Top Mindboggling Mom Influencers of India to Follow in 2020

Dec 23, 2019

India is known for its rich cultural heritage and powerful voices, and when we are talking about strong voices, how we can forget our mothers who raised us to become what we are today. Being a mom is a completely heavenly feeling; along with growing technology, the definition of motherhood has also modernized.

By now, if the article got your attention, then yes, we are talking about top mom influencers of India. As influencer marketing is the next big thing, we have come up with famous mom influencers who make our lives easier with their point of view and opinion.

Internet marketers love to work with mom influencers to promote their brands and enhance their brand visibility. So, if you are planning to come up with your baby product brand, you must need help from any of them to make your brand famous in no time. As a leading influencer marketing company, we have worked with many mom influencers, and we are amazed by the results, it’s not only satisfactory but overwhelming too!

Who are mom influencers?

Mom influencers are mothers who love to introduce different parenting concept and encourage others to do the same following pros, cons, and their personal experience. Their opinions are considered as genuine, and these are very helpful especially for first-timers.

Most of the mom influencers create engaging content during their pregnancy and motherhood. They share their awesome journey of pregnancy with their audience. During this 9 to 12 month of the journey, some of them transfer to amazing writers that change their entire perspective of living.

A study shows, mom bloggers create astonishing content on the dynamic topics like babies, interior designing, wellness, fitness, mental health during pregnancy, how to take of babies, what products should or should not be used, baby’s education, preschool, and the list goes on and on.

How to find mom influencers?

Well, we can understand the struggle as mom influencers is a somewhat new concept than fashion or food influencers. If you search with this keyword in famous search engines, it may show various results which are very abrupt due to the complex ranking process.

You don’t have to anywhere else because luckily you are in the right place. Our team searches various platforms on the internet, Facebook groups, Instagram to find the best mom bloggers in India. Most of the mom bloggers in our list run their blog on parenting. But there are so many freelance mom bloggers outside those work independently for various companies. Scroll down to discover those sparkling personalities who are taking the concept of motherhood to a new height with their powerful influence.

1: Dr. Hemapriya

Topics covered: Parenting, Travel, Arts, Crafts, Lifestyle, Mythology, etc.

If you visit her blog MyLittleMoppet you will see Hemapriya is a pro in creating content on how to take care of your little one. She talks about out of the box topics and how it will help your child. You will also find some handy tips on kid’s snacks. As a mom, if you worry about your kid’s appetite, then she will help you out with delicious, healthy and quick recipes. By profession, she is a doctor so that you can rely on her tips without any doubt.

2: Shruti

Topics covered: Arts, Crafts, DIY ideas, Indoor games, etc.

Shruti is famous for her blog name Artsycraftsymom. You will get various engaging ideas in terms of arts and crafts. Whether home or classroom these ideas are equally amazing for a growing kid. It helps in productively channelizing your kid’s energy. Frequently she posts blogs on various fun activities, seasonal crafts etc. You can directly purchase exciting games from her site.

3: Devisobha

Topics covered: Toy, Game, Lifestyle, Care Tips, etc.

The main topic of Devisobha’s KidsKintha is parenting. You can take inspiration from the blog regarding different parenting issues. She feels the motherhood comes with a ‘You Are In Charge’ badge. She talks about how to raise a confident kid with a slight change in our thoughts. If you read her blog daily, you will be motivated in various ways. As a mother of two children, she shares first-hand parenting experience which is helpful for newly pregnant women to cope up with various changes during that period.

4: Mansi Zaveri

Topics covered: Health, Lifestyle, Easy Tips, Recipe, Parenting, etc.

The main moto of her blog KidsStopPress is ‘Simplifying Parenting.’ The content of this platform is easily accessible to the parents. She put light on a lot of topics like the benefits of eating traditional food, what your child should read at a particular age, what to do if your kid is too addicted to screens etc. As a parent sometimes it feels difficult to communicate with your kid regarding ongoing issues; you must read her blogs to know how to handle those situations seamlessly.

5: Vaishali

Topics covered: Child care, Parenting,

Vaishali will guide you on how to become a tech-savvy mom who has become necessary to raise a smart child. Read her blog thechampatree to know the most updated topics to handle your child without getting in trouble. She shares various child care tips which will enhance your confidence as a mother. The best part of her blog is you can directly ask her questions related to your child; she will get back to you with her tips and answers within 24 hours.

6: Rashmie

Topics covered: Holistic living, arts, and crafts, lifestyle, motherhood, DIY,

With her outstanding content, she inspires us how to value basics. If you visit her blog Mommy-Labs you will find it is full of beautiful pictures which makes it amazing. She will let you know about the ideal environment require to raise a healthy and smart child. We always look for first-hand information to deal with a real-life situation; her blogs will be a real help to deal with such situations. She is the mother of a seven-year-old daughter and we must agree with her point of view about healthy living keep us inspiring in many ways. Another interesting point about her is she home-school her daughter without following any curriculum. You can find their homeschooling journey in her blog as well.

7: Nidhi Jain

Topics covered: Home, Travel, Recipe, Craft activities, Restaurant reviews, etc.

An architect by profession and a blogger by passion, Nidhi’s WhatsCookingMom will give you an insight into how it looks like to be a mother of two energetic boys. She started this blog along with her husband Axat. The main idea behind the creation of this blog was to share mouth-watering veg recipes to feed the appetite of growing kids. If you struggle to meet the regular needs of your child, don’t understand what to cook for them then read her blogs regularly and get extraordinary cooking ideas.

8: Ekta Chawla

Topics covered: Baby product review, Pregnancy, Toddlers, Parenting, etc.

ConfusedParent is an amazing blog for mommies looking for what products need to be used on your child. She is famous for her honest product reviewing style; she shares her experience with various baby products with the mass. So, if you confused regarding any baby product like baby food, powder, diaper, cream, moisturizer, etc. you must read her recommendation. There is so much more to explore in her blogs; she also shares her point of view regarding preschool, kids exercise and many more.

9: Prerna Sinha

Topics covered: Fitness, Parenting, Style, Travelling, Diet, Recipe, etc.

The fitness freak mom blogger Prerna Sinha is famous for her amazing fitness goals. The mother of two beautiful boys is the real inspiration for the would-be parents. She took the whole parenting concept to another level with her awesome ideas. Being mom is one of the best feelings in the world; with her blog, Maaofallblogs, she proved it again. If you want your motherhood to be more interesting and easier, then you must follow her blog daily.

10: Anupriya Gupta

Topics covered: parenting, book review, travel, arts, and crafts

Anupriya’s blog Mommytincture is a perfect blend of amazing thoughts and ideas that help parents make serious decisions and to deal with complex real-life situations. As a parent every day you have to face a lot of issues to deal with your child, if you read her blog, you will get ultimate help in how to deal with the situation like a pro. You will also get to know some amazing DIY craft ideas which will help in developing the cognitive ability of your child. In the travel section of her blog, you will find stunning travel stories with kids. So, if you are a parent of a growing child, her blog is a must-read for you.

There are many mom bloggers out there who are performing well as an influencer. If you are planning to start a brand of baby products or anything related to growing kids, you must need their help to increase your brand awareness. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have helped various baby brands to meet their marketing needs. Other than the above-mentioned mom bloggers, we have hundreds of other mom bloggers in India collaborating with us for various campaigns.

If you want mom influencers to collaborate for your brand, contact us. We bet, we will come up with amazing campaign ideas that will enhance your brand value in no time.




Discover top mom influencers in India and how they are gaining their huge popularity. The concept of pregnancy and parenthood has changed so far, and these personalities are live examples of it. It also highlights some of their blogsites. If you want to share your unique opinion to help would-be-moms out there, this article is a must-read for you.


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