I am very new to InfluGlue. What I like about them is their support and professional attitude. The site is quite easy to handle. One can get every feature at a glance. They work as a team of committed people. The bloggers can get 100 % support from the team. I have just done one campaign and to my surprise, I get paid at once what I never experienced anywhere. We the bloggers never get payments before sending at least 5-6 emails and that also after one month obviously. I recommend InfluGlue to my fellow bloggers if you want to work with full respect and trust.

It has been almost 3 months, I am working with InfluGlue and I am very happy being a part of their team. It is lovely working with the consulting manager Mr. Anindya Bhaumik, his guidance and support help us to grow easily. Looking forward to working hard and hoping for more campaigns.

"One of my cult favorite #InfluencerMarketing Agency to work for!! They are so friendly, encouraging and mainly their briefing about the campaign is very good and informative. Payment is a hassle-free and quick response for the queries. Besides you get paid the very next day of your campaign submission. Special thanks to Mr. Anindya Bhaumik, Sir for always being the source of strength throughout the campaigns. He makes sure everything is on point and His help is always on fleek. Looking forward for many more campaigns with #Influglue.Only pros And no cons at all?... Highly recommend joining #InfluGlue to all budding influencers who want to grow."

I wish I had the option of giving more than five stars to InfluGlue. To be honest, this is the only influencer marketing platform where things are carried out in order. I have been working as a blogger besides studies, counselling and teaching, but always faced issues with approaching brands as I lack time. InfluGlue, although a newly launched platform bridges the gap between a brand and an influencer. Surprisingly, the payout is rolled within two to three days after one completes the campaign. Anindya Bhaumik (Da) has been a real help throughout the entire process of signing up and believing in me while working with brands. He deserves a special mention. Hoping to leave my jobs super soon and engage in the field of blogging for a lifetime as I believe in the potential of InfluGlue. God bless!

It was really a great experience to have worked with InfluGlue. They are one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in India. They are very active in this field. In paid collaborations as soon as the assignment is completed, they start the payment procedure. They are really doing great in their field. I would love to work with them again.

"I have been blogging for the last few months and was looking for a good PR firm to connect with brands for collaborations. I came across InfluGlue from one of my fellow influencers and thought about joining them and that was one of my best decisions ever. Ever since I started working with them, I got the best brand collaborations. The best thing about InfluGlue is that, as soon as the collaboration is completed, they start the payment procedure. I am forever grateful to their team, especially Anindya for his help and support. When it comes to professionalism, there is no team better than InfluGlue. Thanks a lot for all the brand collaborations so far and hoping to work together soon !!!" Thanks a lot for your help and support.

I have worked with them for 2 campaigns. They are really good. For each brand, everything was mentioned in detail so that the influencer could deliver the content effortlessly. They respect the work of a content creator because they paid quite a good amount for the work. Starting from the campaign acceptance to payment everything was smooth and easy. The team is really good. All the very best for the future.

I have worked on a campaign recently with InfluGlue and it was a great experience right from the start till the completion of the campaign. The payment was timely and the best part is that the whole process was easy. Looking forward to more campaigns.

It was amazing working with InfluGlue. Amazing brand campaigns, fast process, detailed instructions, also pays well. hoping to get more campaigns, it's been really long. waiting!!

Love InfluGue. It was great working with them. The details of the campaign were specific and precise. The whole process of accepting the campaign, submitting content and getting paid is easy and hassle-free. Looking forward to working further with them.

This is the best influencer marketing platform in India. I've loved the experience of working with them in a campaign. Their campaigns are not just interesting yet are also sourceful and helpful for both the blogger and their audience.

One of the best influencer platforms worked without any communication gap.

I loved working with your brand. The payment was on time and even the interaction was pretty active. Awaiting to work more with you in future.

I had a very good experience with you guys! I would love to collaborate with you'll soon. Also, you guys are doing a great job.

I have just done One campaign here and guess what On the day of submission of my posts I got my First payment instantly. Team of InfluGlue is really Dedicated and Hardworking . They explain everything very politely. Every influencer should Definitely join the platform for amazing campaigns .

Undoubtedly, one of the best platforms for an influencer to be part of. What I love about InfluGlue is the fact that it’s so transparent, there is constant & prompt assistance from the team & the payments happen on time within a matter of 3 business days. There are many influencer sites but the kind of professional ethics that InfluGlue has, I am super impressed. Thank you InfluGlue

I recently did my first influencer campaign with InfluGlue. The whole process seemed a lot easier than working with others. No too many requirements laid out, too many formalities, extensive reviews before the post went out and the rigmorole we go through with working with others. The best part is the payment was instant. This makes them the best brand to work with. Looking forward to more with Influglue. Great team.

great platform with descriptive guidelines and on-time release of funds.

Great platform for budding micro influencers connecting the brand to the right category of influencers thus adding value and benefits to both parties!

Clear rules for collaboration, quick turn-around, and a seamless process. InfluGlue definitely has a great process and good collaboration

Very good customer support, and payment received on time without hassling much about the deliverable content.

Good experience to working with you. hope we will work in future.

I loved working with InfluGlue. The payment was on time and even the interaction was pretty active. Awaiting to work more with you in the future.

It was awesome working with InfluGlue, the experience was amazing, I really liked the way they communicate and manage their campaigns, all instructions were precise and clear. The payment method was safe and fast. I would love to work with you again and again.

Quite good and healthy experience in working with the InfluGlue.....team is quite supportive and helpful...they respond so quickly ( specially in approving the post draft and making the payment)...which is rare to see with any agency...

This is my first assignment with InfluGlue, I find it very good to work with them. The support provided by Anindya Bhaumik is up to the mark. Also I like the payment strategy, you get the payment release almost instantly which is really commendable. Looking forward for more assignments in future .

I'm so happy to be a part of InfluGlue, as they really helped me for reaching brands and they are so sweet and cooperative and everything is on point.

Thankyou so much for credit the amount so soon fabulous service !

The team is highly supportive and prompt . A seamless experience.

I have worked on a Nestle Gerber campaign recently with InfluGlue and it was a great experience right from the start till the completion of the campaign. The payment was timely and the best part is that the whole process was easy.

It was a pleasure working with Anindya of InfluGlue. The process flow was very clear, the payment immediate. The team was also readily available to resolve any queries. We look forward to more collaboration opportunities with InfluGlue.

I have had an incredible experience with InfluGlue! Everything is very timely and streamlined with the PERFECT back end support. The payment was super prompt and it's unlike any other platforms I have ever associated with. Great team and great brand associations all the way!

Was lovely working with InfluGlue. Honest and hard working staff, payments cleared on time. Love their professionalism. Look forward to more fruitful associations.