What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the form of creating publishing and distributing marketing content for your target audience. The main aim of such marketing is to attract, acquire and engage a specific group of audience to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is one of the most effective and useful marketing strategies that provide numerous benefits to online businesses that are looking to make a solid impression in this competitive market.

Benefits of Content Marketing

More visibility on search engine

With every new content, Google is going to index a new page. Having more quality pages on your site means better chances of getting ranked for more search queries. If you target most searched long tail and short tail keywords you don’t have to face any problem to appear in front of your audience.

More on-site content

More content marketing means better content on your site which will provide your audience to stick around your website more. They will get better opportunities to become familiar with your brand which will lead to a better conversion rate. With relevant and informative content your viewers will stick to the site for more which is a good thing.

Increased domain authority

Writing more quality and relevant content will increase both relevance and trust of your site. If that content achieves more inbound links from external sources the domain authority of your website will increase even more. Higher domain authority means a higher search engine ranking.

Increased referral traffic

For this, you need to fine-tune your content marketing strategy a bit. You need to contribute to external links through guest posts which will ensure more quality links back to your site. Make sure the website you are posting your link is authentic and have higher traffic, this it could earn you thousands of new visitor to your site.

Improved brand reputation

Through content marketing on different sources, you can achieve a better online reputation. When people read about your brand, they will gradually build an impression of it.

Increased conversion

The main objective of content marketing should be to get more valuable customers. Great content promotes customer loyalty, make sure they must rely on a primary source of information then you can make sure customer retention.

More social visibility

For increased exposure, you must leverage the power of your content, share them on social media so that your viewers will get to know more about your business. If the users like your content they will like, share and comment which means more audience will get to know about your brand which means more social visibility. You never know how many of them can be your potential customer.

What Influencers Can Do for Your Brand?


Create static and carousel posts on Instagram/ Facebook with branded clothing, apparel, and accessories.


Create Video posts on Instagram/ Facebook/ TikTok with branded clothing, apparel, and accessories.


Buy products from your website, create an unboxing video, share the post with their followers, and submit honest online reviews.


Physically Visit fashion stores of a selected locality and create a story about the store highlighting their collection and other USPs.


Create and Manage Instagram Contest (Giveaway or other) and help increase Facebook and Instagram Followers of the concerned brand.

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Why Choose InfluGlue?

At InfluGlue we are committed to making content marketing inexpensive and available for everyone. Content marketing is not only a buzzword, it is also a necessity in today’s time since it helps establish a leading voice in your industry. You need customers with high brand affinity who will act as brand advocates and will vouch for your products by telling stories about them to the general audience.

We believe online reputation plays a big part in developing and sustaining brand affinity. Instead of trying to sell high-quality products brands must focus on sharing a trustworthy voice in the industry which is possible through top-notch relevant content.

How Does it Work?

Determine your goals

Discuss your content marketing goals with our team, tell them what you want to highlight and achieve from our service so that our content specialist can work on it.

Research and create content

Let the team brainstorm and come up with good quality original content that can fulfil all your marketing requirements.

Distribute them across different channels

After submitting the content, it is time to disseminate them over various channels so that you can achieve your marketing agenda.

FAQs About Content Marketing

What are the best ways to do content marketing?+

Irrespective of hundreds of content marketing tools you need a good content strategy and top-notch content that can highlight your main USPS. To get the job done more efficiently you can take help from some of the tools.

How does content marketing work?+

A good content marketing strategy focuses on distributing brand-centric content to various social media platforms so that your audience can see them. The main aim of content marketing is to spread brand awareness and engage your target audience. For that, you need the right combination of content, video and graphics.

How do you measure content marketing success?+

To measure this kind of success you need to know common content marketing goals and their related metrics for example what to expect. Successful content marketing is related to a bunch of parameters that include web traffic increase, page views, likes, shares, comments and many more.

What is the difference between content marketing and SEO?+

Content marketing targets users across various channels to engage them whereas SEO is about making your content accessible to the search engines. SEO starts from optimising your pages and content for visibility whereas content marketing focuses on nurturing high-quality content over various platforms.

What is the price for content marketing?+

At InfluGlue we provide the best content marketing services at an affordable price. The pricing would depend upon your deliverables and other details.

What will be the timeline for content marketing?+

We work on a short deadline basis however if you have bigger things to deliver it might take more time. However, before embarking on your project we would mention the delivery schedule.

Who owns the content?+

After you clear, all the dues with our company all the content will be yours. Handover details will be mentioned at the time of signing the contract between us.

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