Will Mental Health Instagram Influencers Help You? Expectation vs Reality

Sep 17, 2020

Do you know in the era of notifications, what you will watch on your favorite social media platform is decided by the algorithm of the same platform? So if you are looking at social media as a place to escape your anxiety and stress, you never know that every decision can be the reason for your stress! 

We are not here to warn you, in this article, we will discuss the importance of taking care of mental health and how mental health Instagram influencers can help you.

Why Are People Suddenly Talking About Mental Health?

Today still a part of society believes there is no such thing called mental illness; it’s just in their mind. Lack of awareness can be held responsible behind such mentality. Did you know India accounts for 15% of the global, mental, neurological, and substance abuse disorder burden? The treatment gap can be another reason that is egging the ratio gradually. Common treatments range from therapy sessions to medication available both online and offline.

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that around 7.5% of the Indian population suffers from some kind of mental disorder.

Now because of social media, people are talking about things much more freely, they can talk about mental illness openly. Mental health influencers are people who use their social media accounts to spread awareness regarding anxiety or other psychological disorders in a friendly manner. Now people understood the importance of mental wellness for over wellbeing, and if you can share your feelings your thoughts, people might be able to open other perspectives that might help you heal. If you know someone suffering from any sort of mental disorder, kindly forward the link because you are not only one here, the whole world is talking and taking care of mental issues. No matter which part of the world you are living, you can still seek help from experts. Talking about your problems with the right person can help you in many ways, you might find different perspectives of dealing with your issues.

Common Symptoms of Mental Health

Here we will highlight some common signs and symptoms of mental illness:

  • Long-lasting sadness or irritability
  • Rapid mood swing
  • Excess worry or anxiety
  • Social withdrawal
  • Dramatic changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Dementia - that mainly affects elder people
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Problems with alcohol or drug use
  • Significant tiredness, low energy, or problems with sleeping

List of Top Mental Health Instagram Influencers

Here we will talk about such personalities who made it possible through their Instagram profiles to reach the mass in order to advocate mental illness issues.

1. Nedra Glower Tawwab

Nedra Glower Tawwab

Nedra is one of the top mental health Instagram Influencers of our list who uses her account @nedratawwab to spread awareness about mental health. She has more than 568k followers on her Instagram profile; she tends to provide tools to people in order to create healthy relationships. If you visit her profile, you will find several quotes and suggestions regarding dealing with mental health issues. You can randomly click on any post and read any line you will find an excellent outlook and perspective towards life. You can also connect with her for a personalized opinion.

2. Dr. Marie Buque

Dr. Marie Buque

Dr. Marie is a therapist with more than 109k followers on her Instagram account where she talks about various issues related to mental health as well as physical wellbeing like you ut health, healthy breakfast options, the importance of prioritizing your needs, sound bath healing meditation, etc. If you visit her profile, you will be flooded with positive thoughts; you can connect with her via direct message and also through her website. She has collaborated with many health and wellness brands to spread awareness about mental health.

3. Hannah Daisy

Hannah Daisy

Hannah is another mental health Instagram influencer on our list who is an illustrator by profession. She has more than 171k followers on her Instagram profile, where she expresses various mental health issues like self-care, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, etc. through beautiful illustrations. She is also an advocate of the LGBTQ community if you feel a little low or dealing with stress for a long period of time; you can seek help from Hannah through direct message or through her website.

4. Beth Evans

Beth Evans

Beth is another mental health Instagram influencer in our list who leverage the power of social media to help people deals with mental illness or anxiety. Her approach is quite simple, it’s okay to feel bad about stuff you may not find the silver lining of every situation, but time will deal with everything you have to have faith in you. You can also book a personalized session with her from her Instagram account.

5. Brene Brown

Brene Brown

Brene is a researcher and a storyteller apart from being a mental health advocate; she has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account. If you think that you are facing a lot of issues solving different problems around you following Brene would be extremely helpful, she will show you different perspectives so that you can deal with complicated problems with ease. Sometimes under pressure brain can’t think of something new, then influencers and mental health advocates like Brene can help you.

6. Claire Eastham

Claire Eastham

Claire is an anxiety expert on our list who has more than 22.8k followers on Instagram; she is one of the award-winning mental health consultants. She is an ambassador of MQ, a mental health research charity based in the United Kingdom. So if you or any of your friends are looking for help, you can suggest to them about Claire.

7. Dr. Amit Malik

Dr. Amit Malik

Dr. Amit Malik is the founder of Inner Hour which is a self-care organization aims to provide their support for a happier and healthier life, so if you are suffering from emotional difficulties or know someone going through the same then Dr. Malik’s @innerhour can surely help them, you can connect with them via direct message or book your appointment via their website.

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How Can Mental Health Instagram Influencers Help You?

Other than the above mentioned mental health influencers, you will also come across various other personalities who are ready to provide help when you need them the most. In most cases, people with mental health issues do not realize the necessity of help which is a predominant problem in a country like India.

If you are addicted to Instagram, you can connect and follow these personalities for over a chat to understand whether they will be able to help you. If you are looking to promote any health and wellness brand through influencers of that very niche, you can connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing platform in India with years of experience in dealing with campaigns for local as well as international brands. We have more than ten thousand bloggers and influencers registered with us, among which we will find the best suitable profile for your brand.

Looking For Mental Health Bloggers?

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Are you suffering from mental health issues, looking for help from your home comfort? Give this article a read and discover some of the world-famous mental health Instagram influencers who can extend their hand for your help.

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