YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform: A Comprehensive Guide

Oct 07, 2020

Do you know YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms that every day attracts nearly millions of new users? Under that circumstance, it would be naïve for new brands to not leverage its efficiency. Wonder how YouTube can help your business achieve the next level? Read this article to discover various potentials of this platform and how you can grasp it to amplify your brand presence. According to various researches, social media users prefer watching videos more than still images or still ads, so as a brand if you want to create a buzz among your target audience, you can explore the power of YouTube videos.

When it comes to YouTube marketing, even experienced marketers struggle a lot to focus on the right strategy; the main struggle is to choose the right influencer. Hundreds of YouTube influencers are changing as well as challenging the recent trends, the conventional rules of digital marketing. Needless to mention this new era is dominated by such content creators, so it’s difficult to choose whether to work with these influencers on their way or convince them to follow your instruction, sadly money cannot solve everything though most things.

According to a recent report by CISCO Systems, it has been found social media users prefer watching mobile videos more than TV viewing.

Today’s brands are smarter, they know which social media platform can make them famous, so when it comes to ROI, they understand with which content creators they should work with so that people can recognize their brand. There are endless videos on YouTube from cosmetic videos, fun content, emotional stories, life-changing journey to straight marketing content. Before jumping onto YouTube content, you must focus on your strategy since unlike Instagram and Facebook, it’s hard to get subscribers on YouTube, and YouTube advertising is costlier compared to other social media platforms.

Why is YouTube Marketing Important?

Slowly but steadily, YouTube influencer marketing is gaining recognition in the online marketing space, but every day it is changing its own dynamics. Online brands are doing their best to match up with the changing and algorithm of this platform; today, along with the rapid increase of smart devices, traditional marketing tactics are not as effective as the digital ones.

Here we have highlighted some of the major reasons for which you must consider YouTube as a powerful social media platform to endorse your brand in terms of influencer marketing:

1. Huge Audience

Compared to other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook; YouTube is a perfect platform when it comes to influencer marketing, not only brands, but YouTube knows it too! As a video streaming platform, YouTube is the best. With 2 million active accounts among which more than 79% of users have their own YouTube channel, the video creators have a highly engaged audience among which you might get potential customers: YouTube can be your best bait.

2. Higher Engagement

You have thousands of YouTube influencers with verified profile and millions of subscribers if they endorse your brand, your brand reputation will be scaled up easily. More than 69% of social media users rely on influencers’ recommendations more than a brand advertisement or a celebrity endorsement. These YouTube influencers are backed by a huge followers’ base; if they recommend your brand, you will secure a trusted place among their followers.

3. Reach To The Mass Easily

Imagine a YouTube influencer with millions of followers endorsing your brand and asking their followers to purchase from your brand: overnight, your brand would get the exposure that would otherwise be difficult. You will be flooded with queries and orders, at least for once people will think about purchasing your product if they like it!

4. Work With Famous Content Creators

If you create awesome video content to promote your brand, your viewers will be extremely impressed, so maybe its time to work with some of the famous YouTube influencers! Can you see their followers as your potential customers? If you think your product has the ability to stand out among others you can confidently go forward to build a relationship with influencers. Each YouTuber has their unique way to pamper their audience if you work with multiple influencers your brand will be explored differently, which means a higher chance to stimulate more number of people: better ROI!

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Top YouTube Influencer Marketing Strategies For Small Brands

If you are a small brand looking to get visibility in this competitive market, this section of the article is a must-read for you.

Here we have discussed some of the most YouTube influencer marketing strategies that can take your brand to the next level.

1. Select Proper YouTubers

The first hurdle is here! This is the worst nightmare of experienced marketers to zeroed down with proper YouTube influencers who can guarantee maximum success within your budget. If budget is not a problem, you can work with multiple influencers of your niche, for example, if you are looking to endorse a beauty product you would love to work with beauty influencers like Shreya Jain, Kritika Khurana, etc. similarly if you are looking to promote your restaurant or café, you can try working with big YouTube influencers like Madhulika.

But what if you don’t have the budget to afford top-rated YouTubers? If you found yourself in a somewhat similar situation, you have precisely two options:

  • Research a lot about famous YouTubers with an impressive number of followers that can fit within your budget and successfully submit the deliverables, and
  • Work with an influencer marketing platform pro at handling YouTube campaigns.

2. Design a Brand-Centric Campaign

In order to get maximum success from your YouTube campaign you need to work on your content a lot, the content must be short and crisp; it must highlight your main USPs at the same time seamlessly blend the audiences’ emotions. Well, it’s not as easy as it might sound, you need to watch a lot of content of famous brands and come up with your own strategy. You can rely on the YouTube marketers of an influencer marketing platform who understand the mindset of your audience and suggest what campaign content could perform well.

3. Decide The Timeline Carefully

Every campaign must have a timeline, for YouTube you can choose any festive season as most brands do, or you can also wait for the market to calm down to launch your brand so that it can grab the full focus of the audience.

4. Take The Help of an Influencer Marketing Platform

There are various influencer marketing platforms in India that are working hand in hand with famous brands in order to reach a new audience. They are even ready to pay a hefty amount to the agencies in order to connect with famous influencers. You can tell them your requirement so that the experts can handpick some of the most potential profiles for your brand.

5. Monitor Your Campaign

You must monitor the performance of your campaign; there are various tools available in the market that can help you understand how your campaign has performed among your target audience so that you can plan your future campaign content accordingly. It is important to know which part of the campaign viewers liked the most and which part failed to stimulate their emotions that lead to purchase decisions.

6. Plan Future Campaign Content

As we mentioned earlier, planning future content for campaigns is equally important because multiple campaigns will give success much earlier. You can take a buffer of a month or so before running the next campaign. If you are planning about a big-budget campaign you can go twice a year; however, an influencer marketing platform can help you decide this the most since they are pro at dealing with such campaigns.

Best Platform to Find YouTube Influencers

We select influencers with true precision with advanced search specifications. We have a dynamic database where more than twenty-five influencers are already registered from various niches and different parts of the country. So no matter for which location you are looking for influencers it’s really easy for us to find the right match for you. Our social score continuously evaluates them on the basis of their latest performances through critical metrics; data won’t lie, everything will be crystal clear for you so that you can choose the perfect influencers according to the unique need of your campaign. We overview thousands of influencers profiles in seconds and monitor them in one place; it’s never been simpler!

So if you are thinking of a YouTube influencer marketing service you have more reason than one to contact InfluGlue which is a leading influencer marketing platform with years of experience in dealing with various YouTube marketing campaigns for small as well as international brands. We provide the best in class influencer marketing services to all sized brands, with us you can bag a huge success from your brand campaign.

The best part of our influencer marketing services are those comes with an affordable package so if you are really tight on your budget, but wish to provide a makeover to your brand through YouTube influencer marketing services get in touch with InfluGlue, sign up with us our team would be happy to help you.


Discover how you can harness the power of YouTube marketing for your business, which strategy should be suitable for your unique brand. Also discover how influencer marketing can help you spend your money on the right YouTube marketing strategy.

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