Why Influencer Marketing Is The Need Of The Hour For Small Businesses?

Nov 01, 2019

Are you familiar with the term influencer marketing? It is one of the most talked topics in the town. But why? Why are people talking about influencer marketing? 

If you are going to start your business, you must be aware of the new marketing trends, and influencer marketing has an enormous potential to uplift the reputation of a brand over a short period of time. 

As the world rapidly shifted to social media, consumers become tech-savvy; they always ask other consumers about the feedback before making their purchasing decision. Instead of believing in their marketing footage they tend to get influenced by co-consumers. 

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube have become a perfect stage for influencing the general public. Whether it is buying mobile, laptop, cosmetics, dresses or choosing a perfect place for family dinner or a blind date, people always look for a recommendation. They make decisions, both positive and negative, on someone else’s experience. 

For this reason, marketing geeks say influencer marketing is the next big thing in the world of advertising. Most U.S marketers are investing in influencer marketing because of a higher probability of increased revenue.  Currently, India houses more than 1.36 billion citizens, which is 17.1% of the world’s population, out of which 70% are active social media users. At the end of 2019, the number of social media users is expected to reach approximately 351.4 million. More than 50% of Indians use Facebook as a source of news. 

Now enough with the numbers, lets come to the fact, which is about leveraging the power of influencer marketing to reach a new height. 

1. It's Social 

Social- this single word has enormous potential to shift the mindset of a lot of people from our society. Everybody wants to be seen, isn’t it! The word of mouth recommendations drives more people than any other traditional method. If your business got social, it would reach a new height by generating a proper retention rate.  Influencer marketing may sound a newbie, but if you indulge yourself in leveraging its endless power you will be in love with the outcome. The majority of people get influenced by a small number of opinion individuals. 

2. It's Powerful 

Most of the influencer marketers believe in influencing a smaller group of high-value influencers because it is effective than large scale traditional marketing. More than 75% of marketers find influencer marketing productive. Regular buyers want the brand to communicate with them instead of just producing their products. When influencers showcase your product in their social media profile, people tend to recognize and ask about the product, which ultimately beneficial to draw revenue. They help make every brand more visible with its rich content. If your brand has something unique to serve your customers, you must indulge influencers in making it bigger. People want brands to entertain them instead of selling. 

3. It's Engaging 

Studies show with influencer marketing it is easy to reach more customers. It will help the brands to make informed decisions about how to improve their existing products. It will also help them to make decisions regarding the new products. Influencer marketing has a great role in raising brand awareness. If you are a brand you can utilize powerful influencers to do the same, and if you are an influencer you can grow your audience by creating awareness campaigns. The fashion and food industry may get limitless benefits from influencer marketing. Within days they can reach a large number of individuals with potential influencers. The gadget industry always looks for reviews from influencers. 

4. It's Trendy 

Needless to mention, the marketing trend rapidly shifts to influencer marketing. Real people want an opinion from real personalities. No added filter, no force marketing, only the real content. The most popular influencer marketing campaign includes a content promotion, where the influencer.  Through proper influencer marketing, your brand can get the highest social engagement rate, which is an essential element for sustainable growth. Enhanced media values also an integral part of the influencer marketing concept.  Research shows most of the e-marketers are shifting to influencer marketing over traditional marketing due to its visibility and cost-effectiveness. An influencer with millions of fans and followers can draw the attention of society faster than any other method.  Social media influencers’ approach, content, and relevance resonated most with teenagers and young to young adult demographics, here the game-changing factor lies. A two-minute video from an influencer’s profile can reach thousands of individuals.

5. It's Real 

Business understand figures, right! With influencer marketing, you can evidence exponential growth in much lesser time over traditional and other media of marketing. You can attract potential customers with proper influencer marketing techniques, which include content creation and content promotion. A plausible cause of this is because social media users tend to be more substantial and more likely to recommend brands to their family and friends. So, if you want to withstand the upcoming changing trends of social media, you need to leverage the potential of influencer marketing.  If you are a brand, with each campaign, you can see the growing result by yourself, if you are an influencer with each content creation and promotion you can grow your audience. 

6. It is cost-effective 

Influencer marketing is much affordable over traditional marketing. For start-ups and upcoming brands, influencer marketing can perfectly blend with their tight budgets. It is much better than spending a lump sum over giant hoarding and advertising inexpensive channels with TV actors. 

Influencer marketing can draw the attention of the same number of individuals without the hefty price tag. So, as a brand, if you want to reach as many people as possible within the lesser time then influencer marketing can help you reach your goals. If you are a brand and looking to upscale your venture in no time, connect with InfluGlue, which is the leading influencer marketing platform of India. We work hand in hand with top influencers and brands to enhance social awareness and of course to set new trends. If you are an influencer, we would love to welcome you in open arms into our growing family. 


Small businesses require a proper kick start to keep pace with the competitive market. Influencer marketing strategy has a huge potential to upgrade brand value sooner than other forms of marketing. It's cost-effective and proven to draw huge engagement from your target audience. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, team InfluGlue reveals why startups require influencer marketing to increase their brand value.

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