Get Real Inspiration From Top Indian Instagram Yoga Influencers

Jul 08, 2020

This lockdown has brought a new set of rules of us; some are doing okay with the available resource and the changed rules while some are compromising. It won't be exaggerating if we say today's luxuries are tomorrow's necessities. If you check various social media platforms, you will find there is a drastic change in people's lifestyle, they have become more active and concern about their health. Nowadays, due to COVID – 19 people are conscious about their immunity, but do you know other than eating healthy you can actually boost your immunity by practising yoga and stretching for about 15 minutes every day?

In this article, our influencer marketers and content creators have highlighted a few Instagram yoga influencer's profiles who have taken the concept of health and fitness to a new height with their daily routine. If you are a fitness enthusiast give this article a read till the end to know how to start your workout routine.

List of Top Indian Yoga and Fitness Bloggers on Instagram

1. Tanvi


Her Instagram page is named as @Iwillgetlean, from which you can understand the motto of her daily routine. She works at Microsoft and chasing fitness through her extraordinary workout routine, she has more than 147k followers on her Instagram page, and the number is increasing at a rapid rate. You can see previous pictures of her body and can easily compare with the recent ones. If you are determined to lose your weight or give your body a makeover, her Instagram feed will inspire you a lot. If you want to learn effective arm or lower body exercises, you can follow her feed. You can also get some nutrition tips for fitness regime. You can contact her for any kind of personalized suggestion.

2. Vaishnavi Boora

Vaishnavi Boora

@official_vaishnavi_voora promotes fitness, fashion and lifestyle at the same time. She has more than 157k followers on her Instagram page. From sharing quick workout routine to point reduction, you will get all in her profile; if you want to stay fit, you can try any or a combination of it easily. She is also a mother of a youngster; her workout videos will motivate you to start your own. If you believe it's tough to be in shape after having a baby follow her for breaking the myth with style with real style. You must provide yourself some time every day to stay healthy, especially during the pandemic. She has collaborated with a lot of brands, including health and fitness to education, so if you want to promote your product, she can be your ideal fitness influencer.

3. Urmi Kothari

Urmi Kothari

@coach.urmi is a master trainer and founder of kineticliving app which is dedicated to training people interested in improving their body and mind with the power of yoga and other workouts. She believes in empowering body-mind with movement. Her workout videos will motivate you to start your own. If you think you can't do it, check her Instagram feed which will prove you wrong. She has endorsed various fitness apps and products to generate maximum awareness among her followers.

4. Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh

Shweta is a certified Personal trainer and fitness blogger, not only that she is also a nutritionist and transformation coach. If you truly want to transform your body, follow her feed for some real inspirations. She is a home workout specialist, so if you believe one must hit the gym in order to build the perfect shape of the body, she will prove you wrong with her workout routine. You can contact her for online training and diet chart. From full-body exercise to abs, arms and legs, she has taken the entire concept of home work out to another level.

5. Dr Aishwarya G Nigam

Dr Aishwarya G Nigam

@fitphysioaishwarya is all about pilates and yoga therapy. Aishwarya is a professional Pilates instructor; she has her own website where she teaches yoga and provides a certificate after completion of each course. If you visit her Instagram profile, you will be mesmerized by her dedication and talent towards fitness. All the exercises are perfect for beginners as well as expert fitness enthusiasts. If you watch her videos doing the steps, you can easily learn and try your own.

6. Shani Yoga

Shani Yoga

If you doubt the power of yoga check Shani Yoga's Instagram feed right now. Each of the poses is crystal clear and looks perfect. If you get bored with your regular stretching routine and looking for something interesting, try the yoga poses shown by Shani. She also provides online classes to fitness enthusiasts, so if you are one of them check her page now and start pushing your limit. She has more than 35k followers on her Instagram page, and people absolutely love her because of her next-level flexibility.

7. Priyanka Amarwaha

Priyanka Amarwaha

If you want to train yourself professionally without stepping out of your home, follow Priyanke's feed for some kick-ass fitness tips and workout videos. She has more than 16k followers on her Instagram page, and if you the comments of her posts, you will find why followers love her so much. You can start your own with zero to minimum setup, provided you have the courage. From showcasing different body part workouts to a healthy diet, all your fitness needs will be covered with Priyanka.

8. Charmaine


Charmaine is a professional yoga teacher, loved among her followers for her extraordinary skill of flexibility. If you believe in the healing power of yoga and would like to try your hand in some interesting poses, check her Instagram page now. She is such a flawless yoga practitioner that people should admire and learn from. If you want to become a yoga influencer follow her to ease your journey.

9. Tanny Bhatt

Tanny Bhatt

Tanny is the winner of the best Yoga Influencer 2020; she is also the ambassador of Decathlon. She has more than 66k followers on her Instagram page. She is known for her unique sets of workout like improve digestion while eating, strength training yoga, reduce double chin, how to stay hydrated throughout the day etc. Her out of the box yoga poses attract more followers to her page every day. Why don't you check out now!

10. Harshit y


Harshit is a certified nutritionist and a professional trainer. Other than a fitness enthusiast, this mom blogger loves to create fashionable content to pamper her followers. Her workout motivation videos are the best for beginners as well as for those who are looking to add a spark to their regular workout routine.

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They are not only backed by huge followers but also valued among the followers for their unique approach and strong voice, which is why brands love to work with them. They can boost your product launch through their recommendation, for example, there is an international tea brand named FitTea, their main agenda behind improving the brand value is to promote products through famous influencers so that more people will come to know about it. If influencers talk about your brand on their social media platforms, their loyal followers will come to know about it, as a brand, it is the easiest and most effective way to reach your customers. Influencers also help in establishing a trust for your brand through unique digital storytelling.

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Top Indian Instagram influencers who are rising rapidly. Add a spark to your workout routine by following them. Also, read how an influencer marketing agency can help you endorse your products with these influencers.


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