Who Are Influencers? What Are Their Job Role And Pay Rate?

Dec 31, 2020


Who are influencers?

An influencer is an individual who has:

  • The power to shift their audiences’ mindset regarding their purchasing decisions, this happens because of their strong voice, unique storytelling approach and quality content.
  • They usually create content on a particular niche like beauty, fashion, food, health and fitness, travel etc. to engage their followers.


Influencers can be your social media marketing assets rather than some marketing tools. You can collaborate with them to achieve your marketing goals effectively and build trust with your customers.

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Why social media influencers are popular?

Social media influencers are great at building a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. They bring the regular post to pamper and aware their followers, sometimes influencers interact with their followers to get feedback on their posts, what content they would like to see next etc. Over the years these people have built their audience who pay close attention to the activities of the influencers.

Brands love these social media influencers since they can create trends and encourage their audience to purchase products they promote.

Types of influencers

There are multiple categories of influencers you can separate them in terms of the number of followers and content type i.e their niche. So, while selecting influencers for a campaign it is important to shortlist the right influencers who can help you meet up your marketing goals with their content. Make sure the influencers have real influencer over their followers, their level of influence cannot always be judged by the number of followers. Let’s take a detailed look at the category of influencers.

By number of followers

By the number of followers, the influencers are categorised as:

1. Celebrity/Mega Influencers

Celebrity influencers are backed by a huge number of followers, their followers range starts from at least a million. Though there is no rule book which can segregate influencers by their number of followers from the influencer marketing point of view the number plays an important role. Mega influencers are favourite for renowned brands who are looking to improve their reputation in their target market, however, their services are costlier, if you have a big fat marketing budget you can try working with celebrity influencers. Most of the celebrity influencers have their own manager, so whenever you would try to communicate to with them you have to talk to their managers first.

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2. Macro influencers

Macro influencers are one step behind the mega influencers both in terms of popularity and number of followers. Their followers range from 50,000 to a million on any social media platform. Some of the influencers of this category are wannabe celebrities, some of them are also public figures with limited popularity. They have a greater engagement rate than the celebrity influencers, besides their charges are pretty much affordable which is why start-ups and mid-sized brands love to work with them. They also have a great reach which is another main concern influencer marketer. They can be an excellent choice to raise awareness of a brand, but be aware of some of the influencers of this category can be a fraud as they use bot services to get that number of followers. If you are hiring macro-influencers don’t forget to check their quality engagement and reach, these data cannot lie.

3. Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers can be anyone from the girl next door to your friend or any social media user who has become famous because of their knowledge in a particular niche. They have gained the particular size of the audience from their dedication towards content creation. They can have 10,000 to 49,000 followers on a social media platform. Micro-influencers are great at providing an impressive engagement which can be the secret of small brands to improve their reputation in the market. Some micro-influencers are ready to promote a product for free, for them, their passion matters more until they reach the next level of influence.

According to marketing research, the nature of influence is changing, micro-influencers are the most wanted profiles in terms of influencer marketing, in short, they are the future influencers for that brands want to strengthen their connection with them for future collaborations.

4. Nano influencers

Nano influencers are the newest category of influencer who are increasing their popularity rapidly, they have less than 10,000 followers but has a great engagement ratio and reach more than other categories of influencers. These categories of influencers are extremely active on social media platforms, they are the first to approach brands regarding any kind of collaboration. Sometimes they create content on their own without taking permission from the brand, they don’t worry about money which makes them ideal for endorsing start-ups and small brands who struggle with their marketing budget.

By content type

You can categorise influencers in terms of their content like bloggers, YouTubers etc. If we talk from an influencer marketing point of view market is pretty much occupied by the bloggers and micro-influencers, but big brands prefer working with renowned YouTubes who can make descriptive videos about their products and services.

1. Bloggers

Bloggers together with influencers rule the ecosystem of influencer marketing since they have the most authentic and active relationship with their audience. Now eight among ten marketers prefer to work with bloggers and influencers to meet their marketing goals. Blogging was one of the first steps in influencer marketing before the onset of social media influencers bloggers used to promote various products on their blogs and earn from affiliate links.

Various bloggers have built up sizeable followers in specific niches like there are various Indian food bloggers who earn nearly three lakhs per month from their blog. Bloggers are most wanted in every niche, for example, there are many finance bloggers who not only aware people about recent investment trends but also provide different services. You can also ask for guest posting spots or direct link to your website.

A blog is a great influential place to showcase your products as millions of readers check those blogs regularly. Sometimes bloggers label some of their posts as “Sponsored post” which means they have been paid to post such content. If you wish to improve the daily traffic to your website you can try working with famous bloggers.

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2. YouTubes

One of the most fast-growing and successful visual content is available on YouTube, you will find International brands working with A-level YouTubers to promote their content. Instead of focusing on creating a separate YouTube channel for your own brand, it would be rational if you work with famous YouTubes who will help you generate proper awareness and engagement that can drive sales.

3. Social posts only

Some influencers are only restricting to posting static social media posts, they create visually aesthetic content to please their audience. Brands like to work with influencers for static posts since these are easy to make and affordable. Every blogger and influencer start their social media journey through static social media posts. We can add Podcasters in this category as well who love to craft their posts around a stunning image.

Job Role: What does an influencer do?

You can consider an  individual as an influencer if that person has one or more of the following abilities:

  • Aware their audience
  • Create awesome content
  • Post frequently
  • Promote businesses
  • Take out of the box decisions
  • Make money

As a leading influencer marketing company, we understand the importance of working with the correct influencers who can help you achieve your marketing goals with their social media assets. Only the number of followers is not enough to judge an influencer’s true potential, as anyone can buy followers thorough bot services. The influencer must know how to connect with his/her audience otherwise there will be no point of spending money on influencer marketing.

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Looking for influencers?

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How do they get paid?

After successful submission of the campaign deliverables, influencers get paid. Sometimes when micro-influencers agree to work on a barter deal, they receive the product first. Sometimes when brands hire influencers through an influencer marketing agency, they have to pay a considerable amount to give advance to the influencers, this especially happens when you work with celebrity influencers.

Influencer marketing in 2021: a fresh approach

The nature of influencing is changing now the buyers are more conscious, they understand the difference between an organic recommendation and a sponsored post, which marketers have to be careful while curating the campaign. A strong slogan is not effective any more, you need to know how to appeal the emotion of your buyers, you have to give them more reason than one to purchase your products.

Influencer marketing seems one of the few marketing options for a sustainable business plan, you have to make sure customers re-purchase from you. Working with micro-influencers can be a part of that plan as they are cost-effective and provide guaranteed engagement. In 2021 fight for social possession will continue which will open new influencer marketing ideas, brands are looking for storytelling instead of flat campaigns around festive seasons. To avoid confusion, they should double the social media assets of the influencers before jump into hiring.


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Discover what makes an individual an influencer and how do you choose the best influencer for your campaign. Know details about influencers’ pay-out and job role. If you are interested in knowing how influencer marketing would look like in 2021 this article is a must read.

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