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About me

I make videos(watch and learn) on the game of “Cricket” using an iPhone to shoot my videos and a professional editing app.

I have been a member of the official TikTok “Edutok” group in the past.

The 5 videos that I promoted for “Helo App” accounted for around 1.5million views in total.

96%of my followers are based in India and in the age group of around 13 to 35, hence I think I am a good choice to promote any product.

My engagement ratio with the fans is also high.
I am known to produce high quality and informative videos.
Adding a sample video link below.

My most viral video had for around 14 million views, and my average views per video is around 250K.

So if you are looking for “Reach”, I think I am the right choice.
Thank You

My Social Statistics

  • Instagram No of Followers: 361
  • Youtube No of Subscribers: 478
  • TikTok Followers: 322500

My Work Samples

TikTok Video

This is a tutorial video where I demonstrate how to bowl “UnderArm LegSpin”. The video got 6.9million views and 714.5 likes, and still counting. Please check my other videos for more idea.

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