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About me

I’m a full-time mom and a part-time blogger and fitness geek! Yes, that’s how I like to describe myself. Yes, motherhood is a full-time job and unlike a working woman, the only break I get is when I fall off on my bed. I have two beautiful boys that are more trouble than you can imagine and when I am not running after them, you will find me blogging. A passion, which only comes second after my kids.

My Social Statistics

  • Blog DA Value: 23
  • Facebook No of Followers: 21894
  • Twitter No of Followers: 6249
  • Instagram No of Followers: 59933
  • Pinterest No of Followers: 413
  • Youtube No of Subscribers: 1160

My Work Samples

Instagram Story with professional video

This video was made for vanish. The

Instagram Story with professional video

This video was made to show Alexa home and it's various features. This home was already set up and we had to come up with our own ideas on how to make it look different from other influencers.

My Rates

  • Single Static Instagram Post or Story INR 12000
  • Instagram Carousel Post (3 - 5 Slides) INR 15000
  • Instagram Story with normal commentary video INR 5000
  • Instagram Story with professional video INR 20000
  • Instagram Contests INR 15000
  • Instagram Live Videos INR 15000
  • YouTube Video INR 15000
  • Blog Post INR 12000
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