Top 50 Influencers in India And Their Secret of Content Creation

Nov 03, 2020

Are you a brand looking to promote your business with the top influencers in India? Or, a wannabe influencer looking to establish yourself among the top social media influencer?  Give this article a read and explore the most famous personalities who are taking the concept of social media influencing to the next level. So far not only they have managed to build their own set of audiences but also have worked with various brands to spread awareness. The below list of top 50 influencers in India will provide

Before jump onto the list, let’s take a look at some basic concept of influencing:

Who are influencers?

Influencers are individuals with engaging social media profiles backed by huge followers. They are famous for their unique content creation ideas, people love to follow their recommendation. There are various types of influencers among which the four main types are: nano, micro, mega, celebrity influencers: they can be categorised based on the number of followers and engagement ratio, the more the better from an influencer marketing point of view.

Why they are famous?

They are famous because they love making exciting content that pamper their audience. Not everyone can think of making out of box content where exactly come to the influencers, they can easily drag the attention of the mass with their glittering personalities, they encourage others to look and think beyond their comfort zone.

Why do brands want to work with the influencers?

Brands love to work with famous influencers because they play a crucial role in change peoples’ mindset regarding taking their purchase decision. If you see your favourite influencer recommending a skincare brand you will be tempted to give it a try. Brands love to leverage the power of influencers to reach their target audience, because not only it is budget-friendly but also most effective than the other available options.

List of top 50 influencers in India

For the better understanding of the readers we have mentioned four categories of the top influencers:

Fashion influencers

Fashion influencers are ruling the influencer marketing ecosystem since the inception of Instagram, here we have mentioned a few of them:

1. Komal Pandey @Komalpandeyofficial (1.2m followers)

Komal Pandey

If you want to know the one word that describes her is a fashionista, her simple yet elegant fashion content makes her one of the most famous fashion influencers in India of 2020. She is famous for her unique art of mix and match, because of the outstanding engagement ratio big fashion brands love to work with her.

2. Diipa Buller – Khosla @dipakhoshla (1.1m followers)

Diipa Buller

Diipa is an Indian Global influencer gets featured in International magazines like Vogue, Hello etc. She has her own YouTube channel with more than 16.7k subscribers where she shares her daily skincare routine if you are into creating fashion content checking her profile would be really inspiring.

3. Kritika Khurana @thatbohogirl ( 1m followers)

Kritika Khurana

Another famous name of our list is Kritika Khurana aka @thatbohogirl, her boho style together with elegance amplifies her style statement among the India youth. From saree to western and indo-western fusion she blends in almost every attire with ease. If you wish to become a famous fashion influencer in India Kritika can give you a hand full of inspiration.

4. Roshni Walia @roshniwaliaa ( 1m follower)

Roshni Walia

If you are taking about fashion influencers you cannot miss Roshni Walia. Her cute smile and outstanding personality make her one of the famous influencers in India. If you are a brand looking to work with a fashion influencer connect with Roshni.

5. Santoshi Shetty @santoshishetty (719k followers)

Santoshi Shetty

Another fashion influencer of the list is @santoshishetty who is a fitness freak and fashion model at the same time and real inspiration for all fashion enthusiasts. She has a great engagement ration throughout of her profile which is why brands love to collaborate with her.

6. Aashna Shroff @aashnashroff (828k followers)

Aashna Shroff

She has won the most engaging influencer of 2019, she also has her own YouTube channel with more than 184k subscribers. She understands the demand for fashion and lifestyle perspectives which clearly reflects on each of her content. From home décor to product review you will find a range of fashion content on her Instagram and YouTube profile.

7. Pooja Mundhra @thecozyvibe (425k followers)

Pooja Mundhra

Pooja is quite influential in her own way, she is mostly into making fashion content focused on casual styling and western outfit. She has her own website dedicated to fashion content, she has worked with various brands on as an influencer. Like other influencers, she is also backed by huge followers and maintains a great engagement ratio.

8. Roshni Bhatia @thechiquefactor (441k follower)

	Roshni Bhatia

This mom influencer is so much into fashion content, her audience loves the way she carries herself, she is all about spreading positive vibes through her outstanding fashion content. Check her out if you want to create fashion content to pamper your audience. She has given the concept of motherhood to a new meaning.

9. Juhi Godambe @juhigodambe (435k follower)

	Juhi Godambe

Another fashion enthusiast of this generation is Mumbai based fashion influencer Juhi Godambe. All her content is different than the previous one, if you visit her profile you will be mesmerized by her picturesque content from different locations of the world. She likes to create a lifestyle vibe through her content.

10. Malvika Sitlani Aryan @malvikasitlaniofficial (441k followers)

 Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Malvika is famous not only for her fashion content but also for sharing her skincare routine, she has collaborated with so many skincare brands already. Her recommendation matters the most among her audience which ruly every influencer wants. If you love makeover or looking to upgrade your makeup products check her profile to discover worth buying products within your budget, for more information check her YouTube channel.

Travel influencers

Travel is another niche where influencers rule, so this section is dedicated to those personalities who are not only the top 50 influencers in India but also the inspiration of travellers across the country for giving major travel goals. Without much ado, let’s discover them:

11. Shivya Nath @Shivya (102k followers)

Shivya Nath

If you are about travel influencer you must not miss Shivya who has featured in BBC, WashPost, NatGeo and much more travel platform for her outstanding travel-related content. She is also famous as a vegan influencer in India. She had already worked under so many banners to generate brand awareness. If you are thinking about travelling solo check her profile for a hand full of real inspiration.

12. Ajay Sood @Travelure (3.9K followers)

Ajay Sood

Another famous travel influencer of our country is Ajay, if you are in the middle of packing your bags for the next destination, hold on and check his profile, you might get a lot of exciting ideas to add to your to-do list.

13. Archana Singh @travelseewrite (45.1k followers)

Archana Singh

Archana has travelled more than 60 countries in the world, so it’s pretty clear why she has made to the list. She has fifteen plus years of marketing experience and has been features onto BBC, NatGeo and other international travelling channels for her exclusive travel goals. For travelling is more like a lifestyle, she believes in sustainability which clearly reflects in her content captions.

14. Siddhartha Joshi @siddharthajoshi (108k followers)

Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha is an India based photographer, designer, blogger and of course a travel influencer, for him, travelling is not less than sharing stories and bonding with different people across the globe. He prefers to call himself “A Wanderer” the reason of which can be understood from his profile. He’s been featured in various renowned magazines and channels including TEDx speaker, CCN, NDTV, DNA, HuffSpot, Shutterstock etc. If you like reading travel-related blogs you can check his profile.

15. Mridula Dwivedi @mridulablog (8.9k followers)

Mridula Dwivedi

This mom blogger is famous for her unique travel goals, as of her Instagram description she loves chai, photography, walking and tennis, weird combination, right? And the very combination worked for her as a traveller. We absolutely loved her minimalist approach towards travelling, each and every frame on her profile tells about her personality as a traveller.

16. Ankita Sinha @ankionthemove (1.9k followers)

	Ankita Sinha

Ankita is an awarded travel vlogger of India who loves exploring different corners of the world. She is a computer science graduate with more than five years of experience as a software engineer, now a full-time travel blogger. Her heart is a nomadic one which reflects in her style of travelling content; she loves the raw flavour of different places. She has already travelled to eighteen plus countries and published 380+ travel stories to different magazines.

17. Laxmi Sharath @lakshmisharath (13.9k followers)

Laxmi Sharath

Laxmi has fifteen plus years of experience in working different media houses, after she that end up deciding to explore the world, hence landed in the list of top 50 influencers in India. An influencer is more than just the number of followers and engagement, if you visit Laxmi’s content you will feel her heart at it.

18. Vandana Yadav @theglowingedge (96.5k follower)

	Vandana Yadav

Vandana can make anyplace her home even when away from home if you visit her Instagram profile you will be fascinated by her frames, you might already feel yourself right into the destination. She loves to travel because it gives her a sense of achievement and freedom which we all seek in different ways. She is also famous as a food and lifestyle blogger.

19. Preethi @peppytravelgirl (24.7k followers)


This always smiling girl is another famous travel influencer in India, this ex-banker believes the close connection between travel and mental health. If you visit her Instagram profile you will be mesmerized by the frames captured different moods of the country.

20. Nivedith Gajapathi @Nivedithg (206k followers)

 Nivedith Gajapathi

Nivedith has been travelling into more than thirty countries shares twelve plus years of travelling career. He has featured into LoneyPlanet, TravelXP, TOI, NatGeo and many more travelling platforms from across the world. He has worked with a number of travel brands and platforms the main reason being which is to generate awareness. If you are interested in exploring the lifestyle of a full-time travel influencer checks his profile now!

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Food influencers

Food is another interesting niche when it comes to influencer marketing, you can easily level-up your cooking game with these food bloggers in India, not they share recipes but also provide genuine reviews of cafes, restaurants, must-try dishes etc. This is why restaurants and other food outlets love to work with these food enthusiasts since they help to disseminate the brand message to the mass. Let’s see who are some of the famous food influencers in our country.

21. Swayampurna Mishra @leptichef (53.8k followers)

Swayampurna Mishra

One of the famous food influencers in our list is Swayampura who has been featured in author and actor Twinkle Khanna’s “What’s in your dubba”- a celebrity book. If you are struggling to make healthy as well as tasty dishes for your kid Swayampurna might be your real help, she will guide you which ingredients you should use to keep your child healthy and satisfy their taste buds as the same time. Her Indian desi dishes will leave you drooling over.

22. Kartik Khanna @the_kitchen_foodie (8.8 k followers)

Kartik Khanna

Another famous food influencer in India is Karthik who called himself an obsessed foodie, if you visit his Instagram profile you will understand how true his claim is. We bet you will fall in love with his representation which makes an ordinary dish to a classy one. From healthy breakfast to extraordinary dinner option, you will get hundreds of new food ideas from him.

23. Archana Doshi @archanaskitchen (344k followers)

Archana Doshi

Archana has her own website where you will find more than ten thousand recipes, her simplistic food preparation will please you. If you are in a hurry and wonder what to prepare for your family in breakfast visit her profile and get multiple ideas right away. You will absolutely love her veg dishes which also makes her a famous vegan influencer in India.

24. Karan Dua @dilsefoodie (647k followers)

Karan Dua

Apart from being a food influencer, Karan is also a YouTuber, he has featured in many renowned national and international magazines including The Hindu, Economic Times, Forbes India, Business World, Lonely Planet India etc. If you are fond of non-veg dishes follow Karan without giving it a second thought. He loves to explore street food of different corners of India, from parathas to chana masala, kebabs and many more his Instagram profile will surely water your mouth right away. He has also reviewed a lot of restaurants and food parlours which is a must-have quality of a food influencer.

25. Vegan Richa @veganricha (302k followers)


From her user name, it is quite clear that she is a vegan influencer in India, her cookbook is available in the US and internationally, so if you are a vegan follow her to get exciting food ideas. From easy breakfast to delicious deserts you will get thousands of new food preparation ideas from her.

26. Shivesh Bhatia @shivesh17 (478k followers)

	Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh is a Delhi based food influencer who is famous throughout India, he is a self-taught baker and food blogger, in 2018 he wrote “Bake with Shivesh” a cookbook. He has his own YouTube channel with 394k subscribers, where he basically uploads his baking recipes if you loving baking cakes, cookies and other things you will enjoy his content.

27. Maunika Gowardhan @cookinacurry (191k followers)

Maunika Gowardhan

Maunika is an Indian food writer and food columnist in BBC, her cookbook is available on Amazon. She also has her own Indian recipe app available on iTunes. From daily breakfast to dinner recipes and guest-special recipes she can help you in many ways. Her way of representing Indian recipes are amazing.

28. Uma Raghuraman @masterchefmom (84.4k followers)

	Uma Raghuraman

Uma is a famous vegan influencer in India, so if you are a vegan or a food enthusiast you can check her content. Among her recipes south Indian dishes are famous, she has already collaborated with famous food brands in India.

29. Deeba Rajpal @passionateaboutbaking (166k followers)

	Deeba Rajpal

Another top food blogger in our list is Deeba famous for her baking styles, if you visit her Instagram page you will fall in love with her culinary style, if you are a dessert lover you must follow her.

30. Saransh Goila @saranshgoila (312k followers)

 Saransh Goila

Another most famous food influencers in India is Saransh, if you visit his Instagram profile you will find extraordinary recipes. From home cooking to reviewing different restaurants, café etc. he has created a lot of exciting content. If you are a food enthusiast you must follow him.

Entertainment influencers

Entertainment is another famous niche from where many got famous from the past two years. From creating humorous content followed by meme and social message, today’s youth spend more time watching YouTube videos which egged the entertainment market even more. Let’s see the list of top entertainment influencers on India and why you should follow them.

31. Amol Parashar @amolparashar (297k followers)

Amol Parashar

If you are talking about entertainment and funny content Amol Parashar is the one, he is one of the most promising young Indian actors known for his humour and acting skills. He has acted in various movies and web series featured on Netflix. He has also nominated ITA Award for Best Actor – Male.

32. Bhuvan Bam @bhuvan.bam22 (11m followers)

Bhuvan Bam

If you like watching entertainment videos on different social media platforms you know Bhuvan Bam, he is one of the first few entertainment influencers of this generation who has achieved a higher level in the niche. He has 11 million followers on his Instagram account, you can visit his YouTube channel to discover his entertaining videos.

33. Ashish Chanchlani @ashishchanchlani (9.5m followers)

Ashish Chanchlani

Another famous entertainment influencer in India is Ashish Chanchlani who is well known for his comedy skills among his audience. He has also worked with many brands including clothing, perfume, men’s health care, lifestyle etc.

34. Kanan Gill @kanangill (360k followers)

Kanan Gill

Kanan is an Indian comedian, actor and YouTuber, he won the Bangalore Punch Line Competition, he is known for movie reviews on YouTube. Kanan has worked as a software engineer for about three years but soon realized his niche and moved towards becoming a comedian. He likes to pamper his audience with his outstanding sense of humour if you like comedy content you must follow him.

35. Kusha Kapila @kushakapila (1.4m followers)

Kusha Kapila

A famous female comedian and entertainment influencer in India is Kusha Kapila, she is more like a social media celebrity who works for the popular Indian media platform like iDiva, etc. She is famous for her fictional character “Billi Masi” on social media.

36. Rytasha Rathore @rytash (96.5 k followers)

	Rytasha Rathore

Rytasha is more like a plus-size protagonist and entertainment influencers in India, she has played a wrestler daughter in law in a TV show name Badho Bahu. Through her content, she likes to talk about body challenging issues for plus-sized women in our society.

37. The Bong Guy @yourbongguy (1m followers)

The Bong Guy

Kiran Dutta is the heartthrob of the Bengali viewers of this generation, known for his extraordinary Bengali movie reviewing skills. He has worked with various brands as an influencer, he has an enormous capacity of influencing peoples’ mindset with his approach.

38. Shristi Dixit @sristipatch (579k followers)

	Shristi Dixit

Shristi is one of the fastest-growing comedian and entertainment influencers in India famous for her comedy content. She likes to make society related content like “ what people would say” if you watch any of her content you will understand how relatable these are. Because of her outstanding approach towards audience bog brands like Olay, OnePlus etc. likes to work with her.

39. Dolly Singh @dollysingh (1m followers)

	Dolly Singh

Another famous entertainment influencer is Dolly Singh who needs no introduction, from making awareness content to comedy videos she is everywhere. She is one of the fastest-growing celebrity influencers in India with her own production team including own makeup artist, videographer and photographer. She likes to talk about different Indian tradition and its actual manifestation in society.

40. Debiparna @debiparna_c (16.5k followers)


Debiparna is a Bengali content creator has her own YouTube channel with more than 1.25k followers where she uploads various comedy videos along with some food preparation videos. She has made a couple of funny videos together with Kusha Kapila and others and has worked under various media banner like Scoopwhoop, Idivaofficial etc. She has also worked with many brands to reach their marketing requirement.

Health influencers

Health influencers have their fair share in the entire influencer marketing ecosystem, from promoting supplements to practising yoga they are everywhere. In this lockdown these fitness influencers have taken the concept of healthy living to another level, every day many of them used to come up with new workout videos to motivate their audience, let’s see some of the most promising health and fitness influencers of India.

41. Radhika Bose @yogasini (328k followers)

Radhika Bose

Radhika is a creator and a lifestyle blogger and a TEDx speaker like to create health and fitness-related content including full-body workout, seven days challenge, ABS etc. If you wish to scale up your daily workout routine you can follow her for quick and effective workout ideas.

42. Namrata Purohit @namratapurohit (308k followers)

Namrata Purohit

Another popular fitness enthusiast in our list is Namrata Purohit who is awesome with props like pillow workout, how to use ropes to level-up your fitness etc. She mostly uploads videos from her gym to motivate her viewers. Through her content she made is very clear that fitness is not an overnight job it is more like a lifestyle.

43. Prashant Sawant @prashantsixpack (90.6k followers)

Prashant Sawant

Prasant is not only a fitness influencer but also the personal coach to Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Priyanka Chopra and other celebrities. He has been featured in many health and fitness magazines. From home workout routine to using gym machines you will absolutely love his fitness content on Instagram.

44. Nidhi Mohan Kamal @nidhimohankamal (103k followers)

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi is a nutritionist and a strength coach, you can get personalised consultation from her. Apart from being a health and fitness influencer, she is also a lifestyle blogger, has worked with a number of brands as an influencer.

45. Ayesha Billimoria @fitgirl.india (96.6k followers)

Ayesha Billimoria

Check Ayesha for a hand full of fresh new workout ideas that you can practice without moving out from your house. From weight training to flaunting her sarees she is an amazing content creator in our list.

46. Tanny Bhattacharjee @fitandfab (70k followers)

	Tanny Bhattacharjee

Tanny is a professional weight loss trainer and prenatal yoga teacher loves to explore new ways to her workout routine to motivate her audience. If you are a fitness enthusiast check out Tanny for inspiration

47. Bharath Gowda @bharathgowda_official (62.7k followers)

Bharath Gowda

Bharath is an athlete and a famous fitness influencer of India, if you are interested in bodybuilding you must follow him for positive inspiration.

48. Tanvi’s Journey to Abs @iwillgetlean (196k followers)


Tanvi is one of the top female fitness influencers in India popular for her transformation journey, if you visit her Instagram profile you will get a clear picture from where she has started. From sharing full-body workout plans to Abs workout, she has become a pro. If you are thinking about losing a few pounds you must check her profile to know how to start exactly. Her seven-days, fifteen days challenge keeps her audience pampered and motivated.

49. Sapna Vyas @coachsapna (1.8m followers)

	Sapna Vyas

Sapna is a certified with American Council on Exercise (ACE), she is also a Weight Management Specialist as well as Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach. She is also a Behaviour Change Specialist, through her weight-loss and fitness journey she has reduced almost 33 kgs through only walking and weight training. She is the daughter of a well-known Indian politician who managed the Department of Health and Family Welfare. Sapna also has her own YouTube channel where she provides enormous information regarding diet, workout, Yoga etc.

50. Rohit Khatri @rohitkhatrifitness (405k followers)

 Rohit Khatri

Rohit is a Sports Science Nutritionist and has his own YouTube channel for fitness. If you like hard-core training or bodybuilding Rohit can provide huge motivation. His charming personality and the next level of dedication makes him one of the finest and promising male fitness influencer in India.

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Discover the top 50 most famous influencers in India and their secret of content creation. If you are a brand looking for most influential personalities to endorse your business give this article a read, also know how an influencer marketing agency can guide you.


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