Top 20 Parenting Blog Ideas Directly From The Influencer Marketplace

Nov 20, 2020

Hey mama! Do you want to start a blog but aren’t sure where to get started? Don’t worry we got your back, give this article a read to discover some of the top parenting blogging ideas to become a successful mom influencer in India. The more you research the better ideas you get which you can modify and tweak according to your experience and readers’ preference, now give yourself a pat on your back because you have decided to start your own parenting blog!

According to seven out of ten new moms starting a blog was the best decision that they have made. It not only provides the opportunity to stay close to your toddler but also provide a perfect platform to express yourself regarding parenthood. Mothers are always responsible for the wellbeing of their child that include their physical and mental health, hope the following topics would help you sort your blogging ideas better.

What are the perks of becoming a parenting blogger?

As a blogger, you can bag a lot of benefits among which most important is the inspiration to do something new, parenthood is no doubt one of the most challenging time in anyone’s life, not only you undergo some physical changes but also you encounter with some mental changes. In this situation, many got their family’s support but sometimes that’s hard to get because of different circumstances. However, if you wish to become a parenting blogger the following perks you would get:

  • Encouragement from readers

As a new parent, you need support for almost everything, there is no point of feeling alone when your child refuses to take a nap or reject the meal. When you read articles from new moms you will feel encouraged to go forward, since it’s not an easy task, even if it looks similar every child has their own sets of requirement and response to different actions. If you share your struggling story with your readers not only it would help them with a better perspective but you get a lot of comments from experienced moms. You can ask your readers to subscribe to your newsletters so that they won’t miss your updates and new blogs. Make space for comments so that the readers can get a chance to share their thoughts with you, make sure you read the comments and reply them. Ask them what they would like to read next and plan your content accordingly, this type of interaction would make your blog famous in no time since if they like your blog there is a chance they would share it on their social media profiles.

  • Support when you need it the most

During the first few months of pregnancy and right after the delivery you will get to hear tons of advice from your friends and family even if you don’t require them, it always feels great to be surrounded by people who care for you the most, but what about having some breathing space? Through your blog, you can get connected with similar minded people across the world. You can get huge support and inspiration from the mommy blogging realm, your children might find the right pal in a mommy blogging date together with other new moms and their kids.

  • Instant advice from experienced people

Imagine shushing the sick little one at 2 am and you are not sure what else to do, it is not less than an emergency situation. You always have the option to call your paediatrician but if it’s just the sleep issue or some situation with mild cough or temperature you can turn your blog on and ask your community friends for an immediate solution to minimize the effect on your child. You can check the other mommy blog sites to get some fresh new ideas since it’s a great resource of trendy content. You can also ask some interesting questions through your blog like what kind of outdoor activities are suitable for your toddler in this season? Or, are there any interesting playgrounds available in your locality? etc.

  • Extra income from your blog

Do you know you can save a hefty amount on buying books of parenting ideas? Simply reading other parenting blogs can give you enough ideas to start your won blog right away. You can find fresh strategies, tactics and topics online, so why go for hard copies? Besides, every day tons fresh new parenting ideas are pouring from across the globe so the only constant thing in parent blogging is the change. The best part is you can also make money from your blog, there are few ways to monetize your blog you can follow one or a combination of them to earn from what you like to do. You can host live sessions and offline workshops to attract more new readers to your community and ask them for a minimum entry fee, or you can insert affiliate link from the trustworthy websites like Amazon and earn a commission whenever someone purchases using your link.

  • Work-life balance

If you are a working parent you might find sometimes nothing is perfect which might force to make a big deal out of your parenting. Sometimes getting a little piece of advice from an experienced mommy won’t be harmful. After having a nine to five job instead of discussing your parenting stress with your nosy relatives it would be better if you let someone help from their own experience. You can help your child become more creative and knowledgeable which would safeguard them better. New moms would find your tips on work-life balance much useful, besides in return you might get some more handy tips from you mom blogger pals on the comment section.

List of Top 20 blog ideas for your parenting blog

There are thousands of new-age parenting ideas that you can talk about, after running thorough market research and keeping a strict eye on the recent trends here are our top parenting blog ideas exclusively for you.

1. Parenting

Well, parenting itself is a vast niche and any day you can come up with hundreds of new blogging ideas on that. Since your blog is based on this prime topic, how about sharing the news when you first heard about your pregnancy, what is your view on the idea of parenting, what do you prefer: traditional parenting or the new-age one? You can also share the idea of creating your own parenting blog like your inspiration, funny comments of family members when they first heard your blogging ideas etc. You can also take the platform to confess your parenting failures and what you have learned from your mistakes etc. If we talk more about the parenting topics it would just go on and on, you must trust your instinct while coming up with your new blog

2. Family

Needless to mention family plays a crucial role in the bringing up of every child, every family member plays an important part either directly or indirectly. You can talk about your equation with your mother-in-law or sister-in-law during the pregnancy days so that the readers understand how to turn a negative comment into a positive post. You can also talk about your favourite me-time indulgence and how your family supports that.

3. Pregnancy

Another vast sector or parenting niche is the pregnancy which is the first milestone of the entire journey, no doubt it is a special moment for every woman, you can tell your personal experience like how you felt after getting the news. Tell them whether you were struggling to become pregnant as fertilization is one of the most common issues in today’s women. You can talk about pregnancy mood swings and how you used to deal with those situations, you can talk about midnight sugar craving, or how you used to deal with your appetite issues etc.

4. Marriage and relationships

Marriage and relationships are the most important part of every parent’s life, dealing with children is not an easy job. You might have to go through a lot of changes and struggles during the first few months of pregnancy, you can share your health details whether you have come across any health issues, how your partner has helped you etc. It would also allow other new mommies to talk about their pregnancy health issues and relationships.

5. Mental health of children

Sometimes parents struggle to deal with common mental health issues of their children like not started talking at the right age, socializing issues like not interacting with other children or not interested in telling their names to their teachers etc. Your input on such topics would help others from similar situations, similarly, you can also get help regarding the same from experienced mom bloggers.

6. Food habits of toddlers

Another struggle of new mommies is to deal with the food habit of toddlers, just after they quit breast milk or starts to reject packaged baby foods. If you don’t provide better options soon they will end up loving junk foods, so leverage the power of your blogging platforms to share your opinion to make your toddler’s food habit better, also ask other moms how they deal similar situations.

7. Single mom

A single mom’s parenting duties are not less than a married woman rather your duties are much more while you are on your own. You can share your journey with your readers let them know your story in your own words to inspire others struggling with a somewhat similar situation. Remember you are not alone in this single mom world; your story will encourage others to share their personal experiences.

8. Mom fashion

Mom fashion is one of the buzzwords in the parenting influencing ecosystem, just because you have become a mom doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your style, rather you can create your own style statement and let your readers know those through your blog. You can try wearing cool kaftan which would seamlessly hide your post-pregnancy fat and provide you with a perfect shape. It would also encourage other mom bloggers to talk about their style statement and lifestyle.

9. Mom health

In post-pregnancy you have to take care of yourself, even more, you must maintain a strict diet to stay healthy by every means. Through your blog, you can talk about your post-pregnancy diet, workout plans, skincare routines, regular work routine, your journey of getting back to work and anything and everything. Mom health and fitness is one of the famous topics in parenting blogging and influencing.

10. Interior design

You can always talk about interior design ideas for your baby’s room or how you are planning to decorate your home to welcome and accommodate your newborn child etc. You can also talk about the wall colour, the positioning of windows, photo frames, murals etc. It would keep all the moms posted about their upcoming planning regarding home décor with their new baby.

11. Child psychological issues

There is a lot of hush-hush about the psychological issues with children especially in the age between four to thirteen, you can talk about how you would like to handle a situation when your kid asked a wired question, how you are planning to prepare your child with the “good touch bad touch” stuff. There are millions of moms out there who struggle to deal with their child and don’t know how to discuss private things with their children, so maybe you could help them with your input, a lot of moms might use your help.

12. Best child specialists in town

Another interesting topic for your parenting blog might be talking about some of the famous child specialists in town as a lot of mothers would find that useful. You can provide some of the important information like the location, timing, date and other details of the clinics. You can also try putting some information on Google map so that your readers can get a better insight into the reallocation of the clinics.

13. Tricks of doing the adult talk

As we have mentioned before a lot of parents struggle to talk about certain things to their growing child, you might try giving them some conversational advice through your blog. Sometimes parents try to distract their child from an adultery topic with some lame explanations, it always acts the opposite, they will try to quest their thirst from other resources, instead, you can do the talking smartly. Don’t let the society pre-sets hold you back, also consider it a great chance to polish your bond with your child, always try to provide them with the comfortless of telling the truth to you irrespective of the situation. Don’t immediately judge them or come to conclusion, instead give them some space so that they can realize and learn from their own mistakes.

14. Business ideas

As a mom, you can come up with exciting blogs mentioning some of the business ideas that new moms can easily give a try. If you are a businesswoman you can try to share your own story. Work from home is the new normal many job holders are providing support from home you can try talking about your work from the home situation and observe others’ response to it.

15. Working mom

Working moms have different sets of struggle that nobody would understand unless facing the same situation. You can share tips on maternity leave, organizing your life with your family and the baby, going back to work. For working moms sometimes going back to the same office after a year or so might be challenging, if you write blogs on these topics from your personal experience it would encourage your readers a lot. You can talk about success and failure and how those have shaped your life, make you the person that you are today.

16. Divorce

There are various aspects of divorce that mothers need to accomplish, separation has a huge impact on the child’s emotion so you can provide some of the information about how to deal with your kid about the entire separation thing. You can also provide news and information regarding divorce and child’s custody, solutions to situations that people commonly encounter in relationship break etc.

17. Must-read books for kids

You can write blogs focused on must-read books for kids so that the new mommies buy those books for their kids. You can categorise on the basis of age and interest. Don’t forget to give an eye-catchy title to your blog something like “ 10 books all kids should read before they’re 12”, which would attract more readers eventually.

18. Festivals and kids

Another very interesting parenting blog topic is how to prepare your kids for festivals like Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. You can talk about kids fashion, comfortable clothing, and precautions need to be taken etc. You can also talk about exciting kids activities to part in, how to make festive-friendly foods etc. Both moms and kids would find such topics extremely interesting.

19. Kids and travel

In most cases new parents don’t understand how to plan their trip with their toddler, you can use your blogs to write something related to travel with kids, like what things they should keep in mind while visiting locations like mountain, sea etc. What precautions they should take for seasonal changes like monsoon travel, medicine they must carry, how to deal with your cranky kid with an unpredictable schedule, what foods you must carry while travelling, which spots you must visit with your kids etc.

20. Weekend ideas with kids

As a working parent if you struggle to spend time with your kid there is no reason to feel alone, you will find thousands in the same situation or even worse. You can write about some exciting ideas to spend time with your toddler on the weekends, tell your readers they can do much more than just buying pizzas for their kids. Hopefully, the above ideas have sparked your imagination and given you a lot of fresh new ideas for your own blog, the list would help you brainstorm so that you can come up with stimulating blogging ideas of your niche. Becoming a famous parenting blogger is not an overnight job, you have to create your own blogging style and be consistent about what you do.

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Parenting bloggers and influencer marketing

Now the influencer marketing ecosystem is pretty much warmed up by the parenting bloggers because they have different sets of readers with a somewhat similar mindset. You might have seen your favourite mom influencers in India endorsing a baby product on her Instagram profile, the ad you might think of giving it a try. If you are a parenting blogger with higher DA value you would get proposals from a variety of baby product brands and you can earn your commission from that reference. You can keep a backlink of their website to your blog or simply earn a commission from affiliate marketing. Now more than 76% of parents prefer influencer recommendation more than celebrity endorsement because of the trust factor.

If you own a baby product brand and looking to endorse it with the famous parenting bloggers in India you might find this section of the article useful. You can either try to find such personalities by your own or let an experienced influencer marketing platform help you for the same. Our influencer marketers and content creators keep a strict eye on the market, so if you choose with work with us we ensure you stay ahead of your rivals with our unique influencer marketing strategies. We provide the best in business influencer marketing services within affordable packages so you have a hand full of reasons to work with us.

Looking for Top Parenting Bloggers

Start a Campaign

Influencer marketing company: An extra pair of eyes will always be helpful!

Do you know because of its effectivity now eight of ten marketers are ready to pay a hefty amount to a decent influencer marketing company to connect with the top bloggers and influencers of a particular niche? Besides, the success of an influencer marketing campaign would depend on how you curate it and what message you are trying to give the audience so that they can turn into your prospective buyers. For that, you must understand the mindset of the customers and the right message to appeal to their emotions.

If you think this is too much for you, you might consider taking help from an influencer marketing company, who would do the entire thing on your behalf. InfluGlue is the leading influencer marketing platform in India with special experience in dealing with parenting bloggers and mom influencers from different influencer marketing campaign like Nestle Gerber. In fact, we have a huge database of influencers and bloggers from different parts of the country from which we can handpick the best suitable profiles for your campaign.

The bottom line

Influencer marketing is the next-generation online marketing strategy that is a boon for many businesses, from start-ups to big brands, all are in a race to work with the famous influencers which are fuelled the market even more. In this pandemic, influencer marketing has proved its effectivity once again, for which brands are ready to pay a hefty amount to the agencies to connect with famous influencers. If you are a full-time mom blogger looking to earn from your blog, try some of our new blogging ideas to pamper your readers and get noticed by more brands who are looking to work with bloggers like you.


Scale up your parenting blog with our brand new blogging ideas collected from the influencer marketplace of India. Discover some easy steps of becoming a famous parenting blogger and get noticed by renowned brands. If you have not monetized your blog yet get smart ideas of making money from your blog.

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