What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing aims to endorse your brand with the top bloggers, influencers and industry experts to reach your target audience. It refers to the method of getting high-profile figures in your industry to talk about your products and services. To put it simply, it is the future of online marketing that has endless potential to win peoples' hearts.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing


Influencer marking is one of the most affordable forms of marketing available today that saves both your time and money.

Improve SEO

High-quality backlinks can increase your website traffic more than you could imagine, we know the proven methods that can increase your ranking earlier than you expect.


Here you can work with real people who are not only backed by millions of followers but also has a strong approach in a particular niche. When they share your brand content on their social media profiles you will get enormous visibility organically.

Provide guaranteed results

With influencer marketing, there are lesser chances of false hopes as you can clearly see your campaign performance. It goes without saying that data speak louder than voice, here at InfluGlue we only provide data-driven reports to our clients.

Improve brand reputation online

Digital celebrities can increase your brand value with extraordinary creativity. When industry experts talk about your products and services online it quickly builds trust apart from receiving a lot of visibility from your target audience. You need good stories to sell your products, it is influencers’ bread and butter to create top-notch brand-centric content.

Creates brand affinity

We know how to leverage the power of shared values between your brand and your target audience through influencers. Every purchase is a combination of emotional, rational and behavioural decision. We will help you achieve more conversions with powerful industry experts.

What Influencers Can Do for Your Brand?


Create static and carousel posts on Instagram/ Facebook with branded clothing, apparel, and accessories.


Create Video posts on Instagram/ Facebook/ TikTok with branded clothing, apparel, and accessories.


Buy products from your website, create an unboxing video, share the post with their followers, and submit honest online reviews.


Physically Visit fashion stores of a selected locality and create a story about the store highlighting their collection and other USPs.


Create and Manage Instagram Contest (Giveaway or other) and help increase Facebook and Instagram Followers of the concerned brand.

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Why Choose InfluGlue?

Our main aim is to make the influencer marketing ecosystem automated both for our precious clients and the content creators so it becomes scalable and cost-effective. We focus on good stories that sell your product to the audience leveraging the true power of content creators that make us the top influencer marketing company in India.

In the era of social media, we amplify your digital presence by creating powerful brand advocates who can talk positively about your products and services. Smart analytics and rich data help us evaluate each influencer with a 360-degree view. Our team of influencer marketers and content developers keeps a strict eye on the influencer marketing ecosystem. If one of your marketing goals is to keep your competitors at bay choose InfluGlue to help.

How Does it Work?

Create Campaign

Simply begin by sharing your brand objective and marketing goals and what you are expecting from the campaign. Also, tell us what kind of influencers you wish to work with and your expected timeline.

Discover Influencers

Choose proper influencers, bloggers and industry experts from our database. For your better understanding, our team will help you select the appropriate profiles comparing hundreds of similar profiles of a particular niche.

Launch campaign and enjoy the influence

Instruct the creators of your tasks, explain to them the objectives of the campaign so that they can deliver marketing collaterals accurately. You will receive detailed Campaign metrics from our team based on the campaign performance.

FAQs About Influencer Marketing

Who is an influencer?+

An influencer is a digital content creator who is backed by thousands of people on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Who generates the content?+

Influencers who have their personal social media profile can generate campaign content. Sometimes the brand or the agency provides guidelines to the creators for quality assurance.

How much do I have to pay the influencers?+

That depends on what type of (celebrity/mega/micro/nano) influencer you want to work with and your deliverables.

What is an agency fee?+

An agency fee is an amount charged to a client as part of the business agreement for influencer marketing services. It is intended to cover all the costs of the campaign.

Who owns the content?+

After submission by the influencers, the company owns the content unless the brand clears all its dues to the agency.

How does content gets approved by the brands?+

The creators are bind by certain rules while creating the content for the concerned brand, after submission a team contain the agency’s professionals and the brands quality checker will evaluate the content and approve if every parameter is fulfilled.

Do I have to be a huge company to take up influencer marketing?+

You don’t have to be a million-dollar company for this type of marketing to be valuable. We provide influencer marketing services for multi-sized brands.

How do I know whether these influencers are real or not?+

While selecting influencers for a campaign we not only check the follower count because we know the number can be artificially imposed. The follower loyalty metric is extremely important together with the engagement quality. Our screening process is most authentic since our top priority is our clients.

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We are a team of experienced digital marketers, tech buddies and content creators who wish to achieve the next level of creativity in marketing not only to stand out among others but also to get noticed by the biggest social media platforms. Our team members handle and operate campaigns from different cities of the country, we also have regular content creators on board with us who helps us in finetuning our strategy to deliver the best. We believe in a personalised approach with our clients with the perfect blend of creativity and technology.

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