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About me

Hi, I'm Shreyas, an insanely energetic and curious person who loves to connect to new people from all walks of life, I love to sing, cook, learn new crafts and also, I 'try to' be an inspiring person :3

Currently, I'm pursuing my mechanical engineering degree, but along with that I'm also working on my own food product development project(which is, till now, going really good:)).

I've been giving talks on mental health in my college and also have been performing as a singer at various events.
I've performed for the promotion of Hamley's- the toy store, brezza- car launch by Mahindra and for the upcoming MTV series- roadies revolution.

I may be bad at writing resumes, but I can make some mean cocktails for you:p which brings me to my next point, my work experience as a waiter/bartender/sous chef in 3 different restaurants, 1in Pune, and the other two from wai-Satara.

I also am working towards increasing my Instagram followers, to become a good IG influencer.
My IG reach as of yet goes up to 1,770 people, and on an average, it's 1300 people from ig posts.

I also have recently started my own YouTube channel to try to connect to people even better and also try to give them some indulging content which makes them forget their life problems for those 5 minutes.

On Google, I'm a level 6 local guide, and also have recently been awarded the local guide socks and a Google hoodie from Google for being an awesome creator.

I own two blogging sites, one is to post my recipes, and one is for posting product reviews of the products which I use daily.

All that being said, I'd like to conclude this introduction by saying that I believe that I am a person who genuinely wants to connect to a lot of people and try to give out whatever good things I can to them.
Being an IG influencer and getting brand deals asking me to review them and promote them if I like them would definitely take me one step closer in giving out at least the insights of the best things which are accessible to me to my followers and recommending them to purchase the products which I think are really awesome!

With all due respect, and all due gratitude,
I rest my case :)

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  • Instagram No of Followers: 482
  • Youtube No of Subscribers: 104

My Work Samples

Single Static Instagram Post or Story

As a product blogger, I've made a few promotion posts for the skin care products which I liked a lot and have also given in a detailed review about them. Attached below are some of my reviews on brands like Garnier men, patanjali, Philips (grooming for men), paramanaturals,etc.

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