Top Influential Travel Bloggers In India to follow in 2020

Feb 06, 2020

As a leading influencer marketing company in India, InfluGlue conversed with some of the most influential travel bloggers of India and discovered untold mysteries of those personalities. We asked them how it feels to be a travel blogger and what inspired them to be in the position; we are beguiled by their answers. To know their stories keep reading this article.

What comes to your mind when you think about travel blogging, or talk to some travel blogger? Discovering new places, meeting new people, living in another dimension, right? It is not that simple as it might sound. After hearing them out, we feel one thing is very much common among them, that is, they are far away from the ‘’Log Kya Kahenge’’ Syndrome, which is the key behind their success.

We often heard our colleagues talking about their latest destinations, but making a career out of it takes a lot of courage and determination. The serial number in the below list has nothing to do with their popularity, so don’t judge them by order of numbers.

1)Seema Gurnani

Seema Gurnani

Arguably Seema Gurnani is the most talked personality when it comes to top travel bloggers in India. The blue ticked girl has her own blog: PandaReviewz, where you will find every reason to fall in love with her passion. The Vijaywada chick went to Goa on her own at 16 only for the sake of exploring, woo! Her inquisitiveness and passion took her to new destinations every time. She is also a foodie; if you visit her Instagram profile, we bet you can’t leave without thinking about your next destination.

Upon asking what her favorite travel destination is, without spending a second, she promptly replied to its Goa and Auroville in India and Malaysia among abroad destinations. She loves to use her smartphone for her vlogging needs; it's more or less like a trustworthy companion for her. If you want to be a travel blogger, she can be your real inspiration. She believes in not waiting for the perfect moment if your heart wants to be free and to explore just pack your bags and start your journey. Read her blog and follow her on Instagram to get ultimate travel inspirations.

2) Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood

Another famous most influential personality is Ajay Sood, who is a travel photographer by profession. If you take a look at his Instagram handle, you will be mesmerized with his timeless frames. Among all other destination, you will find various awesome frames of Spain which will knock you from inside to visit the place at least in your lifetime.

He traveled alone as a 9-year-old to visit his grandparents in Phagwara which was 35 km away from his hometown. This travel blogger is an iPhone freak; he always carries his iPhone to translate Voice Pro to take pictures and shoot video clips. His favorite travel book is ‘Into the Wild’ and the ‘The Magic Bus.’ He wants to give a piece of advice to all the would-be travel bloggers out there is not to exchange currency, which can save around 8% of their travel cost.

3)Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath

Another prominent name in the travel blogging industry is Shivya Nath, who needs no introduction. This high passion girl said bye to her bright corporate job at the age of 23. Shivya is truly an inspiration to all the solo women travelers of our nation. Her way of traveling and perspective inspire so many around the globe. To date, she has traveled various parts of the world, some of which are Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Indian subcontinent and the Caucasus region.

After viewing her Instagram, we are simply awestruck by her style of presentation. If you read her description of anything, you will easily recognize it, be it food or a travel destination. The best part of Shivya is unlike other travelers; she loves to go to remote locations, talk to locals, and eat local street food to get the ultimate flavor of the place. Upon asking her how she saves money for travel, she said she don’t shop unnecessarily, don’t eat at restaurants, sell unnecessary things, and most importantly she doesn’t like the concept of credit card and save that amount for small budget trips.

Shivya is famous among the youth as The Shooting Star; if you take a look at her blog, you will be mesmerized by her awesome visual content. Her inspiring traveling stories will poke you to pack your bags and hit your favorite destination. You will also get the latest news and updates regarding traveling to new destinations. If you are planning to travel to a particular location already explored by Shivya, you can ask her personalized opinion to enhance your travel experience.

4)Neelima Vallangi

Neelima Vallangi

Neelima is a famous solo traveler cum photographer, and it will not be unfair to say she is an inspiration for many upcoming travelers and explorers. Her Instagram feed is mesmerizing, if you have a hectic schedule, her feed can give you a calming effect along with positivity. More than a traveler, she is a trekker and adventurer as well.

She started her first journey in 2008 to Ladakh, but she was not alone at that time, but only then she realized India’s phenomenon diversity. The view of Himalaya completely changed her life, her way of viewing things; she became obsessed with traveling, especially for trekking and adventure. Upon asking her top travel experience, she told her story of stalking a snow leopard in Ladakh and also snorkeling in one of the most virgin coral reefs in the world. We bet, you must think of packing your bags and going out to your much-awaited destination.

5) Archana Singh

Archana Singh

Another prominent name in the field of Indian travel blogging is Archana Singh, who is an award-winning travel writer and speaker. Her blog is extremely famous not only in India but also around the world due to her state of the art storytelling. If adventure is your thing, her blog can inspire you from every angle. She comes from an army background and hostel life, so traveling was very usual for her but in 2012, she went on a solo trip to Europe, since then she knew she wanted to do travel blogging. She loves to use GoPro or any DSLR camera as her travel companion.

Upon asking what her favorite travel book is, she says it's none other than ‘Into the Wild’ that helps her connect to her passion while traveling to unknown places. For her, traveling is like an addiction; if you start traveling and exploring, there is no coming back. She travels from the core of her heart and feels connected to the whole idea of exploring. Follow her blog if you need real inspiration for your next trip.

6) Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi is another big name in the field of Indian Travel Blogging. Instead of traveling to mainstream places, he loves to explore remote locations; he also loves to trek. Umang has conquered Rupin Pass and Stok Kangri mountain peaks. Bhutan is one of the most favorite destinations of Umang. After his Bhutan trip, he started to write about his travel experiences. The native people and mindboggling landscape impressed him a lot.

Umang is a GoPro fan since he discovered its unique features, he never forgets to carry it, for both photos and videos. Upon asking about his favorite travel book, without thinking much, he told its ‘’The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’’. He encourages everyone to go on an unplanned trip at least one in their lifetime to get the essence of exploring. If you visit his blog: Travelmax, you will find all his travel experiences written in his words, some of which may give you goosebumps. If you want to explore any place already visited by Umang, you can contact him for his personalized opinion.

7)Ami Bhat

Ami Bhat

Ami Bhatt is another famous name in the platform of travel blogging. Apart from being a travel blogger, she is also a photography enthusiast. The one thing that makes Ami different from others is her obsession with heritage destinations, mountains, and turquoise beaches. Ami was completely honest upon asking her first traveling experience as she couldn’t recall. But she remembers her trip to Singapore, Thailand, HongKong and the Philippines with her parents. Ladakh, Meghalaya, Udaipur, and Bhutan are some of her favorite travel destinations.

She never forgets to carry her camera with her, and Queen is her favorite travel movie. Travel is like breathing for her; she likes to enjoy every bit of her traveling experience because it is directly connected with her mental peace. If you visit her blog Thrilling Travel you will be awestruck by some awesome frames from different destinations all over the world. You can also contact her for a personal opinion before visiting any place.

8)Indrani Ghose

 Indrani Ghose

Indrani is a former Indian Air Force employee who has traveled solo more than 21 countries and 250 cities to date, among which many are from India, whereas some are from abroad. For her, family travel is kind of a learning experience.

The Unesco World Heritage sites are among her favorite destinations. She plans her road trips across these World Heritage Sites. Her longest road was through Spain to Portugal (3155 km). She is not a big fan of gadgets, especially while traveling. She only uses her smartphone to navigate, book tickets, and serve other purposes. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is her most favorite travel book. Her blog: iShare will give you an idea of her travel experiences as a travel blogger.

9) Mayuri Patel

Mayuri Patel

Are you fond of traveling but love your full-time job as well, then read Mayuri’s blog to keep a pace with your passion and profession. She talks about how to balance your career and passion together perfectly. Her blog Fernwehrahee will give you an idea of her adventures.

Rajasthan was her first solo trip. The feeling of liberation and appetite to explore new destinations, trigger her to look for new places. According to her, Kashmir is heaven on the earth. She always carries her smartphone and DSLR to capture beautiful travel moments. Among her best travel-related films, she named Dil Chahta Hai and Ye Jawani Hai Diwani. Among books, she likes Anuradha Beniwal’s Azadi Mera Brand the most. Whenever she visits any new destination, she likes to engage with local people to get an authentic essence of that place.

10)Archana & Vidur

Archana & Vidur

While talking about travel bloggers, we can not miss this traveling couple- Archana and Vidur who inspire many by their gorgeous destination clicks and adventure stories. This couple is very fond of exploring new locations. Arunachal Pradesh is one of their most favorite travel destinations to date. Among travel gadgets, their favorite is the iPhone and GoPro. Their favorite travel books are Why We Ride and Into The Wild. Visit their blog: Travelmynation to explore exciting adventure stories and some awesome clicks.

Every travel blogger has their own journey, a different set of inspiration and different perspective regarding life. Following them and reading their stories will open a new dimension of thoughts that you might not get otherwise. If you are an aspirant travel blogger, wish to get good paid campaigns to sign up with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing agency in India.

We work hand in hand with famous travel bloggers, and our influencer marketing agency will help you connect with suitable influencers who can blend well with your venture. Our influencer marketers are a pro at designing outstanding campaigns to increase your sales among your target location. So, if you are looking for influencer marketing to enhance your brand value, get in touch with us. From communicating with travel bloggers/ influencers to designing top-notch campaigns, our influencer marketers are experts at handling small to big scale projects like a pro.

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