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About me

Tips and tit-bits on Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle & Fatherhood.

By the day I am a strategy consultant, and my Insta-blog is the expression of my experiences and lifestyle.

Having worked in the fashion & banking industry for over 1.5 decades with some of the biggest fashion retailers, brands & events, #Fashion, Finance & Lifestyle sense comes naturally. And being a sportsman, marathoner and fitness trainer, #Fitness is a lifestyle. I was recently rated as Bangalore’s top health and fitness influencer amongst men by

In addition, am a proud and a doting father to a prodigy child - Abeer.

Writing and creating content about Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle is a matter close to the heart and is deeply rooted. This is the reason why my followings are niche & close-knit and my recommendations are aspirational yet believable.
Global and in-land travels allow the experiences of different cultures and lifestyles at close quarters which, in turn, add more substance to the creative expression with richer imagery & eloquent write-ups.

Let’s collaborate and weave the magic together!

My Social Statistics

  • Instagram No of Followers: 62253

My Work Samples

Instagram Contests

KF for contests

My Rates

  • Instagram Story with normal commentary video INR 5000
  • Instagram Story with professional video INR 7000
  • Single Static Instagram Post or Story INR 25000
  • Instagram Carousel Post (3 - 5 Slides) INR 30000
  • Instagram Story with unboxing video INR 30000
  • Instagram Story with video after Online Product Purchase and final review posting INR 40000
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