Top Gold Bloggers and Website to Follow: Make Your Investment Decision Wisely

Aug 13, 2020

Are you looking for more rational options to reshape your investment strategy? Read this blog till the end to discover some of the experts of gold investment in India, also find some of the best websites regarding gold investment. In the list, you will also find blogs and websites from outside of India as well.


This 25 years old website is committed to providing the latest news and updates regarding gold investment. If you follow their website, you will get daily updates from different parts of the world regarding gold investment and what will be an ideal time to start investing. They work with some of the top strategic investors in the market to bring the correct news to you.

2. Gold Hub

Gold Hub

Another website that talks about gold investment are GoldHub before in gold, silver or other sectors in the market you can check the website to get a hand full of news from the market. If you want to understand the risks related to the gold investment, you can connect with the team directly to get a personalized appointment and solution.


This website deals with the ups and downs in the investment market of gold throughout the world. So no matter which part of the world you are living, you will get all the important news from the market if you read this blog on a regular basis. Investment decisions are some of the difficult decisions to make; it’s always better to have an extra hand while finalizing the investment decision.

4. Technical View by Nooresh

Technical View by Nooresh

If you are an Indian citizen would like to know nuts and bolts of gold investment, check this website managed by investment experts. It will provide a first-hand analysis of the investment market, which will help you make your decisions more wisely. Other than gold investment if you want to know more about any kind of investment scheme including mutual fund, life insurance, fixed deposit etc. this blog can be your real help.

5. Augmont


If you want to run a thorough research on the investment market and which scheme will be suitable for you read various articles from Augmont written by experts in the market with ten plus years of experience in dealing with different investment decisions. If you are interested in gold and silver investment, do not proceed without giving a look at their blogs. Either buying gold or selling gold stuff, Jewelry etc. their expert outlook will help you in more ways than one.

6. Our Nifty

Our Nifty

Our Nifty is an investment blog deals with dynamic investment option from various latest schemes of the market. This blog is managed by Bhaveek Patel, an investment blogger. More than gold it deals with Nifty strategy, but if you are interested in the gold investment, you can ask for a personalized opinion.

7. Best Gold Trading Tips

Best Gold Trading Tips

This blog deals everything regarding gold and silver from an investment point of view. If you are interested in investing in gold, you can read their blogs on a regular basis. In the “Gold Tips” section, you will find various money trading and gold trading options with valuable tips directly from the market. You can also opt for a personalized free trial for your unique investment plan.

8. My Family Investment

My Family Investment

This blog deals with dynamic investment options that will provide the ultimate benefit to your family. It talks about various investment plan including features of gold loan, best investment option, fixed deposit rates, best tax saver options etc. You must educate yourself before making any investment decision; reading the blog will surely be helpful in finalizing your investment plans.

9. Groww


If you are wondering why the gold price is increasing and whether it will keep on increasing in the coming few years read this blog regularly, which specifically deals with gold investment and its pros and cons. It also highlights the factors responsible for increasing gold price, not only in India but also in different parts of the world.

10. Global Bullion

Global Bullion

Indians are extraordinarily obsessed about gold if you know the reason together with a bit of history give blog this a read on a regular basis. It also talks about gold smuggling in India from various parts of the world. You can subscribe to their newsletter to know more about gold and silver investment.

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