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Top YouTube Influencers in India That You Must Follow in 2021

Feb 26, 2021


Do you spend most of your time watching YouTube content and wonder how do they do things with that wase and make a lot of money? As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have interviewed a lot of YouTube influencers in India and discover amazing facts about their content creation skills. Scroll down to discover:

Who are YouTube influencers?

YouTube influencers are individuals who have gathered millions of subscribers on YouTube because of their exciting content creation style in a particular niche. They are also known as YouTubers, anyone can be a YouTube influencer if they are into content creation. They can upload content of vlogging, gaming, singing, playing, travelling, teaching, cooking and many more.

Why do people love watching YouTube?

On YouTube anyone can watch videos for free provided having an internet connection, people are increasingly choosing YouTube over television. Anyone can create their own YouTube channel and share videos for free. YouTube allow you to access a wide range of videos from education to entertainment, if you want to discover something new be it a new recipe or which camera you should purchase within a particular budget- YouTube has answers for almost everything.

Myth: YouTube is only for watching viral videos

Reality: People spend watching YouTube content for a lot of reasons, from listening to favourite music to lean back for a show, people can find anything and everything they are looking for on YouTube.

Here are the top reasons for which people love watching YouTube;

1. Where education is entertainment

On YouTube you can learn from a series of things, no matter your age group you will find endless content on the topic you are looking for. For example, if you are struggling to teach math to your child you can simply search with your keyword to find entertaining videos that can ease up the process and help your child understand the fundamentals of math in an interesting way. Similarly, if you are looking to spoken English but feel shy admit that in front of others, you can simply search with the keyword “spoken English lessons for beginners” to get started. Nowadays many can students spend time to watch educational content on YouTube to understand the entire thing easily with a pinch of entertainment. From remembering difficult years in history to point out the exact location on the map, with YouTube, everything is now on your fingertip.

2. Listen to awesome music albums for free

Music enthusiasts can spend the whole day listening to music from different genre. From relaxing Buddhist chant to rap songs one can listen to various kinds of music on YouTube. You can create your own YouTube channel on music and attract a lot of audiences. You can also listen to different musical instruments like ukulele, hand drum and many more on YouTube.

3. Watch unlimited foreign language movies for free

Another main reason for the popularity of YouTube is one can watch millions of movies on the platform without spending money. So, if you are a movie freak you have more reason than one to spend time on YouTube. If you love watching foreign language movies YouTube won't disappoint you.

4. Enjoy recommendation and unboxing of a lot of gadgets

If you are a gadget freak YouTube has the perfect reason to engage, here you will find thousands of unboxing videos made by techy ninjas from all over the world. You can directly listen to them before spending your hard-earned money on an expensive gadget. From camera, washing machine, smartphones, television, laptop and many more you can find a lot of interesting content on YouTube on gadgets.

5. Discover various places of the world and their lifestyle

If you are a travel enthusiast who loves to discover various places around the world, YouTube can be your perfect social media platform. Here you will watch interesting videos uploaded by travel influencers or different channels like Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, National Geographic and many more. You can check out different places in the world from your home comfort.

6. Enjoy workout videos

YouTube has a lot of workout videos focused on different types of exercises like yoga, Pilates, abs, full-body, intense workout and many more. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast YouTube workout videos can motivate you a lot. From discovering various diet plans to watch people’s weight loss journeys YouTube has a lot of videos to revamp your lifestyles.

7. Enjoy thrilling vlogs of remote locations

If you love watching breath-taking vlogs YouTube is the perfect place. You can watch various videos made by the top travel vloggers of India to discover remote places like Ladakh, Sikkim, Kashmir, Uttarakhand and different other places.

8. Subscribe to different channels for free

On YouTube, you can subscribe to thousands of channels like National Geography, Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and many more without spending any money. What can be better than that!

9. Listen to inspiration speeches

If you are dealing with mental health issues, you can find a lot of motivational speeches on YouTube uploaded by real people, listening to which can ease up and motivate you to deal with your mental and emotional state.

10. Get parenting tips

If you are a new parent tired of listening to your relative and neighbours about various parenting tips, relax and watch YouTube videos on parenting tips made by top mom influencers in India, which will ease up and streamline your search for the parenting topic you are looking for.

List of top YouTube influencers in India

There are thousands of Indian YouTubers who have their personal channel and millions of subscribers, here our influencer marketers and content creators have highlighted the top 10 most subscribed YouTube channel from various niches that include beauty and lifestyle, entertainment, technical talk, motivational speech and cooking. Scroll down to discover them, if you have not subscribed to them, do it now!

A. CarryMinati

youtube influencers

CarryMinati is known for his comedy content, he has over 25 million subscribers on his channel and has uploaded around 200 videos. If you like watching comedy content you can subscribe to his channel and endless videos.

B. Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines)

youtube influencers

Bhuvan Bam need the introduction, he has over 19 million subscribers on his channel, it is one of the best Indian YouTube channels. He creates humorous relatable content about different topics of Indian society, his niche is basically comedy and awareness.

C. Shreya Jain

youtube influencers

Shreya Jain is one of the top beauty influencers in India, she creates all fashion, beauty and lifestyle-related content that includes product recommendations and reviews, how to use them to create different looks etc. If you are a makeup enthusiast you must subscribe to her YouTube channel.

D. Shirley Setia

youtube influencers

Shirley Setia is known for her extremely beautiful voice; she has featured in Forbes magazine as “Bollywood’s next big singing sensation” she has also made her debut with Maska which released on Netflix on 27 March 2020. If you visit her YouTube channel you find a lot of her singing videos which you would enjoy a lot. She has over 3.65 million subscribers on her channel for her beautiful voice.

E. Komal Pandey

youtube influencers

Komal Pandey is famous as a beauty influencer in India, on her YouTube channel she uploads content on fashion, lifestyle and beauty. The audience loves her fashion sense like how she can create multiple looks with a single piece of cloth.

F. Sejal Kumar

youtube influencers

Sejal is also a fashion and beauty influencer, originally from Delhi. Besides fashion content, she uploads music videos on her channel as well. She likes to flaunt her sweatshirt, jewellery and other attire collection to her audience.

G. Technical Guruji

youtube influencers

Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhury is a famous YouTuber personality known for gadget reviews with extreme precision. The main USP of him is he creates videos in Hindi which is the most spoken language of our country, it has attracted a lot of audience to his channel.

H. Tech Burner

youtube influencers

Another technical YouTuber is Shlok Srivastava AKA Tech Burner who has more than 5 million subscribers on his channel, his simple technical tips please the audience a lot. If you are into technical things or looking to buy some gadget soon you can get useful insights from Tech Burner’s videos.

I. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

youtube influencers

This name doesn’t need any introduction as every Indian is well aware of this name, he is one of the most popular India chefs who took Indian cuisine to another level through his content creation style. With more than 6.7 million subscribers his channel is the most viewed in the category of cooking.

J. Nisha Madhulika

youtube influencers

Nisha Madhulika has 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, she is an Indian vegan and creates a lot of interesting recipes on her channel. She started posting videos about her regular cooking from her own kitchen and now her channel probably has the highest subscribers in the cooking niche.

youtube influencers

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How YouTube influencers make money?

After having a certain number of subscribers and hours of watching YouTuber’s channel can be monetized, as they keep upload videos and viewers keep digesting them, their remuneration got increased. YouTubers earn from Google AdSense, besides they can supplement their income through affiliate links, merchandising, and third party membership.

Big brands are now hiring top YouTube influencers to generate quality content to improve their brand reputation and attract new audiences from a vast location. Influencers have an enormous capacity to shift the audiences’ mindset regarding their purchase decisions.

youtube influencers

How YouTube influencers can boost your brand reputation?

If you are an emerging brand or a well-established one if you are looking to stand out in this aggressive market you can work with the top YouTube influencers in India. If you check the popularity of YouTube, it has been discovered in a survey that more than 70% of teenagers spend time on YouTube more than any other social media platform.

If you have your own YouTube channel you can better interact with your customers, besides now around 74% audience trust influencer recommendation more than celebrity endorsement or television advertisements.

YouTube influencers can generate quality content about your products which is a great way to engage your customers with your brand. So, if you are looking to strengthen your brand voice YouTubers can make big differences as influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to endorse a brand in this aggressive market where every second brand is running to consume digital space.

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