Top Investment Blogs and Websites Managed By Finance Bloggers of India

Aug 05, 2020

Investment has always been tricky and requires a lot of understanding, which is why usually people think more than twice before investing their hard-earned money. In this article, our experts have highlighted some of the top investment bloggers of India from where you can get help as a beginner. All the blogs and websites mentioned in the article are managed by top investment bloggers of India; some of them are also gold bloggers; they understand the nuts and bolts of investment better than beginners.

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Before discovering top finance blogs, let’s take a dig into the benefits of investing in India.

Benefits of Investing In India

Instead of quite political uncertainty and market hassles, India has enormous scope for investment both for its own citizens and for overseas investors, here our influencer marketers together with our content creators handpicked some major reasons for which you must invest.

1. Size Of The Country

India has the second-largest population in the world; the GDP of India is currently 2.72 lakh crores USD (2018), which makes it the 8th largest economy in the world. The PPP term recognizes India low-cost base, and the GDP rises to almost three times of the above-mentioned amount. Due to the pandemic, some businesses have experienced loss, but it continues to attract thousands of new investors every day. So if you think about long term benefits, you must start investing today.

2. Economic Growth

According to the recent reports, estimated GDP of India will grow 5% in the coming years, which was predicted to less than 2% a couple of months ago due to the effect of the pandemic, but now businesses are restarting with new normal guidelines, the growth seems slow but steady for a long term. In the coming years, our country will experience more economic growth as India has banned more than sixty Chinese apps and cancelled all the businesses with China. Hundreds of manufacturing companies are planning to set up so from ten years down the line, so if you plan your investment now, you will get manifold benefits.

3. Diversity Investors

India economy offers a wide exposure to investors with endless opportunities. There are various sectors where general people can invest and get an ROI; the prominent sectors include- pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, agriculture, energy etc. Service sectors of India comprise more than 50% of the country’s economy; the demand is especially high in the knowledge-based sectors like IT software, business services that involve industrialization, export commodity and other resources which attract new businesses from overseas. Naturally, the share prices of the following sectors will go high and high in the coming few years, which gives you more reasons to invest.

4. Demographic

Did you know, India is one of the youngest countries in the world? According to various reports, India’s working-age population will increase by 245 million over the coming twenty years. With that vast work-force, high levels of education and powerful work ethics, India is all set to dominate the global economy in the next twenty-five years. So, if you start investing today, you will get a lot of profile irrespective of the market risks.

5. Increased Savings

Along with a savings rate of 37% GDP our Nation’s domestic savings egged most of its investment needs, not only that only 20% of India’s public debt is sourced from overseas borrowing. With healthy investment options, India is working hard to replace its poor infrastructure; the scenario of investment is going to change a lot in the coming ten years. So you have more reasons than one to invest in India.

6. Strong Financial Sector

The Bombay Stock Exchange is the second oldest in the world; it has completed 147 years this. Modern and investors government is inviting more investors which boost the investment scenario more open and accessible to the general public who has more savings. The investment market is going to increase in the coming years.

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Top Investment Blogs and Website of India


1. Equity Master

One of India’s top investment blogs that provide proper guidance to beginners as well as long-term investors regarding safe investment. If you are interested in investing in the stock exchange, their blogs will be your real help. These blogs provide hundreds of articles on the investment in the post COVID situation, so if you have made up your mind regarding investment, check the blog now!

2. Reddit

This is an American social news aggregation that provides ratings to various investment content. This is a perfect place to evaluate investment options. It explains various angles of investment with a simple approach so that readers can understand the holistic approach of investment in India. It posts around twelve posts per day, among which most of them are related to Indian investment.

3. Elearnmarkets

If you are looking for a perfect place for financial education, investment tips, stock market news, and more insight about different forms of investment based on your income Elearnmarkets will be your perfect place. The Facebook page of this blog has more than 66k fans, with 30.5k Twitter Followers. So you don’t have to worry about the genuineness of the content.

4. FundsIndia

It is India’s most trusted investment platform which has more than one million active users. Before making any investment decision, you must check the blogs of FundsIndia at least once. Here investors get direct access to a wide range of Mutual Funds and Equities from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). It is also the complete automated advisory service. You can register with them with less than two minutes.

5. Freefincal

This blog provides how-to tips to the investment minded people if you are one of them follow the blog on a regular basis. The blog page has more than 15k followers on Twitter, with more than 90% social engagement ratio. So many people with investment requirement visit this blog on a regular basis. You can also get access to various tools to calculate your financial goals.

6. Capital Mind

The Bangalore based investment platform provides authentic research, opinion and strategy to the businesses and personal investors. You will get to know the opinion and experience of similar minded people directly from the blog. The team of Capital Mind is composed of market players with eight-plus years of experience in the same field.


This blog is managed by Jharna Majee, an Equity Fundamental Analyst with ten plus experience in the relevant field of guiding people regarding various investment options. From the Stock market to the mutual fund, insurance policy, financial planning and a lot of other investment schemes, you will find everything under the same roof.

8. Finance Gab Personal Finance & Investment Blog

This is a finance blog dedicated to Financial Planning in India written and managed by a bunch of finance bloggers and influencers. Here you will everything related to Health, Investment, Mutual Funds, Mediclaim and Life Insurance.

9. is one of the best online investment communities in India; they are committed to bringing the best among the community. So if you want a safe and secure platform to get all the investment queries, check this blog at your earliest and see what other investors are saying about their experience.

10. Subramoney

This blog will tell you everything about the process of investment, how the entire things work so that it would be easier for you to understand. If you think you need an opinion from a planner, you must get connected with the team of the blog. It shares two posts per day. The tonality of their blog is too simple, perfect for beginners as well as expert investors. If you are a YouTuber looking to make money out of your channel this blog is a must-read for you. Don’t let others say they are better than you in investment, follow Subramoney for more information.

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