Top 15 Indian Finance Bloggers Of 2021 That You Must Follow

Dec 21, 2020


In 2021 if you are thinking of scaling up your investment you need to get some knowledge from the well-known finance bloggers of India to take your financial decisions more wisely. This article will give you a proper insight into some of the reliable finance blogs managed by one or more investment experts. If you are a small-scale investor looking forward to saving your money this article can be a good resource, you can not only get some of the good tips but also can resolve your finance-related queries. These blogs serve millions of visitors every day, so before taking the final investment decisions it would be better to gather relevant knowledge.

Who are finance bloggers?

Finance Bloggers

Finance bloggers are experts of various aspects of finance and other investments. They mostly manage one or more blogs related to finance, you can get a hand full of relevant information from these blogs that include: perfect time of investment, types of investment, small investment plans, options of long-term investment and many more. These blogs also provide the latest news and updates from the investment market. Millions of interested people read such blogs on regularly, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get immediate notifications.

Are these finance bloggers reliable?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most famous finance bloggers of India who are considered as experts of their concerned niche. Investment is a risky and complicated thing, you have to have the updated news otherwise you may end up losing your hard earn money. Don’t get confused, read these blogs to know more about financial planning discipline and healthy money habits. Always double check before you make your final investment decisions.

List of top 15 Indian finance bloggers of 2021


Finance Bloggers

If you are interested in knowing the nuts and bolts of investment in 2021 you must read the blog, you will get a broad insight of Mutual Funds, news and updates regarding the online scam, how to plan your long-term investment, what Fixed Deposit options are beneficial for short term and many more. This blog has started with Kriti but now it has its own sets of expert writers who contribute to its content. If you are struggling while withdrawing money from an investment you can try reading similar articles from here to get help and proper idea. If you are looking to start your blogging career in finance niche this blog can help you in more ways than one. This blog is also famous as a female dominating financial blogging industry in India.


Finance Bloggers

This blog is known for its simplifying investment approach which is why it attracts millions of readers from all over India. You will find a lot of categories to dig in, the best of this blog is they will channelize you in the right direction and provide clear and crisp information. Other than investment, you can learn a lot about accounting career, taxation, global economics and many more. You can also ask questions to the experts for getting personalized assistance. This blog has been started by Harleen Kaur, a Chartered Accountant cum passionate finance blogger, he put all his financial knowledge into the blogs to help people understand complex financial concepts in a simplified way.


Finance Bloggers

If you are interested in restructuring your financial planning you can read articles from Jago Investor. You can also opt for free financial health checkups directly from them. If you want to rescale your financial knowledge about taxing, mutual funds, fixed deposits and other aspects you can get proper information by subscribing to their newsletter. This blog has been founded by Manish Chauhan in 2008 with an aim to provide financial education to the general people. The team also conduct a financial workshop to impart proper knowledge to the people. Because of the vast relevant topics covered by Jago investor, this blog is considered as one of the top finance blogs in India.


Finance Bloggers

This blog is the perfect place of getting the proper information regarding various taxes, it is managed by Amit Kumar who is not only a certified finance planner but also a passionate blogger love to educate people regarding a different aspect of investment. So instead of hiring an expensive professional finance planner, you can just invest some time to read the articles to get a clearer picture of your investment.

5. BasuNivesh

Finance Bloggers

This blog is founded in 2011 by Mr. Basavaraj Tonagatti who is a top-rated financial planner of India. The best part of these articles is you can get multiple options of a single investment scheme which is great to broaden your financial knowledge. A proper investment planning is necessary to safeguard your hard-earned money for you and your family’s future security, these articles would help you get multiple perspectives regarding savings, mutual funds, fixed deposits and other aspects of investment and banking.

6. InvestmentKit

Finance Bloggers

This blog covers various aspects of Insurance, Investment and money-saving plans. If you are looking to get the best investment plan this site can be your real help. It also provides personalized guidance regarding various business plans like Dropshipping, how to make money by selling domains online etc. It also provides resources like links of YouTube videos to manage everything transparently

7. FinanceDunia

Finance Bloggers

FinanceDunia is a professional blog provide useful information on the daily financial news lie home loan, education loan, car loan, car insurance, life insurance, provident fund, stock market, salary accounts and many more. This blog is supervised by Srikanta Kundu who is a professional Engineer but a passional finance blogger. If you are planning to start your own finance blog you can get various useful ideas from FinanceDunia.


Finance Bloggers

This blog is managed by Suresh KP who is a Hyderabad based finance blogger, his blog is one of the fastest-growing finance blogs in India. You can read the articles to get better views on personal finance, Investment and savings plan. From health insurance plans to a fixed deposit, Government bonds, retirement plan, LIC and many more, you will get countless finance articles from this site.

9. CASH Overflow

Finance Bloggers

This blog is run by Pradeep Goyal, you will find a lot of cool money hacks in this blog, he believes in financial independence and likes to aware people with updated information, personal experience and many more. All his writings are derived from his personal experience so if you wish to set up your own finance blog this website can provide excellent resources.

10. Elementum Money

Finance Bloggers

Aparna runs this personal finance blog which is one of the most famous blogs in the finance category. From the basics of financial planning to simple money-related articles a lot is there for financial planners. Her articles are slightly different than others as she likes to talk about interesting tricks about personal finance like retirement planning and many more.

11. The Financial Literates

Finance Bloggers

This blog is managed by Hemant Beniwal, who is a Certified Financial Planner and provide independent financial planning services which include retirement plan, investment, taxation and more. Because of his knowledge and personalized approach, his blog attracts millions of readers across the county.

12. Jain Tushar

Finance Bloggers

This blog is managed by Tushar who is a personal finance enthusiast loves to talk about money, savings, investments, and other aspects of financial wisdom. If you want to work on your income growth habits you can read his blogs. His blog is not about “make me rich” it is about giving proper education to general readers so that they can plan their investment wisely.

13. FinanceGab

Finance Bloggers

This finance blog is managed by Ajeet Sharma who is another personal enthusiast in our list. He likes to write extensively about life insurance, stock markets, tax planning and many more. If you are interested in earning money from home you can read his blogs to get some of the useful ideas.

14. Nivesh Market

Finance Bloggers

Another informative financial blogs in our list are Nivesh Market, managed a group of financial experts to aware people of investment. The best part of this blog is the comparative nature of the articles which makes it easier for people who struggle to understand complex investment issues. From these blogs, you can get a lot of information about government and non-government schemes which can help increase your savings in a safe and consistent way.

15. FreeFincal

Finance Bloggers

This finance blog was founded in the year of 2012 by Pattu sir who an Associate Professor at IIT Madras. With a few years of experience, this blog has crossed one million readers because of its content depth and relevance. This blog provides reports, analytics, and genuine reviews of personal finance products. The best part of this blog is you can get multiple calculators for your financial goal planning which separate it from other blogs.

How these finance bloggers can help you endorse your finance business?

Are you looking to establish your financial business in this competitive market? Instead of spending a hefty amount of various digital ads, you can simply work with these finance bloggers of India who already has a set of follower base which they have built over the years. Moreover, now most of the users activate AdBlock services which prevent any digital ads to appear on their screen, it is no doubt a tough situation for online marketers as only fewer marketing options is left.

In this difficult situation, you should opt for safer option one of them is to work with finance bloggers, you can ask to review your products on their blogs or to collaborate with you. This way there will be a greater chance for your product to get visible to a larger audience. These finance blogs are getting seen by millions of readers not only from India but from different parts of the world. Influencer marketing is the future of online marketing, it is not only cost-effective but provide an opportunity to work with real people who has a strong influence over a vast audience. For its effectivity eight among ten marketers are opting for influencer marketing over other marketing forms.

Looking for finance bloggers?

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Read this article to discover the top 15 most famous finance bloggers of India that you must follow in 2021, read what inspires them to write about various aspects of investment. This article is a must-read for those who are thinking about starting their own finance blog.

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