What Are The Difference Between VIP Influencers And Micro-Influencers

Mar 27, 2020

If you are a brand, want to try your hands in the hustle and bustle of influencer marketing, this question can likely hit you at any time. As a leading influencer marketing platform, we have come across such questions many a time. From our years of expertise, we understood the main reason behind this question is a strict budget. But it is not that simple as it may look. In this article, we will put special emphasis on the comparison between VIP influencers and Micro-influencers and which profile will suit the best for your venture.

Who are VIP Influencers?

VIP influencers are celebrities or public figure whose face is familiar. They either appear on television or are professional models, usually backed by huge followers and are famous for creating a buzz among their followers. Sometimes blue-ticked influencers are also termed as VIP influencers because of their extreme popularity and demand.

Brands need VIP influencers to quickly enhance their brand value as the brand message can easily reach to many right away. If you don’t have any budget constrain and wish to get a quicker response, then the VIP influencers will be best suitable for you. Before hiring them, you must be very clear regarding your campaign goals. Depending on which you shall communicate with them. In most cases, their profiles are handled by either some digital marketing agencies or by their personal secretaries. Celebrity influencers are not that easy to manage, as most of them are moody too! You know what I mean.

So, you may face an issue while communicating with them. It may take days in getting their response. You have to have courage and patient. Otherwise, you can contact an influencer marketing company that will take care of the communication and campaign designing portion. They will help you building one to one relationships with your favorite VIP influencer.

Who are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers, in contrast to VIP influencers, are very active on their social media profiles but have a lesser number of followers than the VIP influencers. Anyone can be an influencer starting from your childhood friend to the girl/boy next door.

The best part of these micro-influencers is they post regularly on various social media platforms and are very agile regarding presentation, collaboration, and promotion. If you want to communicate with them, they may respond back quickly, at least most of them.

Their engagement ratio is sometimes higher than VIP influencers as they form a personal bond with most of their followers. They reply to each and every comment on their posts which enhances their engagement. That is why brands love to work with them.

What are the differences between them?

By now, you can easily understand the difference between a VIP influencer and a micro-influencer. Another worth mentioning the difference between them is the pricing. In order to hire a VIP influencer, you must be prepared to spend a hefty amount. Depending on their popularity and number of followers on that particular social media platform, their pricing varies.

Whereas, for micro-influencers, you don’t have to give extra pressure on your marketing budget. For micro-influencers, the collaboration/campaign package starts from 2000/- only. Well, in some cases you can also approach them for barter collaboration, where you have to send them gifts from your end and in turn, they will promote your product on their profiles. Micro-influencers are famous for creating unique brand-centric visual content. If you can select proper influencers, you may end up having top-notch brand-centric content which is excellent for your business.

When it comes to communication, micro-influencers are very prompt in comparison to the VIP influencers as most of them handle their profile by themselves. So, if you are in a hurry to promote your business, these micro-influencers will be your real help. Check their ability to produce brand-centric content rather than their followers and likes; sometimes, your audience may need to see something worthy than just high-quality marketing pictures with a call to action.

Which profile will be perfect for your venture?

This is another most asked question that we receive from our clients. How to select proper influencers for your business? A good influencer must have great followers and an impressive engagement ration, i.e. more than 1%. To put it simply, if your influencer has 1000 followers each of his/her posts must get at least 10 likes.

However, this is not the only parameter that you should check before selecting influencers. You should also check the quality of his/her engagement, i.e. type and the number of comments, followers’ age group and area, etc. It must match your target audience; otherwise, you may fail to achieve the desired result from your campaign.

What are the charges of micro-influencers?

As we have mentioned before, you can hire a micro-influencer for approximately Rupees 2000 (two thousand). Well, it highly depends on the type of profiles and the number of followers your influencers have. They can charge high if their number of followers increases.

By definition, micro-influencers mean influencers who have 5000 to 5000000 followers, so the campaign charge will be highly variable. Not only on that, but the campaign charges also varied depending on the deliverables. If you only require still photography, the charges will be lesser than the package of pictures and video clips together.

For the best influencer marketing package, it’s better to consult with an influencer marketing company, who will not only help you in selecting relevant influencer profiles but also will design a proven influencer marketing campaign that will draw maximum attention from your target audience. In turn, it will increase your grand value right away, quicker than traditional marketing.

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Can you afford VIP Influencers?

Well, it highly depends on your marketing budget. If you have no budget constrain, you can easily hire VIP influencers to promote your brand. But, remember not all celebrities are the same. Don’t think every influencer will respond to your collaboration proposal in the same way. Rejection might be there. Moreover, in order to connect with them, you have to go through either digital marketing agencies or personal managers so that it will be time taking. For each post, they charge at least twenty times more than a micro-influencer.

Why Should I Contact an Influencer Marketing Company?

As a start-up, you must connect with an influencer marketing company to save your time and money. Instead of knowing all the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing in most cases, brands and advertisers struggle to get the desired result from an influencer marketing campaign for selecting the appropriate influencer profiles.

If you are looking for the best influencer marketing company in India, get in touch with InfluGlue. Their team of influencer marketers and content creators will design the best-in-class influencer marketing campaign to increase your sales from your target audience. More than 10,000 influencers are registered with InflueGlue, so if you choose to work with them, you will get the best influencers from your niche.

Another best part of working with InfluGlue is you can measure your campaign performance with the latest analytics tools, which will help you in better future content planning. Till date they have helped various renowned brands to fulfill their marketing goals, some of them are Nestle Gerber, Libas India, LeanPick India, LunchBoss etc. If you choose to work with them, you will also get the desired result out of your campaign.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now and experience the best ever influencer marketing campaign for your venture!


Read this article to know the key differences between VIP influencers and micro influencers before finalizing for your next influencer marketing campaign. Don’t hurry; invest some time for good. Details inside!

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