Top Fashion Influencers of India You Should Follow In 2020

Apr 13, 2020

Since 2014 India has seen rapid growth in terms of using the internet; social media influence is clearly seen throughout society. It is not only because of the increasing uses of smartphones but also due to various social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. People love to follow, and now it’s been more accessible like never before with these social media platforms. The definition of digital marketing modified 360 degrees due to the rapid change in technology and trend. It allows online brands to directly interact with their customers which in turn help them to form long term relationship with their customers

Due to the influence of social media, brands are opting for influencers than celebrities for their promotion. Any day it’s a better option to reach out to the customers, not only it is time-saving but also it is incredibly cost-effective. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the influencer marketing so you can innovate on your own. Various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. allow businesses to run their profile so buying and selling become much more natural and exciting. And for that every day we see new faces as bloggers or influencers. The effectivity of this new age approach provides blogging and influencing as a full-time career option.

In this article, our team of content creators and influencer markets handpicked a few influencers from Instagram who are redefining the concept of influencing with their unusual approach and creativity. The ordering has nothing to do with their popularity, so do not judge them on that basis. We bet you will get a hand full of new fashion tips and trends from them.

1. Jasleen Sahney

Jasleen Sahney

This 20-year-old fashion influencer in creating oomph through her presence on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel where she talks about her daily skincare routine, about makeup tips, and many more things. She has more than 105k followers on her Instagram profile. If you take a look at her Instagram profile, you will find her style is a fashion of Indian and western, which is why her audience love to see more of her. She loves to collaborate with various fashion brands and to come up with great visual content.

2. Anisha Sahai

Anisha Sahai

When it comes to influencing this beautiful diva is worth mentioning. Anisha has more than 228k followers on Instagram. She loves to experiment with her outfits, be it a wedding look or party look she slays it with her outstanding charm and sense of style. If you look at her profile, you will find each of her pictures is a perfect mixture of simplicity and charm.

3. Navya Ramesh

Navya Ramesh

Another fashion influencer of our list is Navya Ramesh who loves to travel besides creating various perspectives from her sense of styling. Her Instagram profile is not less than a celebrity’s. With more than 146k followers she seems one of the most promising fashion influencers of 2020. We bet because of her extremely picturesque presentation; you cannot leave her profile without hitting the follow button. .

4. Vidhushree Arya

Vidhushree Arya

Another diva is Vidhushree who has more than 380k followers on Instagram. The very first line of her profile says ‘forever on vacation’ which each of her pictures justifies. You will fall in love with her destination photos, and we are not sure you might plan your next holiday right away. From Kashmir to Istanbul, you will be mesmerized by the destination pictures along with an elevated sense of style to represent them.

5. Shivani Raina

Shivani Raina

Shivani’s elegance will remain awestruck you in many ways than one. She maintains a pastel shade throughout her profile which eye shooting, it reflects her personality. From Indian Outfit like saree to bikini she nails every look with her high sense of trend. The way she carries so many looks with utmost perfection will let you fall in love with her influence.

6. Sonali Malhotra

Sonali Malhotra

Another fashion influencer from today’s era is Sonali Malhotra, who is famous for her expressions. If you look at her profile, the first thing you will notice is her expressions and secondly her fashionable frames. From giving skincare tips to fitness goals to style statement, she likes to pamper her audience with the best she can. She has more than 186k followers on her Instagram and more are adding every day because of her charm and outstanding power to create fashionable visual content.

7. Sonali Mitra

Sonali Mitra

This bong beauty is another prominent name in the platform of fashion influencer and bloggers in India. She has more than 137k followers on her Instagram profile. Her simplicity is the reason why people love to follow her; if you look at her profile, you will understand it better. She loves to collaborate with various brands, be it skincare or lifestyle. From traditional attire to western, she knows how to slay in every look.

8. Nillu Yuleena Thapa

Nillu Yuleena Thapa

From makeup to fashion and travel, her profile will make you scrolling and scrolling unless your fingers pain. Within your smartphone screen, you will see different looks of her, which is another reason why fans love to follow her. She loves to play colors, be it her Outfit or her makeup; she likes to add a bit twist in each of her looks.

9. Pooja Mundhra

Pooja Mundhra

Pooja is another fashion blogger and influencer who believes in her simplicity. The less, the more, you will get clear if you visit her Instagram profile. She has over 345k followers on Instagram; her followers love to get influenced by an extraordinary sense of fashion. She can turn a simple piece of cloth into a style statement seamlessly.

10. Snigdhaelenite


Snigdha is another gorgeous soul who loves to pamper herself and her audience through her glittery personality presence. She has more than 240k followers on her Instagram profile and it seems increasing rapidly. From brand collaboration to creating her own style statement, she loves to influence and experiment with her looks.

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How Can They Help You Uplifting Your Brand Value?

Influencers love to create a community of themselves where similar minded people love to hang around. They are able to create a huge follower due to their unique sense of approach and creativity; some of them also like to interact with their followers to know what they are thinking about them. Influencers are famous because they have a massive capacity to shift people’s minds regarding their buying decision.

Brands love to collaborate with influencers to come closer to their customers. If they spread words about your brands, a lot of customers will see your brand right away. The process of influencer marketing is time-saving and cost-effective at the same point in time. So if you are planning to launch your brand or enhance your brand’s face, fashion influencers can make things easier for you.

The Role of an Influencer Marketing Agency

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Generally, famous influencers and bloggers from different niches are registered with leading influencer marketing companies, so if you want to promote your venture online, you can get in touch with a decent influencer marketing company that will understand your marketing goal design a campaign accordingly.

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Find the list of top fashion influencers and bloggers of India in 2020 and how they can help you in promoting your business. Also, read the Role of influencer marketing agencies in brand marketing.

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