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Nov 27, 2020

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Did you know YouTube has over 265 million monthly active users and around 1200 channels from Indian creators? According to a recent survey it has been revealed that more than 75% of brands use Influencer marketing on YouTube for a higher ROI, it clearly shows the reasons which egged the battleground of online marketers.

YouTube is the second-largest platform across the globe, the Indian audience is hooked with the platform for more reason than one. Among the Indian YouTube channels more than 10% of owned by women, people watch over 500 million hours of video clips on this platform. It's more than just posting videos online, if you are starting YouTube marketing you must find this article helpful where our influencer markers have highlighted some of the tricks to leverage the power of this platform too drive your sales and attract new customers.

This article helps you find some of the best influencer search tools to find YouTube influencers who will endorse your brand on their channels. But before let’s see why you should consider YouTube!

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Reasons for Considering YouTube Marketing

YouTube is an easy and effective way to build your audience and grab their attention. A perfect YouTube marketing strategy can be your secret weapon to stand out among others. YouTube is especially beneficial for the manufacturer; product and/or service-based small companies to market their products. If you know nuts and bolts of YouTube marketing easily you can build a loyal subscriber base who will help you spread your business through social media shares.

Here are some of the reasons for which you might consider endorsing your product on YouTube either through YouTube advertising or with the help of popular YouTubers.

1.    It’s Free!

For start-ups, the marketing budget can be a real constrain, for which they must know how to leverage the power of YouTube which is basically free. You can make small brand-centric content which might go viral very quickly. Videos and pictures are some of the most shared content on YouTube which would streamline your target audience and scale-up your marketing abilities.

2.    Drive Sales

Small businesses can promote their products on YouTube to gain valuable leads, where your video would reach millions. You can also optimize your video by adding meta tags and most searched keywords on your title. The best part is you can provide the link of your YouTube channel on your other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. so that your friends would come to know about your brand. Another important aspect is Google will show your YouTube video on its search results if you insert valuable information in it.

3.    Improve SEO

From the SEO point of view, it would be like a boon to your business website, since Google try to show relevant videos on its search result if you upload useful videos it would, in turn, help you attract the kinds of viewers. For that your to optimize your tags which would help your videos to be found in a general search.

4.    Engagement

YouTube videos can provide a vast engagement, viewers can like, share and comment on your videos which would eventually make them famous. It is a great opportunity for startups to correspond with potential customers directly on your channel. You can also add “buy now” buttons at the end of your videos which would redirect the audience to your business website so that the viewers can directly make their purchase directly from the video.  

5.    Customer Testimonials

You upload customers’ feedback on your business YouTube channel so that your regular viewers get a better insight. A video testimonial of loyal feedback has a great potential to arouse interest in your business. Testimonials with a special insight into your products or services will provide concrete proof of your start-up, which is the first step of building a reputation for your brand.

6.    Work with popular YouTubers

YouTube provide you with a great opportunity to work with famous YouTubers who have already gained popularity in some niche. Over time these influencers have built their loyal audience base, so if they recommend your product, millions of people will get to see your brand, among which you can get potential customers. Now seven among ten brands are looking for influencers to ensures their brand since it is one of the most effective ways to scale-up your brand value.

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List of Top 5 YouTube Influencer Marketing Tools

1.    Influicity

Influicity is a great campaign management tool that will build and manage your audience on YouTube.  It is basically a subscription-based platform where you will find, engage and partner with YouTube influencers for your campaign. Other than YouTube you can also find influencers and bloggers for other social media platform like Instagram, Twitter etc. This tool helps you streamline your communication with influencers and create reports on your campaign performance so that you can analyse them and plan future content accordingly.


If you are planning your next campaign with famous YouTube influencers you might want to check SOCIALBLADE, if you wish to know your competitor’s social performance this tool can be your perfect match. After entering the name of the website it would show the social actions taken by that site within a particular time frame and its percentage of success so that you can analyse all the required data at a glance.

3.    Scrunch

This tool is best to spot the right micro and nano influencer in the market, unlike other tools it allows freshers or first-time influencers to work with brands with a special emphasis on YouTube. It would ask you to sign up before using, after that you can enter a simple keyword to streamline your search, for example, “Beauty influencers of India”. You can even search micro and nano influencers with it. They have a free starter plan through which you can a demo on your marketing requirements. It allows seamless activities on your influencer marketing campaign.

4.    Framebit

If you are looking for YouTube influencers for your brand promotion, you can try Frambit’s self-service marketing platform. It will allow you to discover active influencer of a particular niche and their previous campaign performance. Through this influencer marketing tool, you can directly connect with the influencer and end them campaign proposals. You can also upload your campaign requirement directly on the platform after which you will start receiving notifications from creators who are interested in your campaign.

5.    Wizdeo

Wizdeo is another useful YouTube influencer marketing tool that provides sophisticated performance analysis for videos, brands, campaigns etc. Here you can filter your search through specific keyword, for example, “ food bloggers of Mumbai”. It also provides the full analyse report of a particular YouTube channel so that you can predict your campaign performance with utmost precision.

Looking for top YouTube influencers

Start a Campaign

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YouTube Marketing for Startups

As we mentioned earlier YouTube is a free platform where you can build your audience with your creativity. If you open a YouTube channel focusing on your products and services, your audience would get a better opportunity to know your business. Being the second most popular social media platform YouTube has great potential to change the game of your business.

A proper YouTube marketing strategy can be your secret weapon to stay ahead of your rivals. 79% of internet users have their own YouTube channel, so if you choose the right YouTube influencer to work with you can drive sales earlier than planned. YouTube is pretty much accessible to everyone besides you don’t need to invest in opening a channel. You can start making a video with your smartphones and available light setup (if any).

If you can find thousands of popular YouTubers to work for your channel, some would ask remuneration while some can be okay with collaboration offers. Since YouTube is one of the most effective video marketing platforms you have more reason than one to consider it to achieve the next level of your business. If you think this is too much for you, you can simply hire an influencer marketing agency to do the job.

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How an Influencer Marketing Agency can Assist You?

If you are thinking of getting YouTube influencer marketing services for your brand, connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India, who has worked with various brands to meet their marketing goals. They have a huge database of popular bloggers and influencers from different parts of the country among which they will help you find the best suitable profiles for your campaign.

They have an experienced team of influencer marketers and content creators who constantly keeps a strict eye on the rapidly changing marketplace. They understand the mindset of different sets of audiences so if you choose to work with InfluGlue they will provide the best influencer marketing consultation for your business.

InfluGlue will help you understand the nitty-gritty of YouTube influencer marketing for your business, we know which kind of service and tools you require to reach the next level. You can also check your campaign performance with the latest analytics tools available in the market because we believe data speak louder than voice.  The best part of working with InfluGlue provides the best-in-class influencer marketing services within an affordable package.

The success of a campaign depends on how you curate, days are gone when people used to be interested in “we are the best” kind of slogans. Now you need to come up with something different appeal to their emotions. People are no more interested in knowing what you are doing; instead, they are curious about how you are doing. You have to give special emphasis on the storytelling technique.

InfluGlue will provide a holistic YouTube influencer marketing services for your brand, to know more, just sign up and let the team get back to you.

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The Bottom Line

YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the most popular channels for influencer marketing, with the recent advancement in internet speed people are more tend to watch short YouTube videos for entertainment. To cope up with the trend Instagram has launched IG TV and Gaana has introduced HotShots, clearly, it is the era of video content. At InfluGlue we aimed to connect your brand with top influencers from different niche like food, fashion, health and fitness, education, parenting etc. Our main USP is our scrutinizing abilities with various metrics like the number of subscribers, engagement, reach, quality audience, demographic details of the audience etc. We ensure the best creative strategy and direction to create a buzz about your brand so that you can drive sales right away. So, get in touch with us and help us understand your marketing requirement.


Would like to know the true power of YouTube as an influencer marketing platform? Give this article a read and discover some of the most effective YouTube influencer marketing tools to boost the performance of your campaign. Get started with the leading influencer marketing platform in India if YouTube influencer marketing is your cup of tea.


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