Top Couple Influencers Of India Who Are Giving Serious Relationship Goals

Jun 30, 2020

In this article, we are going to reveal the most influential couples and their relationship goals. Some are travel influencers, whereas some have their own YouTube channel or Facebook page; they are spreading love to the world in multiple ways. Their Instagram feed is not less than a fairy tale. The journey, called life can be better if you have your soul mate beside you always, someone says it right! Without much ado, let's discover some of the top couple influencers in India.

List Of Top Couple Instagram Influencers


1. The.vogue.vanity


This is the account of Daizy and Ankit who love to explore beautiful places together and are giving some serious couple goals. Both of them are equally fashionable, look awesome together; they have more than 166k followers on their Instagram profile. If you see their page, back of your mind, you will surely think of creating something like them for sure! From discovering various hotels to fitness goals, they are one of the most diverse couple influencers on our list.

2. Nikita and Harry

Nikita and Harry

This pair is known for their obsession to explore different places that people have never visited. If you visit their Instagram page, you will surely discuss the new destination with your partner right away. Each of the frames will remind you of the golden days spent with your partner.

3. Savi and Vid

Savi and Vid

They call themselves travel machine, which perfectly suits their personality. Their Instagram profile is verified with more than 415k followers; if you visit their profile, you will be spellbound by the colorful content from different locations. Post lockdown if you want to plan your next travel destination you may get a lot of ideas from their page.

4. Eatloverepeat


This Instagram page is of a travel couple influencers named Juhi Sharma and Bhavya Dua; their page is full of colorful pictures of various food and travel locations. You can always a little twist to your cooking if you allow your soul mate to help you. Check their page for more exciting couple blogging ideas.

5. Zoya and Zina

Zoya and Zina

This duo is a perfect example of new-age talent; they talk about everything starting from food, mental health, physical fitness, and many more. They are one of the most fashionable duos we have ever come across. If you visit their page, you cannot leave without hitting the follow button.

6. Rishabh and Nirali

Rishabh and Nirali

Their Instagram page is known as a luxury influencer couple; if you visit their page, you will understand why so. They have more than 43k followers on their page, and this is increasing every day. Their romance and travel pictures are giving serious relationship goals, that's how a new-age couple influencer must look like.


This couple has their own Facebook page where they share a lot of things like how to make organic pizza at home to writing long travel blogs. If you visit their Facebook page, you will be delighted by their easy to cook recipes. They have more than 2.5k followers on their Facebook page you can check their page for some interesting content.

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How Can Couple Influencers Be Your Help?

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Famous influencers have a huge follower base which attracts more brands to work with them. Brands can reach a larger mass through these influencers; if they promote and recommend your brand within a shorter time span, your brand can get proper visibility which would otherwise cost a hefty amount. Moreover, working with real people is a great experience since they will partially help you make long term relationships with your customers.

How Can You Get Help From An Influencer Marketing Company?

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The top couple and duo influencers of India that you must follow if you don't want to miss out from the recent trend check the couple influencers now. Also read why an influencer marketing company must be hired for an awesome campaign.


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