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Who Are The Top Technological YouTubers In India

Apr 07, 2021


Video blogging is a famous buzzword in today’s trend since the youth like to stick their nose mobile content more than television. For the last five years, YouTube content has gained huge popularity, it serves both education and entertainment which is why people love watching YouTube content more than anything else.

Let’s see, who are technology YouTubers?

Tech YouTubers are individuals who create videos about various technologies, reviewing them, talking the pros and cons them etc. For the general audience, it is impossible to have knowledge about various technologies, before making their final purchase they prefer to review those gadgets on their channel for both entertaining and educating their audience.

YouTube is a great platform to upload not only technology-related content but also other types of content. Here is our list of top 10 technology YouTubers that you must follow.

List of top technology influencers in India

1. Technical Guruji by Gaurav Chaudhury


Technical Guruji is the first name not only to our list but also to different lists consists of technology YouTubers or top YouTubers in India. By profession, he is an engineer who has shifted to YouTube channel in the year 2015. Today he has 21 million subscribers on his channel from reviewing smartphones to various gadgets his channel is all about technical reviews.

2. Geekyranjit by Ranjit Kumar


Ranjit Kumar’s YouTube channel Geekyranjit is one of the most viewed English technical channels that started on 6th January 2011. Now it has over 3 million subscribers, the videos are short, clear and crisp understandable by the general audience. Ranjit is a former computer programmer he started his YouTube when he got bored with his work.

3. C24Tech Ashish Mukundan


Ashish is a Chennai based technology YouTuber whose main focus is unboxing smartphones. He also reviews Android apps, games and many more. He has started this channel in 2007 and now it has over 1.82 million subscribers on his channel.

4. Sharmaji Technical by Praval Sharma


Mr Pravel has started this technical channel in 2015 and now it has around 1.68 million followers. This channel started with tech news which makes the content outstanding later it shifted to reviewing and unboxing gadgets like other technical channels.

5. iGyaan by Bharat Nagpal


This channel has more than 2000 videos with around 1.04 million subscribers. The main purpose of this channel is to make videos for those who struggle to understand technical details. For them, he has kept the language is simplified so that people can watch and enjoy each of his videos.

6. Gadgets to use by Abhishekh Bhatnagar


This channel has more than 5000 videos and nearly a million subscribers, all the videos are focused on how to use different gadgets.

7. Intellect Digest by Rohit Khurana


This is one of the leading technology review channels in India which has more than 2500 videos. The best part is the video language is Hindi which attracts more viewers to the channel.

8. Techno Ruhez by Ruhez Amrelia


This 28-year-old YouTuber has around 2.9 millions subscribers on his channel, here you will find the latest gadget reviews with minute technical details.

9. Technical Sagar by Abhishekh Sagar


On his technical channel, he talks about various apps through which you can ease up hundreds of other things on your Android phone. He also shares his journey of becoming a technical YouTuber, if you are a technology enthusiast interested to create your own channel you must subscribe to his channel.

10. My Smart Support by Dharmendra


This channel has more than 1200 videos and 1.27 million subscribers. Here Dharmendra reviews various home appliances including air conditioner, cooler, smartphone, and many more in the Hindi language.

Looking for Technological YouTubers

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How technological YouTubers can help you?

If you have a technical brand looking to launch new products in the market you must know these YouTubers by heart. As we mentioned earlier they are backed by millions of followers can shift their audiences’ mindset regarding their final purchase decision. If you closely follow their content you will find they focus on how-to videos to aware and educate their viewers. So, if they talk about your products or services you would not only get huge visibility but a loyal customer base too. Overnight they can either make or break your brand with their unique approach.

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Discover the list of top 10 technical YouTubers in India and what makes them so popular. Find out how technical influencers can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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