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What is a product review?

Product reviews are nothing but opinions and feedbacks of customers for a particular product. For online businesses, positive reviews are very crucial since people read them, before making their purchase decision. A product review gives a better idea to other users that is why it is an important parameter in the e-commerce business.

Benefits of Product Reviews

Create brand affinity

Positive reviews about your products and services will elevate your brand reputation in front of your online audience. Product reviews will ease up the decision making phase for the buyers which is why it is an important part of branding and marketing for every online brand.

Build a loyal customer base

Savvy shoppers prefer to read all the reviews twice before making their final purchase decision. Once they purchase your products reading the positive reviews and feel the same way, you can end up creating a loyal follower base, which would be your social asset.

Improve online reputation

Positive product reviews enhance the online reputation of a brand, the general audience can't trust a product from its advertisement, they tend to rely on the real-life experience of buyers. If they found genuine reviews about your products on various platforms they will establish a positive reputation of your brand.

Receive huge engagement

The more people write reviews about your products the more they will engage with your brand on a positive note. If you openly allow them to write honestly about your products it will create huge transparency, which means you have nothing to hide and you value your customers’ feedback. Gradually people will have faith in your products.

Improve SEO

The SEO benefits will not be confined only to on-site, user-generated content will provide Google with the most important thing, trust. Product reviews use genuine text with targeted keywords to help further build context around your e-Commerce site and improve your Google ranking.

Increase ROI

If ROI is your concern product review can help you achieve those like a pro. It will not only provide better conversion but increase the chances of repetitive purchase from new as well as existing customer base.

Room for improvement

Valuable insights from your customers will help you improve your products and services, you can directly speak with the manufacturers about your business to achieve the next level.

What Influencers Can Do for Your Brand?


Create static and carousel posts on Instagram/ Facebook with branded clothing, apparel, and accessories.


Create Video posts on Instagram/ Facebook/ TikTok with branded clothing, apparel, and accessories.


Buy products from your website, create an unboxing video, share the post with their followers, and submit honest online reviews.


Physically Visit fashion stores of a selected locality and create a story about the store highlighting their collection and other USPs.


Create and Manage Instagram Contest (Giveaway or other) and help increase Facebook and Instagram Followers of the concerned brand.

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Why Choose InfluGlue?

If you are looking for the best product review company that can help you achieve your marketing goals connect with InfluGlue. We have a huge database of bloggers, influencers and industry experts who can initiate a purchase from your website and write honest reviews about your products. Our reviews can make your future customers more secure and confident about your purchase.

Here at InfluGlue, we make sure our influencers not only write good reviews but also spread positivity about the products across all social media platforms

How Does it Work?

Discuss your project

Discuss your projects with our product review team. Tell your requirement and timeline so that they can clearly instruct the work further.

Let us handpick genuine influencers

After evaluating your project our team will handpick powerful influencers and bloggers who are backed by huge followers and create genuine influence among your target audience.

Post reviews and enjoy influence

Let the influencers post their reviews on your said platform and enjoy the influence.

FAQs About Product Reviews

What is a product review?+

A product review is honest feedback about a particular product or service.

Why product review is important?+

Honest product review helps people understand a product and/or services, customers who are first time going to purchase a new thing prefer to read detailed reviews to finalise their purchase decision. If people have reviewed your products chances of re-purchase and fresh purchases are higher.

Where can I see my product reviews?+

If your products are listed on international platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. you can see your products reviewed there. If you have your own website or app you can also see reviews there.

How to write perfect product reviews?+

Focus on the main USPs of the products or services so that people can understand the main features. Use the first-person tone to review which would look genuine, do not use any jargon or difficult words which make sit difficult for the general buyers to understand it.

Do I need a separate box to showcase product reviews?+

Having a separate review box is not necessary, you can showcase the product reviews along with the products after their description ends, before the purchase button. To know more discuss your project with team InfluGlue the experts will suggest the best place to showcase them.

When is the best time to send a product review invitation?+

After a successful purchase, you can send your customers a gentle reminder or friendly invitation to share reviews of the products. Check your tone while sending such requests, the entire process must look more organic and less pushy.

Can I share my product reviews on social media?+

You should share your product reviews on your social media channel and ask your customers to do the same so that more people come to know about the products. It enhances the chances of spontaneous selling of the products.

What is the pricing of product review services?+

At InfluGlue we provide the best affordable packages for product review services, we also provide hundreds of genuine bloggers, influencers and industry experts who can write about your products and share them on their social media profiles.

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