What Is Travel Vlogging? Discover Exciting Details From The Top Indian Travel Vloggers

Nov 10, 2020

Who doesn’t love travelling, exploring new places in different seasons, right? According to the top travel vloggers in India, our country is the most tempting place for travellers whether solo or travelling in a group. Travelling is a crucial part of our life, it is possibly the best way to take a break from our monotonous life followed by a busy schedule. If you love watching your favourite YouTube travel channels or thinking about starting your own travel vlog, give this article a read to discover some of the famous travel vloggers of 2020 who are giving solid travel goals to the audience and much more!

What is travel vlogging?

Travel vlog is nothing but a channel (YouTube) or a social media platform where you find glimpses from various tourist spot and what travellers have to say about that particular place. A travel vlogger ensures his/her content goes viral on social media so that his/her audience can enjoy it. Travel vloggers love to document their adventures and we know you love that. While researching we have found various exciting stories from our travel vloggers like what inspires them to go on such adventures, their sacrifices, their achievements and many more.

How to start your own travel vlog?

If you are looking to start your own travel channel you might find this section of the article interesting. Read the most important steps involved in creating a travel vlog from the scratch.

1. Choose a suitable name

You must choose an eye-catchy name for your vlog that will suit your personality, check a few names popular in the market to brainstorm. You can also search some of the top keywords related to travel Vlogging which will help your audience find your channel easily.

2. Choose a niche

This step is not extremely necessary since at the time of starting it might not be possible to decide the niche, besides you can always change that through your content creation. Travel Vlogging is more than just creating videos, no matter at which age you are you can always start Vlogging.

3. Be gear ready

Make sure you have the proper gadgets while shooting videos, some of the gear that you must require are:

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Smartphones
  • Tripods
  • Extra battery
  • Chargers
  • Microphone
  • Gimbal (optional)
  • Drone (optional)
  • Noise reduction filter
  • Camera cleaning kits
  • Wi-Fi devices and an internet connection to upload videos

If travel Vlogging is more a hobby for you, these gadgets can help you take your travel Vlogging videos to the next level.

4. Know shooting and editing skills

If you are a one-man army of your travel vlog, you must know some of the shooting and editing styles to provide a proper dimension of your content. You might need to add some background music or change the colour or effect of some of the element, for that you must know how to use some of the video editing apps like this one, you can also check similar apps suitable for your gadget.

To know more you check out this video: https://bit.ly/3k4zYsA

List of Top 10 Travel Vloggers In India

Let’s see who the most famous travel vloggers in our country are:

1. Mohit Manocha @travellingdesi (148k followers)

Mohit Manocha

Mohit’s YouTube channel Travelling Desi is one of the fastest-growing travelling channels in India. He is also an IT entrepreneur apart from being travel vlogger in India. He has already travelled some of the most expensive countries in the world including USA, Switzerland etc. If you are a travel enthusiast you will find his content extremely interesting.

2. Deepanshu Sangwan @nomadic.indian (63.4k followers)

Deepanshu Sangwan

In Deepanshu’s YouTube channel you will find glimpses of various Islamic countries include Iran, Afghanistan etc. He also loves hitchhiking not only within India but also outside, within his different travel destinations which you would absolutely love. He has total 817k subscribers and 287 videos on his YouTube channel with nearly 50 million total views. If you love watching travel videos you might enjoy his content.

3. Navankur Chaudhary @navankurchaudhary (36.1k followers)

Navankur Chaudhary

This Haryana based travel vlogger has 593k subscribers and 239 videos on his YouTube channel. Among his travel videos, Japan and Korea series are must-watch for travel enthusiasts, where you will find everything from Japan’s bullet train to Shinchan’s village. His videos about Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Russia, Mal Divas, Hong Kong, and more are outstanding. He likes to explore new places and make new friends.

4. Tanya Khanijow @tanyakhanijow (161k followers)

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is one of the famous female travel vlogger in India who has 537k subscribers and 114 on her YouTube channel. She is not only a travel enthusiast but also a travel filmmaker which is why her audience loves her content. Her cinematography and editing skills are exceptional, from camping to trekking and luxury trips you will find versatile content on her YouTube channel which is why you must follow her. If you visit her Instagram profile you will be mesmerized by her audience engagement, people love to follow her for exciting travel content. If we talk from influencer marketing point of view Tanya is one of most ideal profile with whom most brands like to work.

5. Mithilesh Backpacker @mithilesh3925 (59.3k followers)

Mithilesh Backpacker

This Mumbai based travel vlogger has started his YouTube channel in November 2107, he has already been visited some of the most interesting places in the world including Ukraine, Bali, Cambodia, Russia etc. In his videos, you will see him enjoying his destinations to the fullest. His YouTube channel has 639k subscribers and 240 videos if you are planning to visit Kenya or any other places than Mithilesh has already visited you must watch his videos to get various ideas including the pricing of different trips. To get a glimpse of his lifestyle you can also follow his on Instagram.

6. Harish Bali @visa2explore (17.3k followers)

Harish Bali

Harish Bali has started his own YouTube channel named visa2explore with more than 1 million subscribers. His channel has 227 videos covering different destinations across the world, he not only explains different tourist destinations but also the local food with utmost precision. His videos have crossed 100 million views if you are planning to visit any place within or outside India you can watch some of his videos to make your travelling experience more exciting.

7. Dolesh Agarwal @200journeys (26.8k followers)

Dolesh Agarwal

Dolesh is another popular name in the list of top travel vloggers in India, his YouTube channel has more than 364k subscriber and 155 videos, he has started his channel in September 2017. If you visit his YouTube channel you will find travel vlogs from different parts of the world including Dubai, Singapore etc. If you wish to start your own travel vlog you will find different videos on that directly from him. His international travel vlogs are not only famous in India but also across the world, his videos got more than 25 million videos.

8. Kritika Goel @kritika_goel (75.8k followers)

	Kritika Goel

Kritika is one of the most popular female travel vlogger in India with her own YouTube channel. She has started her YouTube channel in December 2006, today it has more than 235k subscribers not only from India but also from different parts of the world. Because of her positive approach towards life and passion, her audience loves her, her approach towards abundance mindset inspire many to focus their own passion and strength. She loves to greet all her audience with personalized e-mail every week to keep them positive towards life. If you are interested in solo travelling you must follow her.

9. Nishit Sharma @hopping_bug (30k followers)

	Nishit Sharma

Nishit Sharma is one of the most popular travel filmmakers in India has opened his YouTube channel in 2016. This Bangalore based travel vlogger has been featured on various renowned travel channels including CNBC, Incredible India etc. He has his own travel channel on YouTube with more than 195k subscribers. From Guwahati to Goa you will find his incredible travel stories in his channel, already the channel has more than 160 travel videos, he has crossed 10 plus million views in January 2020. His speciality is excellent cinematography, he also takes special care of his editing. If you are a travel enthusiast you must follow him for real inspiration.

10. Ayush Dinker @ayushdinker (1k followers)

 Ayush Dinker

Ayush is not only one of the most famous travel vloggers but also a filmmaker, if you visit his Instagram profile you will get a better glimpse of the places that he has visited so far. He also provides essential tips to travel in this covid situation, so if you are planning your next trip recently check his vlogs.

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How to endorse your business with travel vloggers?

Needless to mention Indian travel vloggers are taking social media by a storm which is why brands like hotels, café, restaurant and other tourism brands love to collaborate with them. These travel vloggers have their own YouTube channel with millions of followers, so if they endorse your products on their channel it would reach their audience right away. Moreover, their recommendation matters a lot for their audience since they have earned their loyal follower base over time. Many of them have already worked with different brands for endorsement. To know more you can consult with an experienced influencer marketing company like InfluGlue.

looking for Top Vloggers in India

Start a Campaign

Why hire an influencer marketing agency?

If you are thinking about working with the top travel vloggers in India, don’t know how to get started connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing agency in India. We understand the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing we have a team of dedicated influencer marketers who keep a strict eye on the recent trends of the market, our main USP is competitor analysis through which we would help you keep ahead of your rivals.

Endorsing a particular product in this competitive market requires proper research and strategy, if you choose to work with us you will get the best in class influencer marketing service and consulting within your budget. For us, quality service matters the most which are why our clients love to work with us. We understand the audience mindset better which helps us in curating an outstanding campaign which would create a buzz among your target audience.

We have a huge database of famous bloggers, vloggers and influencers from all over India among which we will help handpick some of the most relevant profiles for your campaign. We believe in data more than anything, through our latest analytics software you can track the success of your campaign easily, so from the ROI perspective you can be assured.

The bottom line

The global travel and tourism industry is flourishing with the help of famous travel vloggers, no doubt it is an expensive niche without guaranteed success. If you wish to become a travel vlogger you have to start from scratch, but it is an extremely interesting field much more interesting than having a nine-to-five job. However, those who travel for a living might have a different perspective, the travel vlogger in our list might provide inspiration to some extent, so that you can feel you are not alone.


Are you a travel enthusiast? Looking to start your own YouTube channel about travelling? Give this article a read and find some of the famous travel vloggers in India and their success stories. Also discover how an influencer marketing agency can help you get along with the travel vloggers for your brand endorsement.

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