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Top 20 Live Streamers Of India That You Must Follow In 2021

Mar 12, 2021


Most of us have played some sort of video games in our childhood, from Need for Speed, Fifa, Prince of Persia, Serious Sam and more. Now teenagers are fond of mobile games than anything else, which has egged the market of live streamers even more from the past two years. It has transformed the Indian gaming industry to the next level. Every day more and more live streamers are coming through different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc. If you are a gaming enthusiast you may already follow some of the live streamers mentioned in our list below but if not this article can help sharpen your knowledge about the Indian gaming industry.

Gaming brands are already trying to leverage the power of these Indian live streamers to market their gaming propagandas and reduce their competitions.

Here is all you need to know about the top live streamers of India.

Who are live streamers?

Live streamers are basically gaming influencers who records video games while playing them. The main objective is to showcase how well they are performing so that their audience can enjoy it. Most of the live streamers or gaming influences have their own YouTube channel while some also showcase their content through both Instagram and YouTube.

What are their job roles?

Most of the live streamers or gaming enthusiast are play by their hearts, they want to beyond just creating live streaming videos on YouTube, they also want to participate esports worldwide. There is an esports organization called Global eSport which has signed top live streamers of India to create a bigger platform internationally.

Different gamer has different sets of interest or goals, some of which are:

  • To flaunt their gaming skills 
  • Attract more viewers to their social media channels
  • To entertain themselves as well as their audience
  • To grab the attention of the gaming brands for endorsement campaigns and projects

The majority of the viewers enjoy the exciting journey of these gamers’ skills. For great playing, they earn various rewards from different mobile gaming applications apart from creating their huge fan base.

Why they are famous?

These gaming influencers are famous for live streaming and their own style of playing mobile games. Video game streaming has emerged as a career option since gamers can earn a huge amount from love streaming and promoting new games among their audience. Moreover, over 85% of their audience are teenagers which is why not only gaming brands but different companies try to promote their products since they can easily grab the attention of the youth.

Each live streamer has their own social media channel which is monetized so they can earn from live streaming, they focus more on improving their live streaming patterns so that they can go beyond streaming their favourite games. They love exploring opportunities beyond just uploading content to their social media channels, for them entertaining the audience is of utmost importance.

These live streamers are more like public figures, they are associated with various gaming platforms to improve the interest of online game streamers, how to attract future gamers to their platform and many more.

live streamers in india

How do they earn money?

They earn money by creating gaming content on various social media platforms especially on YouTube which is continuously evolving its monetization process to support live streamers and provide more ways to make money.

Game streamers generate revenue beyond ads from their videos, YouTube also offers a feature called Super Chat which allows viewers to pay for the message that will be popped up during the live chat. As per a create report by YouTube more than 90,000 channels have received the Super Chat facility through which they earn more than $400 (28,700) per minute. This is one of the best ways to earn money on YouTube. The channels can also receive a monthly fee for their subscribers through channel memberships. These gaming influencers also work with big brands for influencer marketing and earn handsome money for different deliverables.

How they can improve the reputation of gaming brands?

If you are about to launch a gaming application there is no better way than leveraging the power of already established live streamers to attract a new audience who will trust your product. These gaming influencers are backed by millions of followers whom they have created from their unique approach and quality content over time. If top gaming influencers endorse your brand and ask their followers to play the game or purchase your products or services, they will trust the influencers more than celebrities, so instead of spending money on hiring celebrities, it would be rational to work with famous live streamers keeping in mind the changing the consumer persona.

Let’s explore the list of the top 20 live streamers of India

1. CarryMinati (Subscribers: 29.2 Million)

live streamers in india

Ajay Nagar AKA CarryMinati is one of the top live streamers of India born in June 1999, started his YouTube channel in 2014. As you can see within seven years’ time, he has gained over 29 million subscribers. He has also his verified profile on Twitter and other social media platforms. One of the main USP of his content is the Hindi language and unique style of delivering the content, from live streaming to roasting. He did everything to gain popularity on YouTube, from interviewing celebrities to taking a jibe on popular television shows like Big Boss on YouTube. His recent music video YALGAAR went viral, has crossed over 213 million views.

2. Total Gaming (Subscribers: 21.6 Million)

live streamers in india

Ajay is known for his Total Gaming channel where he live streams the battle royal game Ganera Free Fire for his viewers. He is one of the most subscribed Indian gaming YouTubers in 2021. He was born in Ahmedabad, apart from being a live streamer he is also a software engineer, a freelance and a “growth hacker”. He started his gaming career by playing Clash of Clans in 2015, because of his way of approach and funny video content he is praised among his subscribers.

3. Techno Gamerz (Subscribers: 14.1 Million)

live streamers in india

Ujjal Chaurasia owned this YouTube channel who is a Delhi based YouTube gaming creator. Within a span of three years, he has gained that number of subscribers which make him one of the most subscribed gaming YouTubers in India. He used to manage an Indian cloud-based Indian influencer marketing platform, created this channel at his 11th standard. From 2017 gaming career was booming in India. Initially, he only used to upload recorded gameplay videos but soon started uploading video using his own voice.

4. Gyan Gaming (Subscribers: 8.53 Million)

live streamers in india

He is famous for gameplay videos of Genera Free Fire Matches together with Hindi language commentary, it was launched in 2017 and gained over 8 million subscribers within three years time span. Gyan Gaming’s real name Sujan Mistri who has played over 25,000 matches in squad mode.

5. Mortal (Subscribers: 6.23 Million)

live streamers in india

Naman Mathur is popularly known as Mortal, on his YouTube channel, he uploads gaming highlights especially PUBGstreaming. From uploading exciting gaming content to entertaining his viewers, he is one of the reasons behind popularizing this game among Indian teenagers. He started playing various video and mobile games on his home computer, he admitted to spending more time on gaming than studying which has made him one of the most successful live streamers of India. He has gained popularity by streaming “Counter-Strike”, during playing the game he came to know other gamers of India, later he started playing PUBGand gained ultimate popularity.

6. Dynamo Gaming (Subscribers: 9.12 Million)

live streamers in india

Aadii Sawant is another famous name in the field of live streamers of India who got popular by playing the PUBG Mobile game on YouTube. This passionate Indian gamer was born on 18 April 1996 in Mumbai, he was at the top in Asia in the PUBGmobile season ranking. He is popular as a long-range player, his fans are known as “Dynamic Army” .

7. Sc0ut (Subscribers: 3.46 Million)

live streamers in india

He is famous for his live streaming videos together with other famous gaming influencers like CarryMinati, MortaL etc. Apart from gaming he also creates lifestyle videos like his gaming tattoo, fitness routine, his Mumbai journey and many more. He has hosted a lot of tournament for PUBGand generate a lot of money, which is why he is considered among one of the most influential live streamers of India.

8. Hindustan Gamer (Subscribers: 3.42 Million)

live streamers in india

This gamer is popularly known as Jassu who has been exploring games like GTA, Minecraft etc. he is famous for his gameplay with story mode. This gamer has always been supported by his brother Chapati Hindustani Gamer, who is also a well-known creator, together they have created a lot of content on YouTube and gather millions of followers from all over India. He declared that he will reveal his face after gaining 10 million subscribers on YouTube. He his famous for his Hindi and Urdu commentary while streaming the games.

9. Onespot Gaming (Subscribers: 2.94 Million)

live streamers in india

This channel primarily focuses upon creating interesting GTA5 and GTA videos, they do a lot of comparisons and discuss the nuts and bolts of the above-mentioned games to finetune their viewers’ gaming skills. If you are a gaming enthusiast you can follow the channel to get a lot of valuable information.

10. kronten Gaming (Subscribers: 2.13 Million)

live streamers in india

Chetan Chandgude owns the channel, he streams PUBGon his YouTube channel almost every day in the morning and the evening. He is among the top live streamers in India who has managed to earn from gaming at the age of 24. His channel has more than 1400 videos, he earns from Super Chat, membership, donation and various other ways from YouTube and inspiration of gaming enthusiasts of India.

11. Sunil Gamer (Subscribers: 2.08 Million)

live streamers in india

Sunil’s YouTube bio says “Gaming is my life”, for his outstanding passion for PUBGhe has managed to gather millions of subscribers from all across the country within a short period. His overall views on YouTube has crossed 150 million. The face of the gamer has not been revealed yet, though there are several speculations from his fans but as of now we didn’t find anything from reliable sources, we will add more information when we have them.

12. Jonathan Gaming (Subscribers: 1.98 Million)

live streamers in india

He his famous as a good assaulter in PUBG mobile, his full name is Jonathan Jude Amaral. This Mumbai based live streamer is rumoured to earn over a lakh from his YouTube live streaming channel at the age of 19 only! He was awarded as the MVP of TSM-Entity Gaming in the international stage of PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019, he inspires a lot of gaming enthusiast from the country with his skills and success story.

13. Software Hindi (Subscribers: 1.06 Million)

live streamers in india

Shyam is known for his outstanding tips for playing PubG, if you are an amateur who wants to reveal more about the game you have more reason than one to subscribe to the channel. He reveals various tips and tricks to play the game smartly.

14. Paid Android Gaming (Subscribers: 842K)

live streamers in india

Sukhchain Singh is another famous live streamer of India who provides useful tips to his viewers to improve their gaming skills. He creates amazing videos while recording his live streaming videos.

15. King An Bru (Subscribers: 2.12 Million)

live streamers in india

This Indian gaming YouTuber is famous for hilarious comedy while streaming games, the communication language is Hindi which is another reason for his popularity. He loves to play horror games apart from PUBGhe tries to upload videos on YouTube on a regular basis and called the platform his BAE.

16. Game XPro (Subscribers: 3.82 Million)

live streamers in india

Ravi Rawat is the owner of the YouTube channel who talks about various gaming tips and skills, he is also one of the finest PUBG players in India. If you are looking for new tricks and tips to achieve more proficiency in the game you must subscribe to his channel.

17. Draco Games (Subscribers: 1.15 Million)

live streamers in india

Ankit Sharma owns the live streaming YouTube channel, this Delhi based live streamer started his streaming journey in 2015, the real journey started in 2018 with Clash of Clans. He started streaming PUBG after it has launched in India. He has gained popularity after uploading his funny made-up accent together with a great sense of humour.

18. Gamingpro Ocean (Subscribers: 647K)

live streamers in india

Ocean Sharma is famous for his PUBG commentary, he is also a PUBG analyst and content creator. He is one of the finest casters he has a keen eye for everything in the PUBG mobile community, he intends to provide detailed analytics to the game’s mechanics. His content creation skills recently got him a space in the Orange Rock Esports

19. Mayank YT (Subscribers: 297K)

live streamers in india

Mayank is one of the most passionate live streamers of India whose main aim is to entertain his audience while playing various mobile video games like PUBG. Other than that he also played Call of Duty, CS: GO etc. He started his live streaming YouTube channel on Dec 11, 2017, so as you can see within a short period, he gained a lot of followers because of his gaming skills and content creation talent.

20. Ashish Gaming (Subscribers: 106K)

live streamers in india

Ashish’s gaming channel is all about entertainment and love, if you are a passionate gamer you must take a look at his channel, You will see a lot of game highlights and small funny videos of other famous gamers, and comparisons.

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