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Top 10 Travel Influencers Of India That You Must Follow In 2021

Mar 23, 2021


Travelling is the best way to get out of busy life and experience the different essence of life in exciting ways. Travelling is a great remedy for stress, depression and anxiety it gives you the freedom and a sense of achievement by exploring new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals and many more. If you are a travel enthusiast you may know what we are trying to portray here, but if you are stuck between your work and life probably this is the time to cut some slack for yourself. In the short course of life every creature on the earth is trying to be their best selves, so does a human being. Through travelling bot only you would explore nature, different topography and people but you can also make new friends.

If you wonder how your travel blogger friend manages to live and maintain such an expensive lifestyle you probably don’t know how passionate people think, for them exploring different places is of utmost importance than luxury trips. They want to broaden their horizon by moving in a different direction, travelling has thousands of physical and mental advantages one of the worth mentionings is it allows you to explore yourself in a way which is not possible while sitting at home. You can get to understand your patience, problem-solving capacities, the ability to take quick decisions and many more which help you mature as a person.

If you are interested in discovering some of the famous travel influencers in India who are evolving the dimension of travelling to new aspects, scroll down. The vision of each travel blogger is different from each other but one thing is common between them that is the passion for discovering new places and devotion towards adventures. As a leading influencer marketing company in India, we have interviewed many of them and had the opportunity to understand them as a person, we were awestricken by their dedication which is why some of them have made themselves internationally famous. Without much ado let’s take a look at the list.

List of top 10 travel influencers in India that you must follow

1. Shivya Nath

travel influencer

The lady who needs no introduction! To follow her passion she quitted her job at the age of 23, you might be thinking in our country while people struggle to get a decent job how can an individual leave her job just to follow her passion? If you the same thing each day how can you expect the situation to change? If you wish to achieve a new height in your life you must have the dare to do it. Not only she left her corporate job once but turned down many such offers from international travelling platforms. To understand Shivya’s achievement you must understand her struggle, if you want to know more check her website theshootinghstar. Apart from being a travel blogger, she is also a vegan influencer who promotes a certain lifestyle for better living.

2. Ajay Sood

travel influencer

Another famous name in the travel influencers’ industry, he is a specialized travel photographer from India who believes in capturing the sights, sounds, and stories during his travel. Apart from being a Getty photographer, he is also a Master Craftsman in leading photography magazines of the country. Through his travel and photography journey, he has covered more than 40 countries and won a handful of awards. If you are a travel enthusiast you must follow him on social media where he routinely shares his travel experiences and photography learning at various travel media conferences.

3. Archana Singh

travel influencer

Archana is a brand strategist turned Travel influencer, she loves to explore remote places to discover untold stories. She is backed by more than 17-years of marketing experience who worked as a brand consultant, she is one of the most awarded travel influencers of India who raised her voice about serious environmental issues like climate change, responsible tourism, helping the underprivileged, women's empowerment and many more. She is a regular speaker in TEDx, WTM, PATA and many other platforms, like Shivya she has left a high paying corporate career just to follow her passion. According to her travel is more than just an escape she believes if someone can follow his/her passion to change things in their lives it can happen without any doubt.

4. Siddhartha Joshi

travel influencer

Siddhartha is an award-winning travel influencer in India who has started using Instagram a few years back, with his audiences’ support he has achieved this reputation where he can easily inspire millions of travel enthusiasts. He has never featured by Instagram but it has not created any hurdles in his influencing journey. If you follow him on Instagram you can see his journey which was not promoted by any social media platform, so basically it is completely organic. From various remote places of the country to discovering different countries you can discover a hand full of exciting experiences of this nomadic soul from his website and social media platforms.

5. Mirdula Dwivedi

travel influencer

Mridula is a passionate travel influencer and photographer who has started her blog in the year of 2005 that has now turned into travel tales from India and abroad. Her travel blog got featured on both BBC and the Guardian, she is an ex-professor, quit her job in 2015 to follow her passion like other influencers, she also did her PhD from IIT Kanpur. During her travelling journey, she has visited around 26 countries. If you read any of her blogs you can understand her point of view of discovering new places, she likes to blend herself within the local flavour. Reading her travel blogs will help you improve your vision towards travel and why it is important in order to maintain a proper balance between work and life. She is a true inspiration for all the female solo travellers of the country.

6. Ankita Sinha

travel influencer

Ankita’s inspirational words aspire millions of people to follow their hearts, it can be travelling or for any other passion, according to her “life is more than a job and salary.”

She left her job as a software engineer after realizing her passion for travelling, maybe the world see her happy in her settled world but as per her perspective she is happier in her nomadic life. She has visited over 18 countries and done nearly 400 travel stories, if you wish to discover her travel journey you must follow her on Instagram.

7. Nivedith Gajapathy

travel influencer

According to Nivedith’s reputation, achievement and social assets he is a macro travel influencer in India who is famous for his travel content. Nivedith quit his job in 2015 to follow his passion for travelling. He spends 200 days of a year travelling different parts of the world, throughout his journey he has created amazing short films and documentaries. From a teenage he was an enthusiast about travelling and sharing his stories with his friends, for him his followers matters a lot, he creates every content to entertain, educate and aware them of. He likes to focus on his skillset to create better content on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. He keeps a close eye on the analytics to understand how his content is performing among his audience. If you are a travel enthusiast Nivedith is one of the few travel influencers that you must follow.

8. Seema Gurnani

travel influencer

Seema is more of a food influencer who likes to explore different parts of the world to taste various cuisines which makes her a travel influencer as well. One thing that is common in Seema with other travel bloggers is she also quit her job to follow her dream, freedom has its own cost, there is no wonder people look up to her to get inspired in their lives. She started her blog to guide people with new eateries in her city. She loves sharing her feeling with her audience who are her strength.

Upon asking how she chooses a restaurant to review, to be precise what are the parameters that matter most to her, she said, those are:

  • Hygiene  
  • Veg/non-veg separate preparation 
  • Staff behaviour 
  • Taste of foods 
  • Elements of the food 
  • The authenticity of the dish

If you take a look at her social media profile you will drool over the presentation and description of the dishes.

9. Ami Bhat

travel influencer

Another famous travel influencer in India is Ami, she is a postgraduate by qualification and a travel blogger by passion. Besides travel she also enjoys photography, she likes discovering heritage destinations together with hills and beaches. She believes you don’t need to go too far to have fun, this wonder traveller is an inspiration for a lot who are interested in travel blogging.

10. Abhinav Singh

travel influencer

Abhinav is a travel writer with 21 years of experience in writing for the country’s top magazines and newspaper, he is also a travel photographer and social media content marketer. His travel blog has been listed as one of the top bloggers by Holidify, Hello Travel, Filter Copy etc. His Twitter handle has been featured on Hindustan Times, if you follow his blog you can discover his travelling experience and about his travel writing workshops.

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Why travel influencers are famous?

Travel influencers are popular because they can inspire the audience with their quality content, hard work and achievement. Who doesn’t like to travel? If you see their profile you will understand travel is their only ikigai for which some have resigned from their high salary job and some have left their home and family. For them travel is the reason they live, if you are a travel enthusiast you will be awestruck by their success stories baked by years of struggle.

If you are an owner of a hospitality platform looking to attract more audience towards your venture you must consider working with famous travel influencers as they are backed by millions of audience. As a leading influencer marketing platform, we can help you curate outstanding camping focusing on your products and services. Our team of influencer marketers closely observes the performance of each and every travel blogger so we can handpick the best profile for your business. We will help you monitor your campaign performance with our latest analytics tools, our influencer marketing consultation and services start from pocket-friendly packages. So, connect with us today for the best-in-class influencer marketing services.


Discover the list of top 10 travel influencers in India that you must follow before planning your next big trip. Also, discover what inspired them to follow their dreams.

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