Top Celebrity Influencer Marketing Strategies Unveiled: Know Before You Invest

Oct 15, 2020

Interested working with the top celebrity influencers in India, don’t know from where to start? Give this article a read and find some of the exiting celebrity influencer marketing ideas for unique brands like you.

From the past two years, the online business industry has seen the growth and success of influencer marketing; those brands doubted the effectiveness of influencer marketing are ready to pay a lump sum to the agencies to connect with big influencers for their business. In India, it started with beauty, fashion and lifestyle and gradually spread into food, health and fitness, education and other sectors. Now every eight among ten marketers are well known about the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing.

The operational process of influencer marketing is not quite easy, especially when it comes to dealing with celebrity bloggers and influencers. In most cases, these VIP influencers have their own manager or marketing agency, so when you try to reach them, you have to talk to the middle man first. The process can be daunting if you don’t know how to proceed. Here we will discuss some of the celebrity influencer marketing strategies adopted by various big brands which would help you design your next campaign with famous influencers in India.

Advantages of Working With Celebrity Influencers

Before we jump into further details, let’s see some of the benefits of working with celebrity influencers in India.

1. Reach More Audience

You can reach millions within a short time span if you work with famous celebrity influencers in India. According to the latest research, it has found that two-thirds of the online customers prefer influencer recommendation than any other forms of advertising, celebrity influencers have their own set of audience which they have built over time, these social media stars has enormous potential to make your brand famous. So, if you wish to reach millions of hearts, leverage the power of celebrity influencers and experience the outcome.

2. Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Every social media has different sets of influencers from various niches; if you spot the right celebrity influencer for your brand, you will be able to establish a strong social media presence sooner than you might have planned. An eye-catching business account full with influencers’ posts and recommendation would help you gain the trust of your target audience.

3. Improve Brand Reputation

If you see your favourite influencers recommending a particular brand you will check out the brand at least for once; it is a great chance to meet prospective customers since users have a tendency to trust reputed brands. Social media, together with the correct influencer marketing strategy, would help you revamp your brand reputation.

4. Cost-Effective

Influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective business strategies that brands can think of, especially in this time when most of the users go for adblocking. If you invest in other forms of online marketing, you never know whether your brand message will reach to your target audience, which is why more brands are opting for influencer marketing over other options.

How Should a Celebrity Influencer Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Thinking about curating an extraordinary influencer marketing campaign involving celebrity influencers? Reading this section of the article would be helpful.

A: Design a Powerful Campaign

The first you must do is to design a powerful campaign focusing on your products or services so that your target audience will understand the brand message properly. Try to incorporate some emotion within the campaign, which would stimulate the mindset of your target audience. If you are targeting the Instagram marketplace search relevant hashtags which will help the audience to find your content, if the influencers start posting content with those hashtags, it would create a trend and provide proper reasons to the audience to check out your brand.

B: Choose Proper Influencers

Another important strategy of an influencer marketing campaign is to spot proper influencers who will spread your brand message successfully leveraging their social media profiles. While shortlisting the influencers don’t always run behind the number of followers also check their engagement percentage, the recommended percentage is 4 to 6%, an experienced influencer marketing platform can help you understand which influencer would perform better.

Also check the previous collaboration experience of that particular influencer which would provide a proper insight on his/her approach towards the audience, the tonality matters a lot when it comes to spreading the brand message. If you are looking for YouTube influencers apart from checking their number of subscribers also check the number of views each of their videos get and the video duration.

C: Negotiate

The hardest part is here, whenever you prepare for working with celebrity influencers you have a budget, the real challenge is not finding the right influences but proper influencers who will fit within your budget. After talking to the influencers if you think their expectation exceeding your budget put some effort to negotiate with them, try to be friendly with them instead of ordering or instructing try to make a healthy conversation that will help the influencer to understand your brand message and they can relate with your brand more comfortably. An influencer marketing agency like InfluGlue can help you deal with celebrity influencers more efficiently; you can undoubtedly rely on them.

D: Provide Proper Instruction

After communicating with your influencers provide a hands-on instruction regarding the campaign like what kind of tonality you want, your selected hashtags, adding partner tag and location tag, if on Instagram, writing a good snippet if for YouTube etc. It would be better if you communicate with them via mail, as it would keep everything formal as well as handy. Make everything clear before they are gonna record or shoot with it as reshoot is not only extremely time consuming but also frustrating. But if you are giving money, you have every right to get it done the way you want; you just need to the correct way.

E: Host Giveaways

Giveaways are a great tool to attract fresh followers from your target location, pampers your existing audience at the same time. Imagine a celerity influencer hosting giveaways showcasing your products on their social media profiles, and within hours millions of people get to see the content, isn’t it fascinating? Days are gone when brands used to put hoardings down the roads since more than looking to hoardings now people prefer to check out their social media profiles frequently. If your audience like your content soon they would flood their and feed and stories with your product.

F: Check the performance of your campaign

After influencers upload their work tagging you, check how your campaign is performing, counting the number of likes is not the only way to judge. You have to focus on the comments, number of shares and saved as well. People ought to save the posts they like the most, so if your content got saved many a time, you could assume they liked it, which is precisely the idea of hosting giveaways and other campaigns. Make sure you are giving your audience enough reason to like your products; try to highlight the main USPs as much as possible.

Looking For Top Celebrity Bloggers in India?

Start a Campaign

Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency

If you think managing the whole thing is too much for you, connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing platform in India with more than ten thousand celebrity influencers from different niches that include fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and fitness, education, mental health etc. Evaluating your marketing goals, our influencer marketers would suggest you the best in class influencer marketing strategy that would create a buzz about your brand among your target audience.

We understand the customer mindset better, which helps us select the proper influencer profiles, we will thoroughly check their previous performance, their style of approaching audience and many more things. If you choose to work with us, you will get the exact brand makeover your brand needs to make a strong place in this extremely crowded and competitive market.

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Celebrity influencers are costly to work with but if you are thinking about getting quick as well as long term response they might be your secret weapon. Get in touch with us to spot the perfect celebrity influencer for your business campaign.

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