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These Indian Instagram Food Bloggers Will Make You Drooling Over Their Feeds

Apr 24, 2020

Are you a foodie by heart? Or a food stylist or a food photographer? Then you can understand about whom we are talking and this article is a must-read for you. You will be thrilled by our list of top food bloggers of India and what makes them so popular after all. Well, it goes without saying that a good meal is deeply satisfying after long hours of working. The aroma of freshly cooked food will calm your soul right away. The smell of an earthy pot cooking fresh meat, releasing a smell of spices is mouth-watering. Do you know, various researches suggest that cooking your own food is a great stress buster? Not only that, but it can also be great fun as well.

Due to the increasing demand for various social media platforms, now food blogging is not less than a full-time career option. It will not be exaggerating if we say - taking a look at these food bloggers’ profiles will make you feel like “Mooh Mei Paani Aa Gaya Yaar”. It won’t be exaggerating to say these are some of the best Indian food recipe pages on Instagram that you must check.

In this article, our team of content creators put together the profiles of some of the most popular food influencers in India. Though we put some random numbering, it has nothing to do with their popularity; we didn’t consider those parameters here, so readers better not judge them on that basis, just enjoy their food blogging style.

1. Roxane Bamboat

Roxane Bamboat

@thetinytaster is one of the most creative food bloggers of 2020. Her Instagram profile is full of desi (Indian) and international cuisine, which will force you to hit the follow button. You can really feel them inside your mouth just from a quick glance. Sounds like #foodporn, right? Well, yes, it is! In this lockdown, she is constantly coming up with easy homemade recipes that one can seamlessly prepare with regular ingredients at their kitchen. This beautiful lady can give various food goals that will especially help struggling moms to make a delicious meal for their growing kids.

2. Asha Shiv

Asha Shiv

@foodfashionparty, from the very name of the account, you can easily think about the core content of the page. She has more than 109k followers at her Instagram account, and if you take a look at her profile, you will barely come out without hitting the like and follow button. If you are looking for a balanced diet which you can add to your regular food regime, visit her profile now to get a hand full of amazing ideas, also if you are planning to visit your nearby restaurant ask her which is the best place to visit and of course about the must-try dishes.


This account is managed by Urvika Sheth and Ayushi Shah who bring their best to decorate it with colorful food photography. From regular daal chawal to Thai cuisine, burger loaded nachos, cocktails, sweets, pancakes and you just name it- is on display at their profile which easily makes you drooling over and over. From easy recipes to the must-try complex dishes, you will find everything there. The two admins have taken the concept of food blogging to a new height which is clearly reflecting at the profile.

4. Dhruv


@foodsanyasi is one of the famous food bloggers in India, originally from Ahmedabad. You will be mesmerized by his creativity, perfect blend of simplicity, and twist. He loves to explore, visit, and re-visit all the famous restaurants, clubs, pubs, etc. in India. So if you are running out of your ideas where to visit next with your friends or family, his profile may provide some exciting ideas. His profile is decorated with colorful dishes that will force you to hold your tongue without drooling. Because of his awesome food styling sense and representation skills, Dhruv is our personal favorite. Presently he has more than 11k followers in his profile which is increasing rapidly day by day.

5. Kalyan Karmakar

Kalyan Karmakar

@thefinelychopped is not only about food blogging but also about travel stories. If you want to cook tasty and healthy food for your family members, you will be awestruck by the profile. All the dishes showed in the profile can be prepared quickly, and that is why his followers praise him as a food blogger. You will also get a glance at his favorite pet in his profile which breaks the monotonousness and makes the profile more interesting. From breakfast to dinner, you will get various ideas on healthy cooking from his Instagram feed. Most of the ingredients in the dishes are available at our kitchen so trying any of his dishes is pretty seamless, especially in the time of lockdown.

6. Zenia Irani

Zenia Irani

@thezeniairani is another worth mentioning name among the famous Indian food bloggers in 2020. From fruit salad to multi-cuisines everything is displayed there, you just need to choose the right one to try! From her Instagram profile, you will understand she travels a lot and loves to discover various food cultures of different places. She has also collaborated with multiple restaurants and food product brands. Presently she has 12.2k followers on her account, which is constantly growing at a faster rate.

7. Himanshu Taneja

Himanshu Taneja

@thewhiteramekins is another famous name of this genre. His Instagram profile will provide a posh effect where everything is utmostly sorted, more like thematic. He loves to experiment with the food and the frame. From simple homemade recipes to too difficult time taking dishes, you will find everything displayed ay his Instagram profile. He is such an inspiration for upcoming food bloggers who are newbies in the field. If you are interested in food photography, you must check his Instagram feed at least once to get some fantastic ideas.

8. Uma Raghuraman

 Uma Raghuraman

@masterchefmom is another prominent name when it comes to Instagram food influencers. For her, food is love, and that is true not only in India but also in every part of the world. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares delicious recipes that one can easily prepare at home for their family members and friends. She has over 74k followers on her Instagram account, which is growing and growing continuously. Her Instagram feed will make you run to your kitchen to prepare those easy and delicious dishes right away. She has collaborated with the famous food oil brand Fortune refine oil and with many other restaurants.

9. Aman Singhal

Aman Singhal

@dilli_k_pakwan the name of the account says half of the thing about Aman as a food blogger. He loves to explore new places to satisfy his search for good food. Delhi is full of mouth-watering dishes everywhere, from Kathi kebab to malai lassi, it will take years to explore every corner of the city. His profile is full of mouth-watering food photographs, recipes, restaurant reviews, and many more. From simple cooking hacks to cakes, cutlets, and many more, his profile is more like a food gallery that will make you feel hungry whenever you take a look at it.

10. Nikhil Merchant

Nikhil Merchant

@nonchlantgourmand is not just another food blogger in India; he is more like a food blogger with class; his Instagram profile will provide a more detailed picture to justify the statement. Representation is the main attraction to his profile; he knows how to put things together to get the best view. If you want to cook nutritious food low in calories, then his profile can provide numerous healthy ideas, you barely come without hitting the follow button.


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This article will reveal some of the famous Instagram food bloggers of India who are redefining the concept of food blogging to a new height. If you are an aspirant food influencer or food photographer, you can get a hand full of ideas from the article.

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