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About me

Hi, myself Jayashree, a civil engineer, researcher, and an avid traveler, hailing from India, with an appetite for experiencing places in a more instinctive way- absorbing the culture and the tradition, the dialect and the geography of the place. Be it any ‘-scape’, mountain, sea, city or desert, conquering the unknown is always a thrill, an added adventure activity would be a quintessential spree. The motto is more like, Vini vidi vici, a little modified to “I came, I saw, I ticked it off my map”; even if it is a short day trip, an off-the-beaten-path excites me more.

My Social Statistics

  • Blog DA Value: 23
  • Facebook No of Followers: 530
  • Twitter No of Followers: 568
  • Instagram No of Followers: 2990
  • Pinterest No of Followers: 398

My Work Samples

Blog Post

Visited Bally Rashbari as a FAM trip. Every good thing should start from your hometown itself and I followed the trend. And wrote a piece establishing the whereabouts and details of the upcoming homestay.

Blog Post

Another FAM post on a homestay which is an outcome of preservation of an Endangered Species, Baghrol, of West Bengal, India. It also actively participates in imparting the knowledge of saving the species which is nearing extinction. “Baghrol” meaning fishing cat in Bengali and “Basa” means nest or house. As the name suggests, Baghrol Basa is thus home to the endangered fishing cats.

My Rates

  • Blog Post INR 2500
  • Instagram Carousel Post (3 - 5 Slides) INR 1500
  • Facebook Carousel Post (3 - 5 Slides) INR 1500
  • Pinterest Pins INR 2000
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