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Top Indian Instagram Lifestyle Influencers: Updated List

May 15, 2020

Are you looking for the top lifestyle influencers in India? Read this article till the end to discover some of the glowing influencers around us. Here we will only talk about Instagram influencers; some of them also have their own blogs. Before we proceed further let’s see how these influencers can help your business grow? Nowadays the concept of influencer marketing is not a new concept, from international brands like Adidas, FitTea, etc. to mid-sized Indian cosmetic companies like Himalaya, Mcaffine, etc. online educational platforms like LearnPick India and many other companies are opting for influencer marketing for the betterment of their business.

How Can Lifestyle Influencers Promote Your Business?

If you own a lifestyle brand, you can try the new-age marketing strategy, i.e. influencer marketing, to come closer to your target customers. How does it work? In order to leverage the power of influencer marketing, you need to be extremely clear about your marketing goals, which can be any of the following:

  • Getting more likes and followers to your Instagram business account
  • Getting more queries
  • Creating buzz about your brand
  • Increased sales

Apart from the above-mentioned goals, if you have any other kind of marketing goals, influencer marketing is the need of the hour as no other approach can meet your target as effectively as this one.

How To Proceed Further?

If you have made your mind to incorporate influencer marketing to your upcoming marketing strategy, then look for suitable influencer profiles. At this point, you can also connect with an influencer marketing company that is experienced enough to point out the exact matching profile with your business’s mission.

How To Find The Ideal Influencers Profile?

Finding proper influencers for your brand campaign isn’t that easy as it might sound, as every second person claims themselves as an influencer, but not all are the same. Now even you and I can buy thousands of likes and followers through bots, so among the crowd, how can you identify the one with authentic followers. Apart from the followers, engagement is another important parameter that brands should consider before going forward with an influencer’s profile for a campaign. As per the Instagram algorithm, the more the follower, the less the engagement. In general influencers with less than 1% engagement are not good for brand promotions unless it is a celebrity profile.

For example, if an influencer has 1000 followers on his/her Instagram profile, each of its posts must receive at least 10 likes in order to meet the 1% ratio. FYI, nowadays people can buy engagement too! Before finalizing an influencer for your brand promotion, check his/her previous brand collaboration details. If that same person has done a campaign with your competitor brand, avoid them as your audience may get confused regarding the brand message. Also check their engagement quality, like how many comments are there in a post and what type of comments, etc. If you think it’s a lot for you, you can contact a leading influencer marketing agency in India, who will look after all your requirement and will only find the best suitable influencer evaluating your marketing needs.

How To Communicate With The Influencers?

Another most important part of an influencer marketing campaign is the communication process. In most cases, brands struggle to contact those influencers as many of them are either not active on Instagram on a regular basis, or have hired their managers to discuss work. Not all influencers are the same; one can be prompt regarding replying to your queries, whereas another may take several weeks to reply to your text. Email is the easiest and safest option to communicate with influencers. Influencers without email id mentioned on their profiles can be communicated over Direct message (Dm).

You need to discuss every detail of the campaign before going forward; the tasks should be mentioned earlier. Upon agreed then only brands should move forward with those profiles. For better communication brands are suggested to rely on influencer marketing companies who will communicate with the influencers and negotiate regarding the pricing. Communicating the task details will also be their responsibility, you can shed some load this way.

List Of Top 10 Lifestyle Instagram Influencers

In this list, we have highlighted some of the lifestyle bloggers/influencers of India, currently active on Instagram. All of the influencers mentioned in the list are micro-influencers, suitable for small to medium-sized brand promotion. All of them are having a great engagement quality which is why we highlight them on the list. Also note, we did not segregate or numbered the profiles on the basis of their number of followers or popularity, so don’t judge them on that basis.

1. Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey

Who can be better to start our list than Komal, one of the most famous beauty and lifestyle influencers of 2020? She has more than 880k followers on her Instagram profile. She also has her own YouTube channel with more than 990k subscribers. Her profile is extremely dynamic, from promoting beauty products to various apps, she is like a busy bee with her influencing career. All the styles showcased in the profile are specially curated by her, so if you think you wanna try your luck soon as an influencer, you must follow her. This blue ticked personality will be ideal for promoting various brands from small to mega-sized.

2. Agnijita Banerjee

Agnijita Banerjee

Another interesting influencer of our list is Agnijta Banerjee; this bong beauty also has a blue ticked profile on Instagram with more than 335k followers. We absolutely love the way she represents herself as a lifestyle influencer. Her bold attitude attacks thousands of followers to her profile. Among the endless list of other lifestyle influencers of 2020, she presents an excellent way to carry herself. From ethnic to western, she carries every type of attire with ultimate ease.

3. Meghna Kaur

Meghna Kaur

Meghna’s profile is full of various beautiful travel locations that reflect her personality as a lifestyle influencer. We absolutely love the bio of her profile which is “pretty much just like you”, so if you are an influencer or a wanna be her profile can inspire you from various ways. Another best thing about her personality is she likes to keep it simple; all nude shade pictures and edits are very eye soothing. She is truly a visual content creator. Her quirky expressions and top-notch styling sense make her one of our favorite lifestyle influencers in India that you must follow in 2020.

4. Ena Datta

Ena Datta

Ena is an explicit personality when it comes to influencing. This Mumbai and Kolkata based influencer has more than 365k followers on her Instagram account. Ena’s dressing sense, styling, and personality make her even more famous. All the pictures in her profile are of utmost polished; she took the concept of perfection to another level. She has collaborated with one of the famous styling and shopping app Shein which has received great success. Her followers love the way she presents herself; you will better understand that by the comments. If you want to be a beauty or lifestyle blogger/ model someday, she can be truly inspiring, so you have more reasons than one to follow her.

5. Bhavan Ghumam

Bhavan Ghumam

Another glittering personality of our list is Bhavan Ghumam, who has more than 62k followers on her Instagram profile. She also appeared in a music video; you will get the link from her Instagram account. Once you visit her Instagram profile, we bet you cannot leave without hitting the like button. She slays in her every outfit from lehengas to two pieces like a professional model.

6. Navya Ramesh

Navya Ramesh

Another glittering personality of our list is Bhavan Ghumam, who has more than 62k followers on her Instagram profile. She also appeared in a music video; you will get the link from her Instagram account. Once you visit her Instagram profile, we bet you cannot leave without hitting the like button. She slays in her every outfit from lehengas to two pieces like a professional model.

7. Bhavana Rao

Bhavana Rao

Bhavana is a Hyderabad based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers who have more than 42k followers on her Instagram account. She also has her own YouTube channel, where she uploads various beauty product review videos. Her Instagram profile is extremely organized; if you look at her profile, you will understand her way of presentation. She is open to collaboration with any fashion, lifestyle brand.

8. Shilindhra Banerjee

Shilindhra Banerjee

This bong beauty is another prominent name in the field of Instagram lifestyle influencers. Her slick and sensual appearance makes her more famous as a fashion influencer; she is such an inspiration for the newcomers. She has done collaborations with numerous small to big brands, including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and more. The best part of her profile is the engagement ratio; sometimes it reaches beyond 10% that is why brands love to collaborate with her. From an influencer marketing point of view, her profile is ideal as a lifestyle influencer which is why she is getting more collab offer than others.

9. Dimpy Munparia

Dimpy Munparia

Another glittering personality of our list is Dimpy Munaparia who around 38k followers on her Instagram account. From reviewing various makeup and beauty products to styling herself like a diva, you will find various angles of new-age dressing from her profile. We absolutely loved her colorful profile; why don’t you check it out!

10. Florocina


Well, her Instagram profile is just like her name, out of the box, and sexy at the same time. She has more than 26k followers on her Instagram profile which is increasing day by day for her exclusive visual content. Each of her frames is picturesque kind of which attracts more followers all over the country. We absolutely love the way she carries herself in every outfit and accessories. Follow her if you want to get some exciting lifestyle goals.

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What Are The Charges Of These Lifestyle Influencers?

Well, the campaign and promotional charges depend upon the deliverables and type of influencer profiles. For example, if you choose a celebrity influencer, you must have some sort of relaxation on your influencer marketing budget. In contrast to that, if you are tight on your marketing budget, you can start working with micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are one of the best options for small to mid-sized brands. Their charges vary from INR 5000 to 50,000, again depending on the deliverables, exact figures cannot be assumed before knowing about the campaign details. The negotiation part is also quite challenging, especially for startups, do not expect anything for free. Nowadays, barter collaboration seems a rational option but think twice in this case. Influencers with poor engagement will only accept your barter collaboration request due to lack of collaboration offers or for some other reasons. Whatever the reason do not underestimate the influencers for what they do, try to provide them with an incentive that acts as a sense of recognition.

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As a leading influencer marketing company in India, we have more than 10,000 bloggers, and influencers registered with us belonged from various niches like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, mom bloggers, fitness bloggers/influencers, etc. Till date, we have completed like a dozen campaigns with an International brand like Nestle Gerber to a famous India online education platform LearnPick India. We have provided more than 500 influencers paid campaigns on a regular basis.

Below are some of the reasons why influencers of all niches prefer to work with InfluGlue:

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How InfluGlue Can Help You With Your Campaign?

InfluGlue is a leading influencer marketing company of India who has worked with various prestigious brands like Nestle Gerber, LearnPick India, LunchBoss, OnlyFans, etc. to meet their marketing requirement. If you are planning to promote your brand through powerful influencers contact InfluGlue, who will take care of your entire marketing requirement within your selected timeframe. We have more than 10,000 influencers and bloggers registered with us from which we will select the most suitable profiles for your brand promotion.

From designing the entire campaign to executing, our content creators and influencer marketers will take care of the entire matter. The best part of working with InfluGlue is you can track how your campaign is performing with the help of the latest analytics tools. We know which influencers are suitable for your brand because not every brand is the same; we understand every brand’s unique marketing requirement. We provide the best influencer marketing package with 100% client satisfaction which is our main priority.

If you are looking for any kind of influencer marketing strategies get in touch with us, our team will take care at their earliest.


Discover the updated list of top 10 lifestyle influencers of India and what makes them so famous, some are even verified by Instagram. Also, know how an influencer marketing agency can help you.

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