YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform: The Rewriting Marketing Story

Sep 21, 2020

The true power of YouTube has recently been discovered and understood by the influencer marketplace. So many have started YouTube out of their passion without knowing the true power of it, needless to mention YouTube has made many not only famous but also rich. Google also started showing YouTube videos in their search results which attract more people to start their own YouTube channel, and now various brands are investing in YouTube channels to reach their target market easily.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have worked various brands with special requirements in YouTube marketing, we have worked with hundreds of micro-influencers of India with their own YouTube channel. Here in this article, we will talk about how to leverage the true potential of the YouTube influencer marketing platform, so if you are a newcomer brand looking to market your products in this competitive digital ecosystem, this article can be your help.

How To Use YouTube For Influencer Marketing: Develop A YouTube First Approach

The way people watch, consume, and share online video is evolving every single day; here, our digital advertisers will talk about how to drive maximum success on YouTube.

Work On Great Storytelling

You must think about a powerful story in the YouTube-first approach in order to compel viewers to take action; they will only do that when feel connected with your content. Great storytelling is unmatchable to draw maximum attention of your target audience; it will also help you drive branding and performance results on YouTube. Longer video content with a well-blended story can be your secret success weapon on YouTube. You must aim to touch customers’ emotions with impactful storytelling. You can take help from an influencer marketing platform that has relevant experience in dealing with YouTube marketing campaigns.

Plan a Content Life Cycle

When considering a YouTube-first approach, it is crucial to plan for the entire life cycle of the campaign. You must work on engaging your audience for that it is important to understand their mindset and how your product can fit with their lifestyle, helping them to improve their daily life. Instead of straight buying approach storytelling will be ideal for reaching their emotion, they must feel connected with your brand, which stimulates their buying option. You must come up with a branding idea that will keep engaging your audience over a long time through YouTube. Instead of generating multiple fresh content, you can work on producing limited content and market them in multiple YouTube channels with proper YouTube influencers.

Consider Points of Brand Engagement

While working on brand marketing, even experienced marketers struggle to achieve the ice-breaking point. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we always suggest exploring different social media platforms to reach your target audience within your set timeline. Traditional marketing will always be there, but now the habit of the online audience has changed, YouTube has more than 265 million monthly active users from India among which more than 45% watches YouTube every day, you can understand the data.

If you launch your product on YouTube regularly millions of people come to see your products which would otherwise be a costly and time taking affair. If you work with YouTube influencers with millions of subscribers, you can easily come closer with your target audience; they know how to engage their audience with a particular brand.

According to researches, 2020 will see a further rise in Regional YouTube growth.

Work With YouTube Influencers

If you are looking to market your products with a powerful branding strategy, you might consider showcasing your product on a social media platform like YouTube. You will find thousands of YouTube influencers of your niche, for example, if you are about to launch a beauty product you might be considering working with beauty influencers with millions of subscribers, you have to find nearly ten influencers of a similar profile; however, that will entirely depend upon your budget.

Most of the food bloggers in India have their own YouTube channel with millions of subscribers; basically, they share different recipes and restaurant reviews, so if you are about to launch a restaurant, café, or any food product you can connect with these YouTube bloggers in India to generate awesome campaign content. You need to research a bit to know the actual potential of the YouTube influencer marketing platform, how the algorithm works, how long it will take to get popularized, or which YouTube influencers would be perfect for your brand, etc.

You can design a campaign that will hit your target audiences’ mindset, for that storytelling is of utmost importance. You can drive customers directly to your business website by working with renowned YouTube influencers who are backed by millions of followers; your goal must be to increase the brand’s visibility by leveraging their talent.

Who are YouTube Influencers?

YouTube influencers are individuals with YouTube channels with substantial followers on the same platform. They not only set trends but also help others making their final purchase decision. In most cases, brands choose YouTube influencers based on their number of followers, the more, the better. Every seven of ten Indian beauty influencers have their own YouTube channel where they showcase various products through “how to’ videos.

Looking for YouTube Bloggers in India

Start a Campaign

What Perks YouTube Influencers Get?

YouTube influencers can monetize their accounts after meeting certain criteria preset by YouTube. However, that preset can be changed over time, not only these influencers get money from YouTube but also from brands who wish to work with them. YouTube has launched quite a few people’s careers as a full-time YouTuber. The more powerful your videos become the more subscribers you will get, and more brands will start approaching you for sponsored content.

Connect With an Influencer Marketing Agency For Brand Strategy

If you are looking to work with YouTube influencers in order to increase your brand awareness, then connect with an influencer marketing agency who will design the campaign on your behalf and find suitable YouTube influencers for your brand. In most cases, brands struggle to communicate with these influencers because, after a certain point, these influencers hire a different marketing agency to manage their channel. If you let an influencer marketing agency handle the matter, it will be easier for you to get the content. Every influencer marketing agency has its own influencer database from where they can find the best suitable YouTube influencers for your brand.

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Reasons For Working With InfluGlue - The Leading Influencer Marketing Hub in India

With every influencer, we will magnify your brand message so that more people will relate with your brand, and you will get ROI earlier than expected. We are one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in India with years of relevant experience in dealing with influencer marketing campaigns on different social media platforms, YouTube being one of them. We have more than ten thousand bloggers and influencers registered with us from various parts of the country, master in different niches that include beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, fitness, yoga, automobile, parenting, gaming, education, etc. So you can choose from vast options.

Our team is comprised of influencer marketers, digital marketing experts, and content creators who always keep a strict eye on the marketing trends; they will ensure you keep a position ahead of your competitors. They will also help you design the best in the class campaign for your brand; the best part is you can measure your campaign performance on our latest performance analysis tool. Especially if you are a real tight on your budget InfluGlue can help you out!

Here are the main reasons for which InfluGlue will be unmatchable for your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to go with
  • Friendly approach
  • Experience in handling local and international brands
  • vast influencer database
  • Experienced team of influencer marketers and content creators

So, if you are looking for influencer marketing services for your brand, connect with InfluGlue and sign up following some easy steps.


Do you want to know about the YouTube influencer marketing platform in India? Give this article a read and discover important facts from the influencer marketplace. Also, find the easy sign-up process with us.


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