social media platform they select the top food bloggers and/or influencers of that platform to generate awareness content, now nothing comes for free, brands offer a handsome amount to the food bloggers for influencing their target audience, to provide a recommendation, etc.

Food bloggers can monetize their blog after getting large traffic to their site, according to reports; some famous food bloggers in India earn around 3 to 4 lakh every month through their website.

3. From Product Review

Brands always look for bloggers and influencers to showcase their products and create awareness about the same. If a food blogger with a high DA website and/or YouTube channel recommends your product within a limited time frame, it will reach the mass, which would otherwise not only take a lot of time but cost you a hefty amount. To avoid the extra cost and make the entire process more effective food businesses work with famous food bloggers so that they can help them create maximum traction among their target audience.

4. From Food Photography

Restaurants and other food businesses require food bloggers and food photographers in order to showcase their products, so if you are into food photography and have your website, you can get a lot of food photography projects. So, if you wonder how your food blogger and food photographer friends earn money, those can be some of the reasons.

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How To Spot Genuine Food Bloggers?

You must be thinking all food bloggers are the same, but in reality, the scenario is much different, not all food bloggers are equal, they have their own style of making content. You must be careful while selecting influencers for your project. When it comes to the website you know the things that should be checked before finalizing a food blogger, similarly for YouTube the number of subscribers will help, but for Instagram, you have to be a little careful as many influencers are known to buy bot services in order to increase their followers, likes, and comments. So, running behind the number of followers might not be the safest thing always. You must check the engagement ratio of the food bloggers with whom you are planning the campaign.

Engagement ratio can be determined by: Total number of followers/ number of likes and comments (on each post)

How Can An Influencer Marketing Platform Guide?

If you are looking for top food bloggers for your campaign connect with an experienced influencer marketing platform like InfluGlue, we have more than ten thousand bloggers and influencers registered with us from various niches, so we can ensure you will get the best profiles with higher engagement ratio for your campaign.

We have worked with some big names like Nestle Gerber, McDowell’s, LearnPick India, etc. Our influencer marketers and content creator will design the best in the business campaign for you so that you can generate maximum traction for your brand among your target audience. If you are looking for location-specific bloggers, let our team know so that we can come up with more relevant profiles. With us, you can measure your campaign performance with the latest analytical tools.

So, if you want influencer marketing services for your food venture, get in touch with InfluGlue.


Do you wonder how your food blogger friends make money? Give this blog a read to discover famous food bloggers’ earning secrets. If you are looking to grow your career as a food blogger, this article can help you.


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