Top Investment Bloggers In India To Follow Now: Updated List

May 05, 2020

Are you planning to invest sooner or later? Looking for some personalized opinion about nuts and bolts of investment, then this article will be your real help. Here you will find a compilation of top finance bloggers in India who has their personal blogs and are famous for their unique investment tips and approach. From best credit cards to how to earn money online you will get all your investment queries covered with these experts.

Here we will discuss:

  • Top investment bloggers in India and
  • Top financial blogs managed by a team of authors

Top Investment Bloggers In India


1. Jago Investor By Manish Chauhan

If you visit Jago Investor, you will get an idea about the current scenario of investment like the dos and don’ts of investment. If you have any personal queries, you can connect with their team to get immediate help. If you have any insurance, mutual funds, and/or EMI related queries, you better read their insurance blogs. Here you will find various updates on terms declared by the Reserve Bank of India. So before finalizing anything on investment, you better check the blog.

2. Safal Niveshak By Vishal Khandelwal

Safal Niveshak is another must-read blog for armature investors. If you are not sure about your investment decisions instead of asking your friends and neighbors, you can follow this blog. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get important updates on various aspects of investment like EMI, mutual fund, PPF, Stock Investment, Fixed deposit, etc. If you are looking for risk-free investment options, read the blog to get some hands-on ideas that can make your investment decision interesting and beneficial. You can also take free online investment courses with Safal Niveshak.

3. BasuNivesh By Basavaraj Tonagatti

Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (SEBI RIA) and the founder of the blog BasuNivesh.He is one of the top finance influences in India. The blog manages all-sized business investment planning. Now Mr. Tonagatti provides financial advice to over 300 clients throughout the world. If you want to know about the latest investment options for you, read BasuNivesh blogs to get the necessary help. Among his investment blogs, Pradhan Mantri Yojana plans a must-read for every investor.

4. Apna Plan By Amit

As a salaried professional if you are thinking to save income tax, then Apna plan blogs are the must-read for you. Sometimes we overlook important updates on income tax; if you subscribe with their blogs, you will receive notifications from time to time. Before investing in a new plan, check the blogs available on Apna Plan thoroughly to clear your basics a little. From Mutual Funds, FDs, RDs, Taxes, Smart Shopping, Interest Calculators, Retirement planning, and the best investment option, you will find the latest updates on various investment aspects.

5. Money Excel By Raviraj

The main reason behind starting this investment blog is to aware people of the basic rules and regulations of investment. If you want to know the importance of financial planning, then take a look at this blog. Money excel provides the necessary information in investment, financial planning, income tax returns, insurance, real estate, stock market, equity, and other financial aspects. Those who are looking to open an online store shortly must read the Money Excel blogs to avoid any transaction confusion.

6. ReLakhs By Shrikanth

Shrikanth is a Certified Financial Planner who runs this investment blog for those who are looking to get basic investment knowledge. It covers various aspects of long and short term investment and finance topics like home loans, banking service, tax planning, stock market, income tax benefits, etc. This personal finance blog will answer to your every investment question through value research. Its small savings scheme blogs are a must-read for every individual.

7. One Mint By Manshu

This blog will help you make a better financial decision. You can read its wide range of financial blogs covering various aspects like GST, Credit card, NRI rules, Investment schemes, mutual funds, etc. Manshu will also help you with your personal financial decision, so before taking your final investment decision, you can consult with him.

8. SubhraMoney By P V Subramanyam

P V Subramanyam is a Chartered Accountant who has opened the blog to train in mutual funds, insurance schemes, various aspects of banking, mutual funds, big and small scale investment, etc. One of the best parts of his blog it conducts financial planning workshops for large scale corporates in order to help employees save better. You will also come to know about must have financial tools to make your investment experience better.

9. Chartered Club By Karan Batra

In 2009 Karan Batra started the financial blog to disseminate financial information and simplify tax laws to the citizens of India so that they can manage their taxes better without using professional opinion. His blogs provide knowledge on filling income returns, online payment dos, and don’ts, small and large scale savings options, etc. So before finalizing your investment decision read at least a couple of blogs from Chartered Rich.

10. Get Money Rich

If you are planning to invest in your mutual fund and need to know about returns and risks related to it read different blogs from getting Money Rich to get a better idea about the current investment scenario. If you are looking for any specific information, you can just contact the team for personalized help.


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Top Finance Blogs Managed by A Group of Authors


1: Fundoo Professor

Fundoo Professor is one of the top investment blogs in India. Its unique ideas and perspectives of financial planning make it worth reading. If you are looking for bullet-proof investment ideas, then you must read all the topics of the blog before taking your investment decisions. This blog also highlights top investment Tweets and tries to explain them. From behavioral economics to the latest investment trends, you will find a range of suitable blogs here that will guide you for a better investment experience.

2: Asan Ideas For Wealth

The investment rules changed every day, for the general public, it is not always possible to keep a strict eye on the latest rules. Instead of hiring financial planners if you invest some time reading the blogs, you will be beneficial; you don’t have to pay for the information that is supposed to be free. This blog is dedicated to Indian investors and issues related to personal finance. Whether you are looking to buy a new flat for taking a personal load, those blogs might clear your idea about how investors should look like.

3: Money Life

It is a personal finance magazine that provides some hands-on ideas on quick investments. It provides the latest news and updates on various investment schemes. Other than investment and financial news, readers will also get notifications of other important news that affect the nation’s financial decisions like COVID – 19 updates and how businesses will resume with fresh mind-set.

4: Mani Karthik

This blog has been started to provide necessary investment information to people to channelize better through their investment decisions. Till date, more than 200,000 people have visited this blog, and it takes around 22 lakh revenue out of it. If you require personalized financial advice, you can connect with them.

5: Capital Mind

The capital mind is one of the top investment blogs in India that provide top financial insights on the current market, economics, stock market, mutual fund, EMIs, etc. This blog also highlights recent RBI rules and regulations and how it will benefit an active investor. So reading those will provide manifold advantages to you as an investor.

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Promotion Of Personal Finance Blogs Through Finance Bloggers

Reading various financial blogs will clear your ideas about a different perspective on investment. Instead of opting for paid financial consultation, you can invest some time reading these blogs. If you are planning to launch your own investment platform, you can seek help from these already existing blogging platforms. However, those blogs are not responsible for your investment decisions in the end; you will take the final call.

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This article highlights the top finance bloggers of India that one must follow. If you are planning to invest in reading these blogs is the need of the hour. Also, know how an influencer marketing agency can help you.

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