Top 10 Most-Subscribed YouTube Influencers In India (An Updated List)

Aug 19, 2020

Are you interested in YouTubing, spend most of the time thinking about new ideas for your upcoming videos and how to increase views? Great you have come to the right place since here we will discuss some of the most popular YouTube influencers of India and how they have become so famous? 

Around ten years ago, people in India could not take YouTube as a serious profession, then comes popular YouTubers like Ashish Chanchalani, Gourav Choudhury, Bhuvan Bam, Nikhil Mumbaikar etc. who have shown the audience if you believe in something it will surely happen. You can be a professional YouTuber and earn not less than your nine to five job. Now YouTube has around 265 million active users from India Female audiences prefer to watch cooking and beauty videos, whereas males tend towards technology, photography, live streaming etc. So if you are one of the YouTube enthusiasts, the following statistics might help you realise you are on the right path!

Some Exclusive Statics about YouTube is

  • Among total YouTube users, 62% are Males.
  • 9% of small businesses are on YouTube.
  • 35+ and 50+ age groups are most interested and the fastest-growing as shown by YouTube demographic.
  • More than 52% of YouTube users visit the platform on a regular basis.
  • Among the global internet population, 95% of users watch YouTube.
  • More than 70% of YouTube users watch YouTube on mobile devices
  • YouTube services are available in 80 languages among 100 countries.

Some Financial Facts about YouTube:

  • Google has bought YouTube in the year of 2006 for $1.65 billion.
  • Google combined YouTube in its search engine for better competencies with YouTube's enormous video library.
  • Annually $6.35 billion (approximately) is required to run YouTube.
  • A number of channels that earn six figures per year on YouTube are growing at a rapid rate, around 42% every year.
  • YouTube influencers with more than 10k followers charge approximately $300 per video.
  • YouTube is Google's next growth driver.

Some Fun Facts about YouTube:

  • Per day more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content is watched throughout the world.
  • After Google YouTube is the second most visited site in the world.
  • With dynamic videos, YouTube attracts more than 44%, internet users.
  • More than 38% of mobile internet traffic generated because of YouTube.
  • YouTube's recommendation algorithm decided what more than 70% of users will watch.
  • The first YouTube video is posted from the San Diego Zoo in 2005.
  • YouTube's video counter has been broken by "Gangnam Style".
  • It is assumed by 2025, 50% of internet users will not be interested in paid TV subscription.
  • More than 62% of internet users prefer video platform over television.
  • Most popular YouTube channel has 126 million subscribers.
  • Justin Biber's "Baby" video got 11 million dislikes which are also counting.

Now that you have understood the popularity of YouTube and why YouTube influencers are such famous let's discover some of the most popular Indian YouTube influencers.

List of Popular Indian YouTube Influencers

1. Erica Fernandes

Erica Fernandes

Erica has 1.37 million subscribers on her YouTube channel; she is a lifestyle influencer as well as a makeup enthusiast. She is a famous model and popular as a television actress. Her video topics range from "what's in my bag", celebrity inspired makeup looks, how to get rid of blackheads, couple videos etc. She is one of the most popular names among YouTube influencers in India. If you are a content creator looking for a fresh idea for your upcoming video, subscribe to her channel and various new-age YouTube video ideas.

2. Malvika Sitlani

Malvika Sitlani

Malvika has more than 597k subscribers on her channel, which is increasing day by day. She is a famous south Indian model and actor. On her YouTube channel, she uploads makeup tutorials, reviews of various cosmetic products, her daily skincare routine, some of the most affordable cosmetic products for beginners and many more. If you are a beauty influencer looking forward to opening your YouTube channel, subscribe to Malvika's channel to get real inspiration. Till date, her most viewed YouTube video is "Easy Nude Make-up Look".

3. Anchal


Anchal is a makeup enthusiast with more than 195k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She uploads make up tutorials and other makeup videos to pamper her audience. If you are interested in makeup videos and would like to make some videos for your channel, it would be better if you see her videos.

4. Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain

Shreya is another YouTube influencer in the category of beauty and makeup she has more than 623k subscribers on her channel. Her audience loves her reviews and makeup tutorial videos. Whenever any new cosmetic launches in the market, Shreya tries to make videos highlighting the brand new products. She has worked with many brands for personal recommendation videos, if you wish to become a popular beauty influencer in the near future, don't think twice before subscribing her channel.

5. Subhadeep Chakraborty

Subhadeep Chakraborty

Subhadeep is a Bengali guy with the YouTube channel: “Mental Srikanto” which has more than 2.31 subscribers. Most of his content is related to reaction videos, among all his videos “Angel by Tahir Shah Reaction” has got more than 82k views. If you are into making comedy videos, you can subscribe to his channel in order to get various content creation ideas.

6. Kabita


Kabita's Kitchen is one of the most famous YouTube channels which is about cooking Indian food; she has more than 8.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. From jalebis, veg momos, cakes, paneer recipes, chicken curry, KFC style fried chicken, chicken dum biriyani, aloo Tikki burger and the list is endless. If you struggle to make tasty food for your family members, subscribe to her channel to get some exciting cooking ideas. People like Kabita shows that if you want something from your heart and put maximum effort in that achieving anything is not impossible.

7. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika

Another prominent name in the top YouTube influencers in India is Nisha Madhulika who has more than 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel focused on cooking. If you love desi-food, then you will enjoy her channel to the fullest. From Pulao, Paneer, to anything Indian, you will find on her channel. She has been featured in BBC for her outstanding performance as a YouTuber.

8. Paisa Pujari

Paisa Pujari

If you are into investment or looking forward to establishing your own YouTube channel about the investment of finance-related topic, subscribe to Paisa Pujari which deals with various financial topics. One of the best parts of the channel is it is in Hindi, which attracts a more regional audience.

9. Wonder Munna

Wonder Munna

Indrani Biswas is the founder of the channel which has more than 676k subscribers. It is basically a comedy channel that talks about daily life struggle, humour that only Bengalis will understand etc. All the content is funny ad light-hearted meant for entertainment and reality check. If you are getting bored with your daily life and looking for some exciting content, subscribe to her channel now!

10. Abhijit Ganguly

Abhijit Ganguly

Devraj is another fitness enthusiast on our list. If you follow his Instagram profile, you will find various workout videos, so if you think you need to hit the gym to stay fit, you are absolutely wrong because all the exercises can be done at home.

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How YouTube Influencers Will Help Your Business Grow?

If you want to grow your business online, you must have a strong social media presence and for than influencer marketing is unmatchable. Working with real people will not only elevate your brand value but also provide exclusive opportunity when you see people around social media talking about your brand.

Benefits of YouTube Influencing For Your Business

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a new audience, together with increased brand awareness. Google shows YouTube videos in its search options, so if you make a brand-centric video to aware your audience, whenever people will search similar keywords, your business video will appear.

Let's see the advantages of YouTube marketing and influencing your online venture:

  • Audience Engagement
  • Strong Social Media Presence
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Boost Marketing ROI
  • Increase Site Traffic
  • Drive Sales

New age social media audience prefers influencer recommendation over celebrity endorsement, so if you are a start-up, you must keep your options open for influencer marketing. The influencers you are seeing or following on various social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. have earned their audience over time with their unique content creation skills that is why they are called influencers. Generally, influencers are followed by thousands, millions of followers who praised them for their strong voice and outstanding storytelling capacity.

Building a loyal audience is very hard; it not only takes time but also a lot of courage; creating brand-centric content isn't an easy job. You need to have full knowledge of your target audience and what they like and dislike. As a leading celebrity influencer marketing company, so many brands are talking to InfluGlue regarding the campaign, and they are willing to pay good agency fees for connecting them with proper influencers.

While selecting influencers do not run behind the higher follower counts – you never know these numbers can be artificially inflated. Quality followers and engagement ratio is very important!

To know more about the engagement ratio, you can connect with an influencer marketing agency with relevant experience in dealing with various brand campaigns successfully. They will not help you curate an awesome campaign but also make sure you have everything to make it successful. For the entire process, it is crucial to spot appropriate influencers.

Higher Engagement Ratio is difficult to fake – also it's a clear sign that the influencer has taken time to build a loyal audience.

As a leading influencer marketing agency in India, we have faced so many questions regarding – what will be the prescribed engagement ratio of an influencer. Generally, we prefer a ratio above 5% for relatively smaller audiences like 10,000 to 30,000. For 30,000 plus audience, the ration will be 3 to 3.5%.

Where To Find Proper Influencers?


The influencers' database is quite open; you just have to have the right eye to spot the influencers who will be suitable for your brand. But it's not that easy as it might sound, spotting proper influencers is just one of the vital phases in a campaign, it takes a lot to ensure maximum success. However, it's always better to take an expert's opinion, who will guide you throughout the campaign, selecting proper influencer will be the agency's responsibility, for example, if you are selling protein powder or sports bottle, health and yoga influencers similarly if you are selling gaming products you must find Twitch Streamers if you have a cosmetic product you need beauty influencers to promote and recommend. We have more than ten thousand influencers and bloggers registered with us from various niches and different parts of the country. So no matter what business you have, you will get the best influencers' profile suitable to your brand and budget.

What Is The Right Time To Connect With An Influencer Marketing Company?

If you are wondering why you are not getting enough queries for your business or where you are lagging behind in compared to your rivals, it might be the right time to rethink! Your brand might require a makeover to pamper your existing audience as well as to attract more new similar-minded audience from your target location. All you need is a new marketing strategy for your business; connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing hub in India with years of relevant experience in dealing with campaigns of big brands like Nestle Gerber, McDowell's, LearnPick India, LunchBoss, 21 CC Education etc.

We understand the audience mindset more than others, our influencer marketers always keep a strict eye on the market data and how all the brands are leveraging the power of influencer marketing to reach a new audience, so we will help you stay ahead of your competitors with our the best in business influencer marketing services. We are also pro at designing awesome campaigns that will generate maximum traction among your target audience.

So, if you are thinking about influencer marketing services, think about InfluGlue, get in touch with us now!


Discover the most subscribed YouTube influencers in India and how they can help your business grow. Also, discover some fun facts about YouTube marketing in India and how an influencer marketing agency will help you shape your campaign.

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