Top Parenting Bloggers in India: The Truth Is About To Be Revealed

Sep 23, 2020

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach.” –Unknown

In the era of social media, you will come across many full-time bloggers and influencers working with various brands or sharing their passion, creating new trends, etc. The job role is quite lucrative not only because it makes you famous, but also it has the potential to make you reach. Several bloggers and influencers in India earn three to four lakh per month from full-time blogging.

Parenting is one of the most famous topics in today’s blogging ecosystem; children are very imperative and crucial to decide how our world will be in the future. Needless to say, parenting forms an important aspect for children’s growth, they need our proper guidance, today’s parenting bloggers share various perspective and advice regarding parenting, so if you are looking for advice on new-age parenting you must follow these top parenting bloggers in India, so you have landed to the right page.

Together with our influencer marketer and content creator, we have compiled some of the top India parenting bloggers; we have hand-picked them on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Activity on the blog
  • Reach and readership of the blog
  • Social media following
  • Blogging frequency
  • Buzz sumo ranking

List of Top Parenting Bloggers in India


1. Kids Stop Press

Kids Stop Press

This blog established in 2011 by Mansi Zaveri, she is the editor-in-chief of her blog. She has eight-plus years of experience in advertising, branding, digital marketing, retail, and communication for a company named French Connection. From parenting tips to what you should watch on digital media, you will get a 360-degree idea about today’s world. The best thing about this blog so many other writers also contribute their best here so if you land there you will get to read dynamic content, from product review to healthy breakfast recipes written by famous and passionate food bloggers in India, so you have more reason than one to check this blog.

2. Mom Junction

Mom Junction

Mom Junction is one of the largest communities of mom bloggers around the world, especially in India, which addresses dynamic topics that all parents shall be concerned about. It attracts one of the largest traffics in the world. Team MomJunction works with professionals so you will get to read quality content regarding parenting, baby food, how to treat your newborn baby in different seasons, how to get rid of body orders in babies, best baby shopping websites, and many more. Not only parents, but you can also get a hand full of ideas on relationship goals, pregnancy-related queries, etc. which makes this blog one of the most visited parenting blogs in India.

3. Confused Parent

Confused Parent

Ekta Chawla has established this blog who is the best parenting in Chennai that aims to help the general public especially parents with expert ideas. From getting pregnant to born and brought-up of children this blog cover a wide range of parenting topic, so if you are new have a lot of questions regarding parenting instead of calling your doctors for silly matters you can check this blog and get personalized tips. If you are looking for tips on organic clothing for your toddler, you better take a look at the blog before making your final purchase decision.

4. Bumps n Baby

Bumps n Baby

Another worth mentioning parenting blog in India in BumpsnBaby which is a repository of all parenting queries including online shopping for babies, healthy breakfast, dealing with smartphone addiction, easy chocolate recipes for kids, exercise during pregnancy, how to choose the right diaper for your newbie, etc. All the topics are specially curated by Sangeeta Menon; a Business Analyst turned professional parenting blogger aims to ease your parenting phase with her personalized tips. They are also open to collaborating with different brands, so for business enquires you can consult with Sangeeta. According to various traffic analytics tools, Bumps n Baby receives approximately 35,000 traffic per month.

5. Gnaana


If you are want to socialize your kid in the smartest way possible following this blog will be helpful, from cooking to solving puzzles you can get various ideas to indulge your kid and keep them away from smart devices. It also has various articles suggesting different storybooks for toddlers. If you are thinking about starting your own parenting blog, you can get a lot of hands-on ideas from Gnaana.

6. Shishu World

Shishu World

This has been initiated by Priya in the year 2012 with the outlook of sharing information that new-age parents seek from their families. It provides an insight into parenting with modernization that today’s parents require in order to deal with their growing kids. This blog is on our list not only because of its outstanding and relevant content but also due to its amazing social response. This blog also has its own YouTube channel with more than 193k subscribers; if you are looking for some parenting tips, you can check this blog.


It started in 2011 with Anirban, one of India’s VFX facility wished to develop an interactive educational website for kids, the main idea was to present the idea of learning with a little twist, the content is supported by visually attractive images so that toddlers grasp things easily. This parenting blog deals with toddlers’ education with various different and interesting approaches. Sometimes parents struggle to teach their toddlers in the traditional way if you found yourself in somewhat the same situation this might help you. From UKG to class XII you will get personalized lessons for different subjects. You can subscribe to their online magazine.

8. ParentEdge


This parenting blog is basically a publication by Prayag Consulting aimed at solving lifestyle and educational issues among children. As a parent you might find yourself within some uncomfortable situation in front of your child, if you read this blog you will discover some of the smart dealing processes; here you will directly listen from experts so that it will be easier for you to deal with your growing child. Because of its out of the box content and perspective, it is one of the top parenting blogs in India.

9. MomsCove


Mom’ is one of the top parenting bloggers in India that deals with various parenting tips together with lifestyle issues of all ages. Meghalee started this blog with an aim to serve the new-age parents with some smart and creative parenting tips for the wellness of mothers. Because of Megalee’s vision, this blog is achieving new height every day; she believes motherhood must go beyond the hustle of parenting which can be understood by the very tagline- “Pets, Parenting, Positivity”. Meghalee is also one of the top mom influencers in India that you must follow for the above-mentioned reasons

10. Gleefulblogger


If you love traveling this parenting blog is a must-read for you, for more personalized information you can also subscribe to their newsletter. We absolutely loved the versatile content showcased there starting from last-minute pregnancy checklist to the best chemical-free baby bottles liquid cleanser in India- you will find various useful content from this parenting blog. Gleefulblogger is more like a lifestyle blog than a parenting one.

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How Top Parenting Bloggers in India Earn Money?

The influencer ecosystem in India is changing quite rapidly, 2020 has seen a rise in influencer marketing campaign approximately 64% compared to the last two years, which means more and more online brands are opting for working with influencers and bloggers than other forms of advertising. So from the nest time if you hear one of your friends has become a full-time blogger don’t question that how they manage to do that, instead think that he/she is backed by a number of advertisers.

According to researches, full-time bloggers earn more than two lakhs per month that depend on the readership, traffic, and domain authority of their blogs. If you visit Momjunction, you will find various paid articles showcased there, so if you are a brand and looking to enhance your brand reputation, you can think of working with one of such a well-known brand that fits well within your budget.

The more the domain authority and organic traffic, the higher the advertising value, if they showcase your brand on their blog within less than the expected timeline your content will reach to many. So your blogger friend can earn not only from advertising but also from writing content with a personalized recommendation because in most cases these micro-influencers in India are backed by millions of followers and are valued among them because if their strong approach.  

Looking For Top Parenting Bloggers in India

Start a Campaign

Parenting Bloggers and Influencer Marketing

These parenting and mom influencers are egging the influencer marketplace because of their unique storytelling capacity. Brands now understood the actual potential of micro-influencers that is why instead of relying on other forms of digital advertising, they are running behind working with famous influencers and bloggers. Popular brands are constantly looking for YouTube bloggers in India to reach new audiences easily; they will get the readymade data built by those micro-influencers over time. So now they are behind leveraging the power of bloggers and influencers from different niches through outstanding campaigns that can stimulate the mindset of their target audience.  

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Wonder how parenting influencers earn money? Give this article a read and discover their secret like what makes them popular. You can start your own blog any day while we are here to help you.

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