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About me

I try to create a decent grid to make this world a better place to live with.I try to make a different style where friends and family both will be inspired.My approach is versatile in terms of style and attire. Mostly, girls or women, they took this empowerment in such a negative way that it might provoke them to become vulgar and they started forgetting our culture Saree was discovered to drop in such a way to cover your hidden part, but society is going to reveal it in any way because, if boys can show their belly then why not we.#nobodyshaming causes fatness, not fitness.I am not against any western culture but I want you to discover the difference between hotness and vulgarity.

So here is my journey started. I belong to a small town and girls are stuck to get out of their boundaries. and am trying to help them to come out and trying to help them to understand the difference between vulgarity and hotness/sexiness/or our Indian Culture before the outburst happens.

My goal is to establish something that will bring our culture back without ruining anything, Fusion can be done to keep it decent.

My Social Statistics

  • Facebook No of Followers: 233
  • Twitter No of Followers: 17
  • Instagram No of Followers: 24300
  • Pinterest No of Followers: 0
  • Youtube No of Subscribers: 27
  • TikTok Followers: 9261

My Work Samples

Single Static Instagram Post or Story

To gain the certain amount of followers

Instagram Story with professional video

I created one professional video of coloressece ,looking forward to create more

Instagram Story with video after Online Product Purchase and final review posting

I created for ZIVAINDIA ,to sale their product through my coupon code and referral code

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