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2021’s Top 10 Fashion Influencers in India

Jan 20, 2021


Getting tips about your fashion sense from friends can be irritating because different people think different about fashion. There is a plethora of perspectives and definition of fashion, which is nothing but wearing what is trending at the moment. According to the fashion influencers in India, fashion is something that amplifies your personality and makes you feel comfortable. Every style has a life span. whatever is trending now can come back with a different name after ten or twelve years. When some style is losing popularity we can tag them as out of fashion.

Fashion is nothing but a semi-permanent art where you can decorate yourself depending on your mood, where you are going, your body shape and type etc. Recent events and news have a prominent role in influencing the fashion trend. In this article we will provide a sneak peek at what is the general meaning of fashion and why being fashionable is important along with the list of top 10 fashion influencers in India, so scroll down to discover.

Why lifestyle and fashion are important?

Fashion can make you feel confident, you can look fabulous with your existing clothes that are sitting duck in your wardrobe. Fashion is all about liking what you are wearing and feeling pleasant all the time. Changing the way you dress will the way you feel, if you wear the same dress over and over you will become too much predictable and boring in front of your viewers, however that doesn’t mean you have to buy a lot of new clothes frequently.

The way you carry yourself tells a lot about you are as a person, you must feel your spirit in your cloths and must be able to express yourself. If you own a piece of cloth that makes you look and feel great you should wear it even if it is out of fashion. Some people like colourful clothes while some prefer pastel shades, it’s okay to choose your favourite one among the lot.

Some say shopping helps you deal with regular stress and we think that somewhat right. If you a great piece of cloth it gives a sense of achievement, so whenever you look into the mirror wearing your favourites it brings the best from you.

Our list of top fashion influencers in India make sure they look best in what they wear, the hidden motive is to inspire their audience to try new looks and come out of their comfort zone.

How to upgrade your fashion in 2021

Well the idea itself is vague, but if you really want to upscale your sense of fashion you can try reading a few fashion blogs can help you understand the concept of upgrading your fashion quotient. Sometimes your body, posture, skin colour, body language, height needs to be considered while play by the rules. You know what makes you look better, if not we bet checking the profiles of our list of top fashion influencers in India would give a hand full of new perspectives to you.

Fashion also reflects your culture, so whatever you wear make sure you blend well in the audience and stand out among others at the same time, don’t forget to smile. Be an observer, train your eye to get used to a new vibe of a new look, it’s super basic. If you closely observe you will understand what resonates with your thought process well. Upgrading your wardrobe wither means wear your existing cloths ion a new way or buy new clothes.

If you really want to find out the next level of fashion for yourself don’t hesitate to push yourself to come out of comfort zone, unless you try something new you never know how you will look like? You can imitate your favourite Bollywood diva or ideal fashion influencer in India, pick one type of outfit and try it on yourself, assess your new look. You can post on social media to observe your viewers’ response.

You can also find new outfit ideas on Pinterest if you see multiple pictures of a similar outfit you would get a broad idea of how you will look like in the same one. Try to play with colours depending on where you are going. Wearing a white T-shirt with a rainbow long skit would be quirky if you can put on some funky jewellery like a couple of bangles and finger rings you would catch every ones’ look for sure. Indian fashion influencers are ideal to inspire people in this case, which is why their audience love them and eagerly wait for their new content.

List of top 10 fashion influencers in India that you must follow in 2021

In this list, we will describe some of the top players in the market who’s journey to becoming an influencer will inspire many. Of course, that path was not easy without confidence and self-esteem, if you are thinking seriously about your influencing career you might find the list worth reading.

1. Diipa Khosla

fashion influencers in india

Diipa was born in a Punjabi family, Diipa is the Indian fashion influencer who made it internationally. She spent the first six years in Delhi them her parents decided to move to Chennai. Now she has over a million followers on Instagram has featured in seven international magazine covers. She won the title of Influencer of the Year for three consecutive years by Grazia, Elle and Vogue. So no one deserves the first place of our list more than Diipa, she has made her dreams come true through her chosen role in life. According to her, “ I would much rather be called a new-age digital celebrity”, she also says, “ You can be an influencer only if you have managed to influence people so much that it has led to some kind of a social change.” If you wish to become a fashion influencer you must follow Diipa to get real influencing inspiration.

2. Juhi Godambe

fashion influencers in india

Juhi is known for her fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogging content, her blog has been featured in many business and lifestyle publications. This Mumbai-based fashion influencer is one of the fresh faces in our list who has made a great audience engagement recently through her unique lifestyle content. If you visit her website you will get a clear idea about her vision towards fashion. In an interview she said her mother inspired her to start blogging, she has attended the London College of Fashion, after finishing her course she was sure she wanted to start her own clothing brand and within less than a year time she has founded Arabella. Her journey inspires a lot of people who are interested in making fashion and lifestyle content.

3. Aashna Shroff

fashion influencers in india

Aashna Shroff is a famous social media celebrity known for YouTubing skills and fashion content. After pursuing a degree in fashion from the London College of Fashion she opened “The Snob Shop” online store. The best part of her content is she can blend well in any type of attire and looks best with a pinch of a smile. From endorsing skincare products to giving lifestyle goals she is a perfect inspiration for many who are interested in upgrading their fashion content. In an interview, she has mentioned she was a shy personality earlier in her career but gained confidence through her social media content. She told a lot of inspirational things about her journey and career as a fashion influencer in India on TEDx.

4. Santoshi Shetty

fashion influencers in india

Santoshi is well known as a popular fashion blogger in India, named Blogger of the Year by two of the most famous international magazines: Cosmopolitan and Elle. Santoshi is known for her fashion blog ‘The Style Edge”, she put special emphasis on fitness in her content so overall you can term her as a lifestyle blogger too. She loves reading fashion-focused blogs that inspire people to accept new perspectives to people. Her favourite colour is black but she is quite open to trying any colour and outfit that suits her personality and mood which is one of the most essential qualities of a fashion influencer. If you are thinking about walking down the same road remember to keep an open mind about different attires that would make you look more fashionable.

5. Komal Pandey

fashion influencers in india

Another glorifying fashion influencer in India is Komal Pandey who is a friend with Dolly Singh and Ankush Bahuguna. Komal was attracted to the fashion world from a very young age, her friends suggested to start her own fashion venture which is why she started the blog “The College Couture” which was related to fashion. Komal has received her fame while working with an influencer marketing company as a video coordinator. Recently she and her best friend Dolly Singh had been featured in Kareena Kapoor Khan’s show What Women Want. Komal fashion content on YouTube has received over 70 million views, she has also appeared on Ranveer Allahbadia’s (Beerbicep) YouTube channel. Her stylish outfit and body language make everything look soothing and sensuous, from endorsing fashion and skincare brands to making outstanding fashion content she is an all-rounder when it comes to influencing.

6. Ankita Katuri

fashion influencers in india

Ankita Katuri is one of the most searched exemplary women who is known for her classical fashion and love for junk pieces of jewellery. She brings a fresh positive outlook to Indian fashion trends, she believes in a sustainable fashion that promotes local artisans and their unique skills. If you want to know how to look stunning in your ordinary handloom you must visit Ankita’s Instagram profile to get a hand full of ideas. Whether preparing for a festive season or going to your friend’s engagement you can look gorgeous with your mom’s saree. In an interview Ankita says it is important we change our outlook towards fashion, instead of focusing on fast fashion we must think about sustainable fashion and become more thoughtful about our purchases. We can look more gorgeous in handmade pieces of the cloth than fast fashion items. You will mostly find headless selfies on her Instagram profile which are more gorgeous than profile shots.

7. Riya Jain

fashion influencers in india

Riya Jain is fashion, lifestyle and travel influencer in India who is famous for her lifestyle blog “Caught In A Cuff”. Her fitness and lifestyle content attract a lot of audience from different communities of the country. She began her blog in 2014, till then she has shown a lot of versatilities in her content, she has associated with other fashion influencers in India like Aashna Shroff to create unique fashion content on YouTube. From Indian outfit to western pieces, she equally flaunts in every attire.

8. Shreya Jain

fashion influencers in india

Shreya Jain is popularly known for her YouTube channel which is all about reviewing skincare and cosmetic products, she is a YouTuber turned to a fashion influencer. She won “The Best Beauty Blogger Instagram” in 2020 for her ultra-glamorous content regarding beauty and fashion. Her videos are a perfect combination of simple yet classic looks which is the key to become fashionable. A lot of people think of her as a beauty influencer but from an influencer marketing point of view, she is a fashion influencer because beauty and skincare are a lifestyle which is also a part of fashion in a broader aspect.

9. Sakshi Sindwani

fashion influencers in india

Sakshi is famous as a plus-sized fashion influencer in India who promotes body positivity. She is famous globally as a body advocate, she has been featured in many famous fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmo, Grazia etc. She is basically famous for her YouTube content focused on fashion and lifestyle. She is a true inspiration for all the plus-sized women out there who feel shy about their body and hesitate to try new pieces of cloths. For her fashion is what makes you feel yourself no matter your body type, her unique styling ideas will influence you a lot to try those out. Through her YouTube content, she has started making differences in many lives, she loves spreading happiness through connecting with people. Follow her now if you wish to win the hearts of your audience through your content.

10. Roshni Bhatia

fashion influencers in india

Roshni is another personality who has made this glamorous world more famous through her dedication and consistency. Roshni delivers her fashion ideas to the public in an innovative way which is why her audience base is growing every day. Roshni is one of the leading fashion influencers in India, setting benchmarks and finding her path towards the unknown. The way she represents her style sense gives inspiration to a lot of people who are managing both sides of the world every day, the motherhood and their own career. She deliverable fashionable content as smoothly as teaching algebra to her son. She is a true inspiration for all the mom bloggers and influencers who are struggling with their wardrobe collections like what to wear and what to avoid.

What is fashion influencer marketing?

Well, let’s start with influencer marketing, which is nothing but endorse your brand with the help of famous influencers who has millions of followers on their social media profile. The main aim is to achieve more visibility through influencers and drive sales.

Fashion influencer marketing is an effective and innovative way to promote your products through popular fashion influencers so that the brand gets a new set of audience and reach them easily. It is great to finetune the brand attitude, from a lot of data survey focused on the fashion market of India it has been revealed that customers’ trust influencers recommendation more than celebrities, so if you have budget work with a bunch of popular celebrity influencers rather than Bollywood starts, not only you will get an enormous engagement but your customer database can be enhanced.

Looking for fashion influencers

Start a Campaign

Why influencer marketing is important for fashion and apparel brands?

Influencer marketing is the next-gen way to promote your products especially in the niche of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. So, if you wish to establish your brand in this competitive market you must work with influencers who are backed by millions of followers so that your brand gets the visibility to drive sales and improve brand reputation.

To put it simply, here our influencer marketers highlight some of the important points for which fashion and lifestyle must consider working with influencers.


For customers’ brand authenticity matters a lot when it comes to making their final purchase decision. If you work with popular fashion influencers in Indian market you can gain the trust of your audience easily. You can ask the influencers to create a content focusing on your brand so that your viewers understand the main USPs of it and give it a try.

Generate awareness

Influencers are great to generate awareness about a concerned brand and its products. If you don’t educate and inform your customers about your products and services they will not take any decisions blindly. Driving customer awareness of their online activities can drive sales and enhance page interaction to a great extent. Through likes, comments, feedbacks and shares you can evaluate your brand’s online reputation.

Long-term relations

Brands have always try to focus on the consumers’ wants and needs, social media influencers help the brands to gain its image and also helps build long-term relationships with their customers. For a sustainable business plan, long-term relationship matters the most.


Social media tools are more valuable and have become one of the core elements to communicate and finalize brand strategy. If you work with qualified influencers you will get a lot of quality content which can be spread all over social media platforms. This in turn will improve your search engine ranks which is crucial to achieving the next business level.


Influencer marketing is one of the most affordable marketing options available today that focus on interacting with the audience through quality content. Hiring celebrities or placing digital ads would be expensive, moreover, you would not be sure of your outcomes.


Now more users activate AdBlock services which prevent your ads to get viewed by the online audience. So, even if you spend a lot of money for digital ads you never know whether your audience can see them. In this circumstance, influencer marketing seems the best option to promote your products among your target audience.

Provide guaranteed ROI

If you are concerned about your ROI influencer marketing can be your secret weapon to achieve your marketing goals. It not only attracts more audience from your target market but also generates great traction to drive sales and create a buzz about your brand.

How to connect with top fashion influencers?

To connect with top fashion influencers in India you need to access to an authentic database, otherwise, you need to invest a lot of time to research about the market like who are performing well, which influencer’s content creation style can resonate with your brand, what are their charges etc. Follow your favourite influencers and keep an eye on their recent content to know whether they will be the perfect choice for your brand marketing.

If you think this is too much for you, simply get in touch with a reputed influencer marketing company who can help you handpick appropriate influencers according to your requirement. You can connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing company in India with relevant experience in dealing with fashion campaigns.

Role of an influencer marketing company

If you are looking for top-notch influencer marketing services at an affordable package, sign-up with InfluGlue, the top influencer marketing platform in India. You can simply chat with us or mail us about your requirement. We provide consultation for influencer marketing services so that you will get a better idea about what you will achieve through such campaigns.

Through our latest influencer marketing tools, we will help you track influencers’ relevance which is pivotal for the brands, we believe influencers are third part endorsers who shape an audiences’ attitude through various social media activity like Tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and reels etc. Influencers’ do this for two main reasons: to gain followers and obtain brand recognition.

We have a huge and updated database of influencers from a various niche, from which we will connect you with the appropriate profiles who can guarantee success to your campaign. From our experience, we would also suggest some of the marketing strategies that will make you campaign more successful and help you achieve your goals.

So, connect with us if you wish to uplift your business or influencing career, let us help you explore a lot of new possibilities and get a grip of the untapped market creatively.


Discover 2021’s top fashion influencers in India who are redefining the fashion and lifestyle niche in all possible ways. Becoming a fashion influencer takes time and dedication, no one can show that better than our list of influencers. If you are a content creator or looking to promote your business this article is a must-read for you.

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