Influencer Marketing for FOOD Brands

Are you going to jump into the world packaged food industry? Don’t know how to promote your brand in the first place? Stop struggling and let us do the job for you.

Endorsement Of Online Food Brands

Together with famous food bloggers, we will curate exciting campaigns focusing on your food brand so that you can get an unbelievable response. Our influencer marketing strategy is focused on boosting your revenue by elevating your brand reputation. Our blue ticked food bloggers will highlight your main USP so that people can get to know your remarkable story. We are experts at utilizing the power of various social media platforms to impact your branding game in this competitive market.

Our food bloggers are backed by a huge fan base, which we are going to utilize with our influencer marketing strategy to uplift the face of your food brand. We know how the star game works for consumers and what social media platforms to be utilized to boost your sales. With us, you can monitor your campaign performance which will help you plan your future promotion strategy.

Our Services

As a leading Influencer Marketing Platform in India, we offer dynamic influencer marketing services, that includes -

How Influencers Can Help

  • Create static and carousel posts on Instagram/ Facebook with food products of your brand.
  • Create Video posts on Instagram/ Facebook/ TikTok with branded food products.
  • Buy products from your website, create an unboxing video, share the post with their followers, and submit honest online reviews.
  • Physically Visit stores from a particular locality and create a story about the store highlighting their collection.
  • Create and Manage Instagram Contest (Giveaway or other) and help increase Facebook and Instagram Followers of the concerned brand.
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