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YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform in 2021: The New Era Of Marketing

Jan 05, 2021


Influencer marketing on YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool especially if you are planning for a sustainable business marketing. If you understand the nuts and bolts of YouTube influencer marketing it can attract a lot of potential customers. According to a recent on report YouTube conversion rate varies between 2.4 to 3.2% so, you have more reason than one to go for influencer marketing on YouTube. Make sure you have optimized your other social media accounts for SEO, email, PPC, Blog etc.

This article will provide a detailed insight of influencer marketing on YouTube and you can leverage the power of the platform to drive sales.

How do you know YouTube Influencer Marketing is Right for your Brand?

The industry is flooded with various information, every brand is running to build their relationship with customers to ensure maximum conversion. Influencers have grown a large followers base on their social media profile, the new generation is living on YouTube, mote than television they watch YouTube videos for their entertainment. This growth in the audience makes the content creators particularly successful and influential. YouTube has more than 347,000 influencer accounts and the number is increasing in every minute.

In the crowd of fake influencers, you can trust YouTubers more than Instagram influencers because the growing audience on YouTube takes more time and courage than Instagram. So, if you are on the hunt of authentic influencer profile YouTube can be your secret weapon. If you want to engage your audience by a longer form of story you can try creating ten minutes video, it is great to appeal the right-minded audience to your brand.

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Finding Bonafide YouTube influencers

After you make your mind of giving YouTube influencer marketing a chance, this is time to spot appropriate influencers who can bring success to your campaign. Building a relationship with your audience is important, that is the true essence of influencer marketing. Choose influencers who have the potential to create a story through vlogging since it outperforms traditional marketing in more ways than one. Influencers must understand how to appeal and inspire customers through their content.

A successful YouTube marketing campaign should focus on two things the right strategy and clear marketing goals.

Select influencers based on data, YouTube influencers charge $200 to $5000 per video based on their potential reach. So, spend on reach instead of the number of subscribers if you want to keep your rivals at bay.

Remember, through the influencer marketing campaigns you strategize your YouTube presence, plan the campaign with YouTubers ahead of your time so that you can increase engagement with every video.

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The power of influencers on YouTube

YouTube is all about creativity and awareness, the focus should be on feeding relevant information with emotional appeal. After finding the right influencers its time to focus on the content. To make your campaign success you can not only focus on the number of subscribers, but you also need to focus on the storytelling, here “how” matters more than “why”!

These influencers have huge power over consumers’ purchasing decisions, audience trust influencer recommendation more than celebrity endorsement which is why eight among ten brands is focusing on influencer marketing. These influencers are not glossy and unreachable like influencers, instead, you can use them to engage with your audience.

Micro-influencers can provide great reach in spite of having a lesser number of followers. However, your budget and marketing goals will decide the influencers profile.

Looking for YouTube influencers?

Start a Campaign

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What are the Types of Campaigns and How to Optimize Campaign on YouTube?

Make sure while planning for the campaign you and the influencers are on the same page. Plan your video length, do not make it too lengthy, however, if you are planning for a how-to video keep it between ten to fourteen minutes. Here are some of the campaign ideas through which you can get started with influencer marketing on YouTube.

Go for introductory campaign

These campaigns are designed to introduce a new product or service in the market, so if you are planning for influencer marketing for the first time on YouTube this type of content would create a lot of buzz among your target audience. Let the influencer tell about the basic features of the products so that the customers understand and think of giving it a try. If you are selling beauty products ask the influencers to create a make-up look using that product or talk about its packaging, texture etc. If you are selling food items you can ask the content creator to make a recipe using the product as an ingredient.

Maintenance campaign

Influencer marketing is not a one-time thing, you have to plan different campaigns on different time of the year to pamper your audience. The main objective of a maintenance campaign is to keep reminding the customers about their products so they stay in their memory, it is also a great way to generate awareness about the brand. You can place less emphasis on the introduction part and tell more about its features. You can ask the influencer to create a video on the long-term benefit of the product.

Maintenance videos can also be educational in nature, ask the influencers to make a detailed video on the ingredients or talk about the company, their inspiration behind establishing the brand etc.

Hashtag Campaign

Such campaigns are great to track the performance of your social media activities from time to time. The main aim to track how your audience reacts to such a campaign, it would help you plan your future marketing collateral even better. However, YouTube is not the perfect platform to host such a campaign compared to Instagram and Twitter.

Giveaway Campaign

The objective of such a campaign is to attract a new audience to your page but for that, you have to finalize the deliverables accordingly. You can hire an influencer to take part in such campaign, sample task could be making a video on asking two or more questions and the best answer could win a hamper or something else from your brand. It would encourage the viewers to take part in it and in turn, your brand can achieve better visibility.

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Seasonal Campaign

As the name suggests such campaign focus on festive seasons like New Year, Christmas, Holi, Durga Puja, Diwali etc. You can run specific offers during the period to attract more potential buyers.

Branding Campaign

Branding campaigns are focused on creating educational collateral where the audience can learn something about the future plan of your brand. You can thank your existing audience for such support and tell express your gratitude through a video. You can plan such content on special occasions like on the brand’s anniversary.

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Few words from InfluGlue: the leading influencer marketing platform in India

From the above chart, one thing is clear that influencer marketing is the future of social media marketing, keeping in mind its effectivity now every-sized brands are opting for such a technique. The buyer persona is changing faster than you think, it has become more important to appeal their emotion otherwise the customers can not differentiate you with other similar brands.

If you are planning your social media marketing budget in 2021, we recommend spending 50% of it on influencer marketing as it can provide guaranteed success. Now more than 73% users activate AdBlocks which prohibit the digitals ads to be seen on surfing spaces, it is indeed very challenging for marketers, under that circumstance influencer marketing seems one of the rational options to endorse your brand and fulfil your marketing goals.

You can get in touch with us to avail influencer marketing consulting and services to see how you can leverage the techniques to take your brand to the next level. We have a huge database of influencers from all across the country from which we can handpick the proper influencers for your campaign. We provide the best influencer marketing services at an affordable package, connect with u to discuss more.


Are to trying to explore YouTube for influencer marketing? If yes, give this article a read and plan a better strategy, help yourself aware regarding the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing so that you can keep your competitors at bay.

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