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Top Gaming Influencers of India to Follow

Jun 01, 2020

Are you obsessed with game videos or love to play different kinds of games? You can call yourself a gaming enthusiast, and here we will discover interesting Indian gaming influencers who are passionate about gaming and love to review them for their audience. Video games are brainstorming and challenging, it requires different levels of intelligence to crack the levels especially designed to push your limits. Gaming videos with awesome commentary and exciting moments are complete fun. These gamers are not only extremely talented but also entertainers.

Gaming has always been the trend, adults, young adults, and youth love to spend their spare time on various gaming; it helps then to relax and more focused. It is a kind of brain exercise. This particular niche hasn’t suffered from time. In this article, our team of influencer marketers and content creators put together top gaming influencers of India and their journey. We also have highlighted their extraordinary way of promoting brand content. From unboxing various gaming gadgets to quirky, gamey reviews, they are doing a lot of things to pamper their audience.

List of Top Gaming Influencers of India on Instagram

1. Ajey Nagar

Ajey Nagar

Ajey is popularly known as Carryminati, who has started as a gamer on YouTube. He has started gaining attention for his extraordinary humor and unfiltered commentary. His comedy content is now one of the must view for today’s youth. One of the reasons for which people show limitless love on Carryminati personality is because of his connection with his audience. It makes him stand out among other gaming influencers in today’s time. He has more than 6.8 million followers on his Instagram profile. He also has his own YouTube channel with 19.7 million subscribers. His video content has become international; people from Pakistan and Bangladesh also love to watch his gaming and other videos.

2. Aaditya Sawant

Aaditya Sawant

Another top gaming influencer of India is Aaditya Sawant or @dynamo_gaming. He has more than 1.6 million followers on his Instagram account. He also has his YouTube channel with around 7.35 million subscribers. In his channel, he explains various gaming hacks and reviews of multiple games, about various gaming events. You will also find various unboxing videos there. His pages are full of various PUBG hacks and tricks. If you are a PUBG fan, you must watch all his videos and also follow him on various social media platforms to keep yourself updated about recent gaming trends.

3. Bhuvneswar Kumar

Bhuvneswar Kumar

Another gaming influencer of India is Bhuvneswar Kumar aka @iambhuvi, who has more than 2.6 million followers on his Instagram profile. Being an Indian cricketer, he likes to talk about various sports like Cricket, Football, etc. If you visit his profile, you will find various pictures and activities from the Indian cricket team there.

4. Chetan Changude

Chetan Changude

Another worth mentioning gaming influencer is Chetan Changude, who is famous for his PUBG hacking videos. If you like to play online games like PUBG or other Rummy games you must follow him. He has donated INR 2,20,000 to Shahid Army Men by using his influence; this fund was for the betterment of retired army men which is excellent as an influencer.

5. Harnit Khatri

Harnit Khatri

Harnit Khatri is known as Gunshot among his followers; he is also considered as a top gaming influencer in India. He is a professional full-time streamer and gamer. He has his own YouTube channel with 270k subscribers; there he uploads various content related to PUBG playing. He has also collaborated with Carryminati, which is another most interesting content in his channel. If you want to know various hacks and tricks of PUBG and other online games, you can follow him. He has more than 59k followers on his Instagram account.

6. Raman Mathur

Raman Mathur

Raman has earned his name as a gaming influencer by reviewing and creating unique videos of PUBG. He has also reviewed other gaming platforms on his Instagram profile. He is popular as a PUBG streamer among his audience. He is titled as one of the finest PUBG players in the world. His commentary skills are unique and popular among his followers; it helps him a lot building his reputation as an influencer. He has made his effort to make PUBG as a fun experience. If you love playing PUBG, you can follow him for real inspiration. He also reviews some of the new-age content on his Instagram profile.

7. Rony Dasgupta

Rony Dasgupta

Popular as @therawknee is one of the top Gaming influencers of India. He has more than 1.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His audience loves his out of the box content and extraordinary humor. His last TikTok vs YouTube video has crossed 13 lakh views on YouTube. He likes to make funny PUBG videos for his audience.

8. Ankit Panth

Ankit Panth

Aniket is a professional gamer and brand ambassador of many gaming platforms. He has a verified Instagram profile with more than 20.7k followers. He is the founder of Teambrutality, which is India’s Esports organization sponsored by a team of game enthusiasts. He has endorsed a few brands and collaborated with other influencers from various niches. He has a great engagement ratio which is why brands love to collaborate with him. The audience absolutely loves his way of approach, so do we. He has featured in various magazines in and outside of India.

9. Rishab Karanwal

Rishab Karanwal

Rishab has his verified Instagram account as a gamer and an influencer. He has more than 52.7k followers on his Instagram account. He has endorsed multiple gaming platforms together with some of the famous brands like Red Bull, Intel, etc. If you are a gaming enthusiast looking to try to hand into influencing you can follow him for real inspiration.

10. Rohan Ledwani

Rohan Ledwani

Rohan is a streamer and an influencer with 32.7k followers. He has his own YouTube channel which has 22k subscribers. He likes to talk about various PUBG hacks and other gaming applications. If you visit his social media profiles, you will understand his unique approach which inspires the youth to make a career as a gaming influencer.

How Will Gaming Influencers Help In Promoting Gaming Platforms?

Other than the above-mentioned gaming influencers, there are thousands of other technical and gaming influencers who are famous for reviewing various new-age games. If you are planning to launch an online game or other application, you can contact one such influencer and/or blogger who can promote your product on their channels and social media platforms. It will help you to come closer to your target audience easily. These influencers are backed by millions of followers who value their opinion because of their extraordinary sense of humor, so if they endorse your gaming application, a large audience will come to know about it right away. Positive feedback by these influencers will enhance your brand value without spending a hefty amount.

How Much These Gaming Influencers Charge?

The charges of these gaming influencers greatly vary from one project to another and on the deliverables. They can make promotional videos, vlogs, blogs, social media creative, etc. to endorse your brand among their audience. You can get the best influencer marketing packages if you choose to work with InflluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India.

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Read about top gaming influencers of India and what makes them so famous. Also, read what the ideal time to contact an influencer marketing agency for your brand endorsement is.

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