Top 5 Nutrition Bloggers Of India You Must Follow In 2020

Mar 23, 2020

Food is our first love, isn’t it? Whether we are happy, sad or depressed, we cannot stop thinking about food at every point of our lives.

No doubt, a delicious meal can add an extra oomph to your day. If you want to get some great food goals to read this article where we have highlighted some of the famous food bloggers of India. This article is especially helpful for those who are looking to start their own blogs or looking to promote their food venture through influencer marketing.

They share a common interest, cooking and food styling is their passion which is clearly reflected within their personal blogs. Also note, the serial number has nothing to do with their popularity, so do not judge them by the numbers.

If you want to be a food blogger, looking to set up your own blog, this article is a must-read for you. We bet; you will get exciting food styling ideas from the mentioned blogs.

1. Kartik Gandhi

Kartik Gandhi

From food styling to reviewing various dishes, you will get everything in Kartik’s blog. His passional blog will tell you about a foodie’s story. He realized his passion while staying in the USA as he was exposed to multiple cuisines. In the blog, he shares his own food blogging experience.

He loves to experiment with various food cuisines to come up with different new ideas. He believes food promotes love and companionship. If you want to know about the latest restaurants reviewed, read his blogs at the GASTROHOGGER.

He has a special addiction to baking; if you want to start your own baking, his blog will help you a lot in clearing basic baking ideas and how to improve ideas. In his blog, his other team members also share their points of view related to baking and other culinary ideas. You can also find him on Instagram and Facebook for getting regular updates.

Among his top 5 favorite places at Hyderabad, he mentioned:

  • Café Bahar, Basheerbagh
  • Shahi Dastakhwan, Red, hills
  • Hotel Shadab, Ganshi Bazaar
  • Grand Hotel & Restaurants, Abids
  • Meridian, Panjugutta

But being a sports brand why Adidas worked with TV actress? Yes, they have reasons for that too. They wanted to spread the word about they go beyond the sports world. Another reason for this is to gain extraordinary popularity and increase followers on their social media profiles, which they got successfully.

2. Swati Sucharita

Swati Sucharita

Blogger Swati Sucharita is a versatile person who has been a part of print journalism for near about three decades. She has now her own content consultancy which she successfully runs along with running her blog. Swati’s blog Etaopian Chronicles, covers a wide range of food topics, starting from reviewing restaurants, to come up with healthy recipes to new food habits she writes about everything. The best part of the blog is she talks about most underrated recipes that taste awesome, but people hardly know about it.

She likes to talk about extraordinary food which has excellent nutrition value. She had also curated an Odia food festival at Hyderabad. She loves Odia food and doesn’t miss a single chance to promote Odia cuisine. In one of her blogs, she talked about Bohri food and tagged it as one of the most underrated cuisines, and everyone should taste.

If you read Eatopian chronicles daily, you will come to know about various restaurants and food festivals of Hyderabad. Upon asking her favorite cuisine, she says she loves Pan Asian food, especially Thai and Vietnamese. Another worth mentioning food from her list is Hyderabadi Kacchi ghost biriyani and Haleem. At her blogs, she talks about Telengana food paachi pulusu, which is a mouth-watering ethnic dish made from the goodness of red chilies and tamarind. If you want to take out your friend at a must-visit place in Hyderabad, just take a look at her Instagram page or blog, you will get a hand full of ideas.

3. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi

The Software Engineer, the founder of Archana’s kitchen, starts her own blog in 2007 to share the traditional recipe of her family kitchen. Archana’s blog shows how someone can cook the best food from their own kitchen. You don’t need to have unique ingredients to come up with something extraordinary, with simple things you can make something mesmerizing. Her website, archanaskitchen is one of the most visited food blogging sites in India. If you want to know which masala is suitable for a particular recipe, read her blog, we bet you will get a clear idea of that. From a weekly meal plan to the must-try traditional holi recipes, you will get everything covered in the blog.

One of the best parts of her blog is she writes in regional languages, especially in Hindi. Another worth mentioning feature of her blog is she talks about street food to the kitchen made foods to high-class restaurant foods.

In her blog, she also reviews various kitchen appliances, so if you are looking to buy a new appliance, you can check her blog to get amazing ideas. If you read her blog regularly, you will find various ideas on healthy kitchen recipes, both veg, and non-veg. You will also find multiple DIY cooking ideas in her blog. Other than Archana, other writers also write in this blog.

4. Rudra and Priyanjana

Rudra and Priyanjana

This blog is all about the passion of two big-time foodies come engineer- Priyanjana and Rudra. Their joint interest gave birth to their blog: The Foodie Land. Because of their common interest, they narrowed down to the blog where you will find various offbeat recipes and their amazing fusions. Rudra is a great foodie who believes life is all about eating good food and meeting good people. Apart from eating, he also likes to express his thoughts in words. His words will provide a clear idea about the taste of the food.

Upon asking for his choice of food, he mentioned grilled preparations, Kebabs, Seafood, etc. He also has a special love for pastries, puddings, and brownies. If you stay in Bangalore or just visiting there to travel, read their blog to know which places you must visit. Authentic Kerala cuisine is one of his favorite topics to write about.

5. Aniket Gulabani

Aniket Gulabani

If you want to know what nutrition or food blog site looks like you must visit bellyovermind where you will find amazing recipes from various parts of the world. From cake baking to various recipes of Singapore you will get to know about them all.

The main reason for creating this recipe website is to inspire kitchen cooking. It inspires every individual to cook for their own and for family members. He thinks there is a lot of things to learn from various chefs from the world. Another worth mentioning feature of his bog is you will find category wise recipes. Among his recipes, Rose Cake with Strawberry Tamarind and White Chocolate Buttercream is a must-read, as it is one of the most innovative cake baking ideas. You can also check his rice salad recipe.

For a better understanding of the readers, it is not a place for restaurant reviews; it is more like personal documentation where Aniket shares his personal view about various restaurants and recipes. So, if you want to read personal stories of this 26-year-old freelance food blogger, check his blog and enjoy the essence of rich content related to food.

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How Food Bloggers Help In Promoting Your Business?

If you want to start your restaurant, café or live kitchen and looking to market them most creatively, you must talk to the food and nutrition bloggers. They will spread words about your venture at their community which will not only enhance your brand reputation over a small time span. .

Moreover, working with real-life bloggers will be much more helpful and cost-effective than a traditional marketing approach. Food bloggers and influencers have a trustworthy fanbase who appreciate their projects and strategies. If you hire a food blogger to promote your business, you will be closer to your target audience.

How Can An Influencer Marketing Agency Help You?

If you want to promote your food venture, i.e. restaurant, café, live kitchen or home delivery service, get connected with an influencer marketing company that will help you out marketing your brand with utmost creativity. We bet it will be easier for you to stand out among others in this competitive market.

So many bloggers and influencers are registered with renowned influencer marketing agencies for getting paid campaigns, so if you connect with them, they will select the best suitable influencer for your business. The influencer marketers and content creators are pros at creating a buzz about your brand within your target location which is really tough in case of traditional marketing. Besides, traditional marketing will cost you a hefty amount, but for new brands with so much budget crunch influencer marketing can be a real help.

Another worth mention reason for which brands love to work with influencer marketing agencies is that you can measure your campaign performance via the latest analytics tools. At a single click, you will get all the report on who loves your brand; exactly what features of your products is attracting the audience. For your future content marketing strategy, this analytics report is unmatchable as you can better plan your brand content. An influencer marketing agency can help you in building long term relationships with your customers and with influencers. If you want a sustainable business plan, long term relationship is unmatchable for you.

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Do you want to who are the top food and nutrition bloggers of India? Take a look at the article and find really inspiring people who took the concept of food blogging to another level with their sense of creativity and personal touch.

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