Who Are Anti-Influencers? How Do You Spot them?

Mar 13, 2020

At this time, every brand knows about the power of social media influencers. From your neighbor girl to celebrities, anyone can be an influencer in today's trend. It is very common that a teen who started teaching how to draw perfect contour, then stat spreading words about a big beauty brand. A housewife who started her YouTube channel by sharing her recipes ended up opening a restaurant; similarly, a travel blogger initially starts his/her Instagram profile by writing travel stories that landed up opening a Travel and Tourism company.

More or less, everyone who is aware of influencer marketing has heard about the above-mentioned incidents. But in this article, we will focus on a different set of influencers – anti influencers. North-western University Marketing Professionals discovered a group of personalities (or influencers) while researching the latest purchasing pattern of customers. There is a group of people to which all the customers are drawn like a magnet.

The marketing team has interviewed a few brands who have recently worked with famous influencers to sell their products but got highly disappointed by the result. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have faced this question many a time: How to spot fake or anti influencers, read the article further to know how you can identify a fake influencer.

1. Followers- Likes Ratio

If you see your selected influencer has a huge follower and that is enough to choose that person for your influencer marketing campaign, hold. Give it a second thought. Having a huge follower doesn't necessarily mean that influencer can actually sell the product through his/her influence. Check his/her like to follower ratio. It must not below 1%, i.e. if your influencer has 1000 followers, each of its posts must get at least 10 likes. Nowadays, anyone can buy followers through a bot, but these are nothing but just numbers. It is more like a one-time thing. Bots can not like or comment on your post. So, you can buy followers, not engagement.

2. Quality of Engagement

In contrast to the above point, now there are various tools available through which people can actually buy engagement, i.e. likes and comments. But how do you understand whether it is genuine or paid? To put it simply, it's difficult. You need to check each and every comment manually. You have read at least a few of them. If you see all of the comments only consist of emojis or generic terms, i.e. looking nice, beautiful, lovely, impressive, etc. those can be a result of paid services. Not always, though. Also check who is commenting on their posts, if the same people are commenting on each of their posts, maybe there is something fishy since it's very unlikely the same people will comment on every post of an influencer.

3. Particular Niche

Before choosing your influencer, check his/her niche. You must select an influencer who fits well within your business tag, and his/her followers should also be your target audience. Some influencer prefers to stick to a single niche, whereas others go for multi promotions. For example, you will find food bloggers promoting travel and tourism companies, educational platforms, etc. and fashion influencers promoting skincare and hair care products. Though there is no rule book that influencers from a particular niche can not promote a product from a different niche. But from the marketing point of view, it will be beneficial for you if you hire influencers from your same niche.

4. Prior Collaboration Experience

Before finalizing your influencers check their prior collaboration experience, what type of tag line they have used, quality of their photographs, their perspective, etc. Sometimes even after providing excellent products, influencers fail to showcase them creatively. You will quickly understand that by their prior collaboration content. If you want to get extra sure, you can contact one of such brands with whom the influencer has worked before, just to know how their experience was working with that particular influencer.

5. Some Real-life Example

Yes, you will find some real-life examples of anti-influencers who has minimum to zero capacity to sell your products. We have some real-life examples, an influencer named @arii AKA Arianna Renee fails to sell 36 T-shirts in spite of having 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

The 18-year-old influencer is also wondered about the campaign result. After much sensation, she took down the post. But she wrote herself about the post and how she felt about this so-called failure of the campaign. She also mentioned that she took a lesson out of this campaign failure, and she will work harder from the next time to meet the requirement of her next collaboration.

She also explained, nobody shared her promotional post instead of asking, whereas she always shares everyone else's promotional posts. So many people termed her T-shirts not exciting, which could be another reason for this failure.

How can an Influencer Marketing Company assist you?

If you are looking for your brand promotion through top influencers of various social media platforms, connect with an influencer marketing platform that will thoroughly help you while selecting influencers for your campaign.

In most cases, various influencers are registered with renowned influencer marketing platforms for getting good paid campaigns. If you choose to work with them, they will design a top trendy influencer marketing campaign for you. Their influencer marketers and content creators work day and night to come with the best campaign for you, which will surely create a buzz among your target audience.

InfluGlue is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms, in India, which has over 10,000 influencers registered with them from different niche. If you are looking to promote your brand through top influencers in the market InfluGlue can be your real help. They already have worked with various sized brands like LibasIndia, LearnPick India, LunchBoss, etc. and many others to meet their branding requirement. Nearly 500 influencers from all over India have got paid campaigns from InfluGlue, and the number is still increasing every day.


Have you ever heard of the term Anti-influencers? If not, read the article with real-life examples of campaign failure. Read how an influencer with 2.6 million followers on Instagram failed to sell 36 T-shirts of her own brand!

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