How To Create Brand Centric Content And Increase Your Followers?

Nov 05, 2019

If you love to be seen and spend hours after hours on social media, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to reveal how to polish your social media presence and how to create brand-centric content? This content is entirely from an influencer’s perspective.  You have to stand out in social media through your rich content; otherwise, you will be just another face in the platform. Have you already collaborated with a few brands and not satisfied with the outcome? No worries, practice makes one perfect, and you are of no difference. Let’s see what you can do. 

1. Choose brands wisely 

Every blogger or influencer works best on a particular zone either in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, or in sports, arts, and crafts, etc. so before approaching a brand to collaborate or to produce content ask yourself what your niche is? i f you keep focusing on one or two-sector, it will easier for the brands to recognize you. There is no harm in trying everything, but honestly speaking, if you keep doing so, your profile will look messy. Do not go for any brand blindly. Check the review of the brand, try to ask others about their experience working with a particular brand. 

2. Check your approach tone

Whenever you are going to approach a brand, they will first check your profile. They sometimes may ask to see your insight report. It is entirely upon you whether you want to share those details with them or not.  Similarly, if a brand approaches you to collaborate with them, you can ask the same from them as well. Instead of chatting on Instagram or Facebook, ask for a phone number where you can clear things over a real conversation. In most cases, your voice has a lot to do that your Hi or Hello fails to do. 

3. Work on your content strategy

Whenever you are going to work with a brand, try to talk to the owner or the manager regarding the content strategy. Ask them how they want to present their brand. Every time it may not be the same as you want, but before going forward ask them about it. In In most cases, the brands share their point of view about content creation, whereas sometimes they ask you about your plan regarding the same. If they ask you about your plan speak your mind so that there will be no issue at the time of delivery.  Make it product-centric instead of brand-centric. If your brand wants to show the cultural side along with its product then only go for that, otherwise make it brand-centric only. You can balance between the two as well, whether creating an album or a video. 

4. Maintain a timeline 

No work in this world comes without a timeline, so does yours. Whenever you have been assigned to a campaign try to maintain a timeline otherwise it will be hectic to communicate with them.  If the brand is going to send you attire or jewelry over speed post, ask them to provide the tracking id so that equally you have the idea about their products. 

5. Be clear about your whereabouts 

Well, there is no thumb rule about your whereabouts. Who is going to pay whom or how much they should pay you is entirely depends on the type of brand you are going to work with and how many followers you have? The more follower you have, the more payment you can expect because every brand wants to reach more audiences through your social media presence. 

6. Choose the best partners 

In order to come up with the best outcome, try to work with the best personalities as per your and the brand’s convenience. If you are going to choose a photographer/ videographer/model, etc., visit his/her profile first, chat over the telephone because when you talk to the person you can understand his/her mind. 

7. Captions and Hashtags 

If you are going to promote your content, you need proper caption and hashtag; otherwise, the whole point will go in vain. It is also a great way to monetize your presence. Hashtags are great to reach people, especially on Instagram. You can search for popular hashtags that are related to your brand. Adding hashtags will increase your audience and engagement.  Captioning has always been crucial, but now along with the growing technology and changing social media trends, it has become an integral part of content marketing. 

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Tanaya is the Senior Content Developer at InfluGlue, who helped to build the content of the site along with several other sites with her compassionate SEO driven content. She is also a HubSpot, certified content marketer. She brings her five years of experience to her current role, where she is dedicated to developing the content of different websites. 

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