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Are you an avid fan of macarons? Pistachio, chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, coffee, lemon... as many flavors as possible for this sweet delicacy. Book an appointment at the time of a greedy escapade in the most mythical Parisian patisserie to taste this little gem of almonds. #Macarons (or macaroons) are a traditional French cookie made with egg white, almonds and icing sugar. Although macaroons are usually characterized by their French origin, it is important to emphasize that they are originally Italian #sweets. In the 19th century, macaroons evolved from being a single cookie to a union between two with a filling in between, becoming the popular sweet that they are today. Due to the great influence that French pastry chefs have had on this gastronomic icon, it's no surprise that many of the best places for macarons are in #Paris.

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