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6 Guestpost Backlinks /m

INR 15000
INR 12000
Save INR 3000

For 6 HQ Links / month

  • 2 X DA 20 + Guestpost
  • 2 X DA 30 + Guestpost
  • 1 X DA 40 + Guestpost
  • 1 X DA 50 + Guestpost


11 Guestpost Backlinks /m

INR 35000
INR 30000
Save INR 5000

For 11 HQ Links / month

  • 3 X DA 20 + Guestpost
  • 3 X DA 30 + Guestpost
  • 3 X DA 40 + Guestpost
  • 2 X DA 50 + Guestpost


24 Guestpost Backlinks /m

INR 60000
INR 45000
Save INR 15000

For 24 HQ Links / month

  • 6 X DA 20 + Guestpost
  • 6 X DA 30 + Guestpost
  • 6 X DA 40 + Guestpost
  • 6 X DA 50 + Guestpost

Difficult to Choose?

Have doubts about what will suit your business the most? We'll gladly answer all your questions!

How it Works

100% Transarent process Of Scoring Powerful Backlinks

STEP 1Pick your plan

Based on your budget you can choose a plan that will cater to your needs. Check the available options carefully then you pick the one you like.

STEP 2Secure your placement

As soon as you choose your plan our team will help you secure your placement which will help you to improve your search engine ranking gracefully.

STEP 3Finalise the domains

Choose the best domains that would resonate well with your business and would help you achieve your marketing agenda better. More options are now at your fingertips.

STEP 4Content crafting

If you believe content is the king, you would get top quality tailored content to your backlinks need. Our creative writers will ensure SEO compliance and niche relevancy.

STEP 5Guest post live

It’s time to live your guest post and observe its performance with all the high-quality backlinks to your target URL.

STEP 6Track progress

Check the performance of your project on your dashboard. Get a final report from us as soon as we finish.

Trusted by Business Owners

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WHY InfluGlue Guest-Posts?

We don’t sell backlinks, we take care of your outreach campaigns to secure contextual and image backlinks from high-authority, real influencer blogs with REAL traffic

You Approve the Domains

You Approve the Domains

You understand your business and the buyer persona the best, with us you have complete flexibility to choose the domains that are well suited for your business. If you require any help you will always find our experts team members behind you.

1K - 100K+ Publisher’s Traffic

1K - 100K+ Publisher’s Traffic

Our each guest post opportunity will ensure high-quality SEO metrics that are backed by real-time data. We will ensure the exact quality traffic you are looking to improve the visibility of your site and funnel new leads by making sure you are discoverable.

Relevant Sites, In-Content Links

Relevant Sites, In-Content Links

We will only allow traffic from websites that are relevant to your project, our in-content link will ensure your content will reach your target audience and get shared by them. If you need help connecting with a company we will send you more recommendations.

1000+ Words Quality Content

1000+ Words Quality Content

You would get a minimum of 1000+ words content specially curated to the requirement of your backlinks. Our team of writers and editors will ensure SEO compliance and 100% niche relevancy that appeal to your audience emotionally and act as a lead magnet.

Spending Money on SEO is an Investment

InfluGlue Secures The Best Return On Your Link Building Investments.

Start A Campaign

How we work and our 100% Moneyback Guarantee

  • Once you book a package our dedicated Service Managers will contact you within 24 Hrs
  • Based on your requirement Service Manager will search and compile the suitable list of influencers for your project
  • You will be requested to choose the best influencers from the list for your project
  • If you are not satisfied with our list of infleunecrs we will present you with a 2nd or 3rd list
  • If you are still not happy with our list (within 7 days) we will refund your booking. No questions asked
  • If you are done with the seelction of influencers then in the next phase we will take complate responsiblity of the project
  • We will coordinate with all infleuencers, sharing art work, videos and other materials as required
  • Closely monitor the progress of the project and follow up with them
  • Finally submit a comprehensive project execution report to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to purchase backlinks? +

NO it is not! As Google does not appreciate purchased backlinks. The truth is building high-quality backlinks is not magic, it takes time irrespective of the quality content you have. 
Then is there any way out? Yes, there is! You need to connect with bloggers who can get you a backlink. This is one of the safest approaches to link-building. Google rewards contextual backlinks from organically occurring anchor text from a relevant site. 
Outreaching to bloggers can be a strenuous job. Here InfluGlue comes, we make the entire process easy with a personal approach to bloggers on your behalf. We took utmost care of the backlinks that provide value to your business. 

Do you have any list? +

Honestly, you don’t need any list because you don’t want to publish any random content without relevancy. Here at InfluGlue we will get to see and approve all the domains before take them live. Remember Google only rewards backlinks that are relevant to the topic and not misleading, so there is no shortcut here except blogger outreach. 
So, with us forget about getting poor quality sites, PBNs or Link-Farms.

Who writes the content? +

Our in-house team of writers, editors and proofreaders will take care will take care of your content, they have years of experience in writing content that matches all the parameters of Google and other webmaster tools. The main USP of our content is market research, we will check the content of your competitors and then provide something better. You will get a minimum of 1000 to 1500 words fresh articles that are SEO complied and Copyscape passed with no extra charge. 
All our articles are well researched and value-driven along with necessary images and infographics. 

Is there any provision to see your sample guest post work? +

Yes you can, drop us a query and mention what niche-specific sample you would like to see, one of our team members will provide our work links that match your criteria.

What niche service do you provide? +

We cover all the niche except some sensitive niche include Adult, Gambling, Casino, Betting, Firearms, and other. 

What will I do if the links are removed? +

This is a rare case scenario, if the links are removed by accident don’t worry let our team know we will provide you with a replacement.

How long will you take? +

That depends on a few things but in general, we will take 15 to 25 days. Please keep in mind that some sites do take longer or earlier depending on their own editorial calendar. 

What is your refund policy? +

Our policy is clear and simple, we will provide a full refund if you ask for it within 48 hours of booking. There is no refund once 48 hour is over and we start working on your campaign.

Not Sure How to Get Started?

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