Top 10 Food Influencers In India That You Must Follow In 2021

Feb 15, 2021

Blogging and influencing have become one of the most essential marketing tools for many businesses, especially in the food sector. Whenever any new restaurant or café opens up in the town we prefer to visit there after reading the reviews, right? This means users follow and value influencers’ and bloggers’ opinions. According to research, more than 74% of users follow blogs and read recommendations before making their final purchase decisions. In India the F & B market is flourishing and food blogging has become one of the most lucrative professions for food enthusiasts. You don’t have to have your own blog or YouTube channel, if you are thinking of starting food blogging you can simply upload your work on your social media platforms, or join some food community to share your interest.

Who are food influencers?

Food influencers are individuals who love to create digital content about various aspects of food, like sharing healthy recipes, reviewing restaurants, café, various food products etc. They have a very strong voice in their community, not only that through their content they build their own set of followers.

Food brands, restaurants, cafes and other food business owners love to work with food influencers to reach a more relevant audience and improve their brand reputation which is important to stand out in this growing competition.

What is food blogging?

Food blogging is a complex mixture of “foodie”, “blog writing” and “photography”. Food bloggers manage their own blog, write about various interesting topics as a food enthusiast and take pictures of those dishes.

Some of the major food blogging categories are:

  • Recipe blogging 
  • Food/Restaurant/Café review
  • Food and Travel 
  • Food photography 

Fitness bloggers sometimes create content about healthy dishes, or how to make protein pancake or diet for weight loss etc. Similarly, some food influencers focus on street food, love to entertain their audience with their amazing local findings. Some food influencers are also travel bloggers love to explore different cuisine while travelling to various places. whereas, some only focus on homemade food, however, if you wish to become a food influencer you can pick up one or a mixture of interest to get started. Initially sticking to a single topic would be better for your audience, however, there is always room for experiment especially in the influencing ecosystem.

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List of top 10 Indian food influencers to follow

In this section of the article, we only focused on micro food influencers who have started their journey to establish themselves among the top graded influencers, you might not follow them yet but would like to take a look for real inspiration. So, let's get started:

1. Rohit Mavle

influencer marketing

Rohit is a food and travel content creator famous for his food photography and restaurant reviews. He loves to explore various places nearby and also from different destinations he travels. He has collaborated with many restaurants and food products for brand promotion. He is one of the most famous food influencers in India with his own YouTube channel about tribal and other types of food recipes.

2. The Veggie Blogger

food influencer

As the name suggest this food influencer focus on veg dishes, from sweets to desserts, cakes and a lot another vegan sweet dish. If you are into food blogging you can follow him.

3. Mohd Fazal @non_veg_lovers

food influencer

Mohd is a Delhi based food influencer whose main interest is the street food of Delhi, he is also achieved level 7 of local Google guide. He has his own YouTube channel regarding street foods and many more. If peep in his Instagram profile you will drool over every picture if you are a non-veg lover you have more reason than one to follow Mohd.

4. Maya Akhil

food influencer

Maya is a Kerala based food influencer who is a recipe developer, food enthusiast, food photographer and love to travel. You will get to know a lot of Indian food recipes on her Instagram profile.

5. Hungry Sunny

food influencer

Sunny is a Hyderabad based food influencer who is a sweet lover, so if you have a sweet tooth you must follow Sunny to satisfy your craving. From various chocolate recipes to dessert options you will get lost over his feed.

6. Anita Das @mrscookbook

food influencer

Anita is a Kolkata based food influencer who is basically a home chef and love to showcase her enthusiasm about food. From Bengali fish curry to sweets you will get a lot to see on her Instagram profile about Bengali and other cuisines with state of the art representation. If you are a home chef looking to start your own food blog you must follow her.

7. The Monster Foodie

food influencer

This food influencer took the concept of food blogging to another level with his creation and style of food photography. From easy kitchen made snacks to exotic dishes, you will find a wide range of Indian food on his Instagram profile.

8. Subhi

food influencer

Subhi is a Delhi based food influencer who promotes food connection and it is a door to understanding people and Indian culture. Her creativity speaks for her passion for food, you must follow her if you want to know the real flavour of Delhi street foods and other Indian cuisines.

9. Dhruv @foodsanyasi

food influencer

Dhruv is an Ahmedabad based food blogger who sees food is an art and an opportunity to do something creative. He is a food photographer and food stylist, he has collaborated with many food brands and restaurants to promote their brand. In his every photograph you see delicious dishes along with the happy smile on his face you will enjoy the ambience. All the posts are genuine and the interesting part is his impressive engagement with around 15k followers he has nearly 15% engagement which is great from an influencer marketing perspective.

10. Suraj Nambiar

food influencer

Suraj is a Bangalore based food influencer and a level-12 Zomato reviewer, his audience value a lot his insights and reviews of restaurants and cafes. He can describe a single dish in a way you can feel the taste just by reading it. Food ventures love to collaborate with Suraj for his interesting audience approach and storytelling style.

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Food influencers and influencer marketing

The food influencers we have mentioned in the list are among the top micro-influencers in India who will establish themselves soon among the A grade influencers. As a leading influencer marketing company in India, we receive enormous queries from food brands who are looking to work with these food influencers to endorse their products at an affordable package. Micro-influencers are best to promote business within the right-minded audiences, so if you are thinking about starting your own food venture and want to market them in a proper method influencer marketing can be your key to success.

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