Ways To Check If Your Brand Influencer Has Fake Followers [PPT]

Dec 29, 2020

No brand would like to work with a fake influencer i.e influencer who bought followers to get money from brands. If your audience found you are working with such influencers your reputation will be at stake. So, before hiring your favourite influencer cross-check a few things to be on the safe side. But do you know an influencer is fake?

Honestly, there is no rule book to spot such fakeness, but you can do a few things like checking the engagement of the influencer, like who are commenting, what type of comments they get, whether it is relevant to the post or not, post frequency etc. If you found the same profile posting comments repeatedly with different emojis it can be a clear sign of a fake account. Check the engagement ratio as well i.e the number of followers divided by the number of likes and comments on each post. Remember the ratio must be more than 7% for micro-influencers, for celebrity influencers it would be 3 to 4%. Stat away from eyewashes, here are some tips from the leading influencer marketing company which would help you spot the fake influencers from the genuine one.


Don’t get trapped with fake influencers, a little awareness can make big differences when it comes to building your brand value. Follow some tricks to be on the safe side, spend your hard-earned money on something worth enough. Meta: How to spot fake influencers without the help of paid services, do your research before you hire an influencer for your campaign.

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